Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Much to discuss there is. Hhhmm?

It has been awhile since I updated this journal. That seems to be what this has turned into. It is a way for me to remember that life and times of the characters I play as well as a good fall back to help me pick back up the threads of the adventure for each individual. So it screams obvious that I rarely play my hunter any more or for that matter my mage. I think unless I have some one to run with them I will not likely get them any higher in level. I get too much of a kick out of my Rogue. He seems to rock at anything I attempt. I have all sort of cool thingies to do to control an enemy. Course the other classes do too but as I haven’t played them near as much as this guy I would have to relearn all the skill related to each character. That might be why it is so hard to go back to these characters that I enjoyed playing so much. The relearning of skill usage and tactics related to soloing. I have been real successful in soloing with my hunter and rogue. I have seen real good mages solo to 60 and be massive grinders, but I can seem to get that hang. I always end up dying horribly trying to take on mobs that I could easily handle on the other characters. Though they all had much more armor and life and could get out of trouble much easier. Well enough of the self pity. Time for update.

I have been 60 for at leas 2 months now. I have raided ZG, AQ20 (once), Molten Core, UBRS, and LBRS. I will say that ZG is the most fun of all the places I have been so far. The feel of the place is like a caged animal waiting to be unleashed onto unsuspecting victims. Even the layout tells of danger around every corner. Yet you never really feel like the next trash mob is gonna wipe the party unless you go in with less then 12 people or so. The fact that each boss can be skipped if wanted or done in what ever order preferred makes for a nice relaxing dungeon crawl without the gloomy walls and dark corners. This is not to say it is not challenging. All the bosses require strategy and correct placement of people with the necessary spells and skills. Still going in after the first time still has a nice fun aspect to it and as long as the sloppiness is kept minimal a decent party can come away with some nice rep and items for a few hours spent. I will always try to be in on the ZG runs just for the fun of this place.

AQ20 is just plain mean. They did a good job of making this instance a battle that can only be won with practice and knowledge. The one time I went we made it to the second area just after Kurinaxx. We never made it past 3 waves of baddies. I think the guild went back once or twice but we haven’t returned since. We seem to be focusing on MC, ONY and ZG, which is fine at least we have focus and aren’t trying to bite off too much.

MC has got a nice “In Peril” feel to it that I will assume goes away once enough people have their resists and armor level up. All the mobs seem to have a huge aggro radius and have no shame in running your ass down to smack it flat. I went and made sure that for the second MC run I was in I had completed a certain quest chain as far as possible so I could get even further and will be ready when we can make it to Majordomo and Rags. In MC we have managed to take down all bosses up to and including Gar. Not bad for a guild just beginning to field 40+ lvl 60 players. We have been running with some members of another guild and their experience is freely passed onto us. We in turn make sure they have as much a chance at loot as we do. I.e. dkp is earned by guildies but not spent on guild sanctioned runs with the visiting guidies. This means we will earn dkp but still get to roll on items for our classes or universal loot. Essentially giving us twice the chances for loot. All mat items are split and extras are rolled for by one member of each guild. Most time the visiting guildie will pass on the extras. They seem a great group of people and I do enjoy running with them.

We also have been hitting up Onyxia and have been handed our asses it seems. I do not know how far we have progressed in the battle with her as I have not attended any of the raids. I finished my attunement to Ony last week but due to real life responsibilities I had to skip this week’s attempt. Maybe next week.

We seem to be focusing on MC, ONY and ZG, which is fine at least we have focus and aren’t trying to bite off too much.

I have been hitting AV pretty hard these past few weeks in an effort to get exalted with Stormpike and a knight rank. This last weekend was the last AV weekend and it pushed me well into knight as well as got me to exalted +999 with Stormpike. SO I went and bought me some nice epics before they become out of reach. I got me the Lobotomiser and a Don Julio’s Band as well as the Stormpike Battle mount which I can’t use yet until I train Epic riding. Also for being that high on the rep I got the Insignia Rank 6 which is very nice. With all that I am up to four epics. I’m not a loot whore but all of these I earned my self with out the help of guildies and pugs. Solo baby. I would have welcomed all the help I could get but I really didn’t need it for these particular gems. So I am looking forward to the next patch knowing that I have all the pretties I want until BC get loaded up on my puter. Any fat lewts I received till then will be icing on the cake for me. After BC drops I will be hittin the Outland and plowing through those nice reward quests and killing the shit outta the new dungeons.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Level 60 on Mindkiller.

I have been sixty for almost a month now. It didn’t take me too long to level those last two levels. Funny thing it they were supposed to be the hardest levels to finish. I actually got from fifty-eight to sixty in less time then it took to get to fifty-eight from fifty. I hit the Eastern Plaguelands for the last six bars of fifty-nine and in less then forty-five minutes I dinged sixty.

I hit AV for a few days for rank and rep with Stormpike. I managed to achieve rank five and hit revered with SP. Now some serious up hill time for exalted + 999 rep for the rank six insignia. I was going to save up for the lobotomizer, but now it looks like it wouldn’t be as good as some decent greens coming with the BC exp. I will still try for exalted and knight rank just for the joy of being there. I may also start the grind for Argent Dawn rep so if my guild ever decides to hit up Naxx I will be able to go.

I have been in on a single Molten Core run and it was ok. I’m not sure I was doing anything in particular while I was there. I seemed to only be a leech on the healers and not producing too much on the damage side. I also have been to Upper Blackrock Spire and I find that much more fun. I can see my affect on the mobs clearly and know I’m contributing to the group. I hit up a ZG run last night too and got to take a shot at the snake and bat bosses. I was called upon to be a key player in the bat boss as it was the rogues’ job to stop her from healing herself. I think that battle would have gone smoother with one more healer and one more rogue, but hey, we one-shotted the snake and two-shotted the bat. I had to bow out as it was late in the day and time for bed for me. I still haven’t seen AQ yet maybe next time my guild runs it I’ll be able to attend.

I have been loving the gold I now get from completing quests. Since I don’t get exp any more I have been raking it the gold. I have more money then I’ve had since I bought my mount at forty. I still haven’t decided whether or not I will spring for my epic mount or just slum it till I accumulate so much money it wont matter to drop eight hundred gold for the swift Chicken mount. Hell I may just go for the AV ram mount as that is a little more attractive to me and won’t have that annoying mechanical sound all the time.

I have had an idea. Drop engineering for enchanting and farm the lower instances with Mindkiller the Deadly Gnome Rogue for shards and stuff. I know I can take on anything below Scarlet monastery and I can easily solo all four wings of SM for blues. I have an enchanter priest but she will prolly never get out of her twenties as it is so tedious to solo her, however I have a nice little gnome warlock that’s up-and-coming.

I am digging this little guy, he dies a lot but that’s only frustrating when I am almost done with the quest I’m on. I have gotten him to level seventeen and am still getting the hang of managing his aggro. That will come in time. I have him skinning and herbalism since both my skinner and my herbalist are on the other account and inaccessible most of the time to me. I may change him to an enchanter. It depends on the profitability of herbs/leather/shards. I will have to research the difference to maximize the money I can make. I am trying to find the right mix so I can have a total money maker that is geared for profit so to fund other things on the other characters. The more I think about it being an enchanter for the DE skill and farming then higher herbs will prolly net the most cash. It will have to be a combination of Enchanter/Herbalist or Enchanter/Skinner. I know the shards and stuff will always sell and with the jewel crafting needing some dusts from DEing it will be scalable in the BC. Leather might be more of a slow build money maker while herbs and shards are just flying out the AH. I won’t be able to rely on money from quests, although the amount of money we are to get from quests in the BC seemed to be increased quite a bit. I found a nice place to grind for some decent loot. I made sixty gold off of the items I found there and can make more if I just put in the time. We shall see how that goes.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Level 58 and damn is my quest log full!!!

I have made it to level fifty-eight since the last post. I managed to plow though the last 2 levels and have only four bars to go to fifty-eight. I then didn’t get back on for a few days and ended up with six bars of rested exp to play with.

I got lucky when I logged back in on the latter part of fifty-seven. There was a BRD run staring up for an attempt at JailBreak!. I figured it would be good exp so I tagged along. Half way through clearing the prison area I dinged fifty-eight. I was surprised as I stopped watching the bar as soon as we started the run. Now only two levels separate me from the magic level sixty!

I have a damn near full quest log and I am hoping to get them mostly knocked out this weekend. I really want to kill the Mara Princess for the nice bow quest reward. I think that just the quests I have will get me close to fifty-nine if not all the way to it. I have decided to start the long process of upgrading my shadowcraft pieces to the darkmantle set. I got the fist quest already. We will see how this goes. I still need to do the last rogue quest though the reward will only be exp and money as the rewards are crap compared to the stuff I already have.

I will most likely be spending a lot of time in AV this weekend as it rumored to be the double weekend this time around. I hope so since I have decided to go for Knight as well as my goal to exalted with stormpike. I will be balancing those 2 goals with the need to farm some cash as I spent a large chunk of money for an arcane crystal and a little plan for the Arcanite Dragonling. I got the both of them for around seventy gold off of the AH. Good thing too as the crystals skyrocketed in price the day after I bought mine. It was the first time I have seen the plan go for that little. They usually went for over ninety to one hundred twenty-five.

I also had a guildie transmute the arcane crystal and a thorium into my first arcanite bar. Whoohoo only seven more crystals and I can make the damn thing.

I have been seriously considering switching my professions. Like dropping one and picking up skinning just for the huge cash flow I can get. Engineering isn’t a real money maker, the slow turnover, even on quest items makes it no be cost effective to me. Though I would have to give up all the cool explosives…..which I really don't use much anyway.
I keep thinking about the amount of money I put into making this engineer and I cringe at loosing all that time and in game money investment.
I may one day tire of it then I can make the big bucks.
Perhaps I just need to level my second hunter so I can play him and use him for skinning. Oh well I shall see. I just had a crazy idea, Start a warlock. Yeah, besides a paladin it is the only class I haven’t played really extensively. I have seen a well played warlock kick some serious ass. I may have to check that out this weekend too…. If I remember that is. Gonna be a busy weekend but I shall prevail. I hope.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Time passes and life gains wisdom.

It been awhile since I have updated this blog. Mostly because I have been so busy with work and actually playing. I am on the downhill (almost) crawl to level sixty. I have made my way to level fifty-four since I last wrote up something here. Updating on the events last posted:
Edit: I took to long to finish this post so now I am one bar (rested) away from 56.

I managed to get the full 320 deviate fishes and made a nice chunk of change on them. Took almost 30 minutes to cook all the fishes too. I made about eighty gold on that insanity. It was worth it though. Near the end stacks I got into a price war with a regular fisher if the fishes. I got the price down to two and a half gold per stack of twenty. Heh. I kinda screamed through levels forty-five to fifty mostly hitting as many quests as I could mixed with a few ZF runs. One night we hit ZF seven times in a row so a guildy could get his complete Sul’thras sword set. (Prolly wrong name). Anyway it’s the two piece sword set that can be joined into a single blade of Killing Stuff Badd. He was stoked and the rest of the group were glad to be of help. I still run with the guy. Only problem happened when he accidently joined them before he was level fifty. So he had to wait until then to use the Uber sword. I have really expanded my areas of questing. I’ve been to Un’goro, Azshara, Searing Gorge, Felwood, and Winterspring. I even have been able to dip into the Blasted Lands and Burning Steps. I find I like Felwood the most next to Azshara just for the runecloth drops and the felcloth possibilities. My new favorite home for the next few levels will probably be Searing gorge. Good grinding spots and easy access to BRD, LBRS, UBRS. When I came here I was level fifty-three and only a few bars shy of have a level. After knocking out eight quests in a single night I leveled to fifty-four. Now I’m sitting pretty on two pieces of Shadowcraft. Soon I will be organizing a run into BRD for a few quests there as well as a recipe for the repair bot and the ability to smelt dark iron. I can’t wait for the weekend to come.

I have been tying out the BGs at the high levels and I have found a new home in the Alterac Valley Battle Ground. The few times I played last weekend has allowed me to become a corporal finally. I think if I just play a few AVs I can make sergeant and keep it till the expansion comes out. And the longest battle there so far was only forty-five minutes. I don’t even care about dieing anymore. I a just interested mostly in the reputation gain with stormpike. I wanna get exalted to I can start saving for the Lobotomizer dagger. That is my new obsession since I managed to pick up th3e epic dagger Gut Ripper for my main hand weapon. I likely this dagger, this thing his hard and fast and has a COH that doubles the damage on top of the poisons I use. Makes for some huge crits. I’m getting better at taking down casters. I actually took down a level sixty mage in AV solo. Sure I was below half life but being able to stop their spells is a nice way to get the jump on them. I have been getting some decent honor points it the BG but like I said I’m more into the rep for the long haul. I am really not looking forward to the Timbermaw and Thorium rep grinds. I’ll see if a really need those some day. Kinda thinking I wont. I don’t think they have recipes I need for my rogue. I just need really one more recipe for him to be complete…no wait two: The field repair bot and the Arcanite Dragonling. Yeah those will be all I need with the rogue. I have all skill except fishing maxed or above three hundred now (fishing 282/300 eng 310/315). Fishing just requires time and engineering I can wait on till I can afford it. I really want to be able to have the last engineering point be the one I will get from making the Dragonling. Silly I know but I gots me goals to achieve. I need to start finding enough arcane crystals to make eight arcanite bars. I may just buy them and ask a guildy to make the bars on commission, for the next sixteen to twenty days. I don’t know the cool down on arcanite so it might take longer for them. I will prolly level to fifty-six tonight without much work. There are a few more skills to buy. Whoohoo!

I really need to start some research into a level sixty rogue build. I know I could be doing what I do better. So I will be seeking guidance from the web and fellow guildies I might even try to ask a high level rogue from one of the leet guilds around on my server.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Money Making Meglomaniac Mindkiller.

Had a busy weekend. I fished my way up to two twenty-five this weekend and managed to complete the artesian fishing quest in about an hour and a half. Most of which was travel time. I had an escort to Feralas just in case of trouble. I remembered this being so much rougher last time I was here. I got the fishes I needed relatively fast. The longest attempt was the fish from the Desolace shore; it took almost thirty casts before the needed fish dropped. Too bad I couldn’t gain levels during this quest. I would have easily advanced to two thirty just from this quest. I have amassed a whopping one hundred thirty deviate fishes in my attempt to make big cash. I won’t stop until I have filled by back pack with sixteen stacks of the fishes. Cooking will take forever but hey I got time and thanks to some good drops and lucky spawns I have over fifty gold now to play with. This even after an AH raid to upgrade my equipment. I plan to place stacks of twenty on the AH for four gold and fifty silver per. The lowest price I have seen is been consistently five gold per stack of twenty. I managed to sell what ever I put up for the lowered price pretty quickly. I have also made back all the money I spent on the recipe and have turned a profit. Every time I place another stack I’m getting almost one hundred percent profit. All I’m spending is time and four and a half silver on the spices per stack. That will mean a little over one gold to cook and post all those stacks. Damn fine turn for cash there.

I am now halfway through level forty-four. I went back to STV and picked up a few quests that I had left for later. I knocked out the zanzil quest with some difficulty and also hit the money lender’s quest chain. Through these quests and a little grinding on some gorillas I got to forty-four.

Along the way to my fishing spots for the quest I picked up four quests in Swamp of Sorrows. They didn’t take too long and gave decent exp. So now I’m at the half way point to forty-five and once I get there I can train up my lock picking so I won’t have to turn away people with lockboxes over my skill level. Soon I can make even more money with picking. I need to get back down to Gadgetzan area and pick some more pirate pockets for some sturdy junk boxes. I wisely stocked piled a few (six) for the level up to forty four to train up my skill quickly. I will need a few more for when I reach forty-five. All this will be after I have achieved greatness in the providing of Savory Deviate Delights to the masses and reaped the great piles of dough they will bestow upon me. MWUAHAHAHAHA!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Game progression 0, Money progression 0. Level 43 though.

I made it to level forty-three on Mindkiller last night. I took awhile as I was more interested in making money then leveling. I have a few decent ways to make money now.

Ore seems to do well and has increased in prices over the last few weeks. Iron bars are ridiculously priced while mithril bars and ore seem to have a steady price range. Iron keeps bouncing from a single gold per stack of twenty to as much as four and a half gold for the same. So I have been busily seeking out any and all iron and mithril nodes. I sold a few of the mithril stacks I had been stock piling. I wasn’t using enough of them to keep so many in the bank. I made some decent gold off of them as well as the solid stones there too. I have made several attempts to farm a particular recipe in the Barrens for some time. Last night I had had enough and since I accumulated enough gold I just bought the recipe out right. For a whopping twenty-five gold the recipe for Savory Deviate Delight is now part of my cooking skills. I will be attempting to make back all that gold over the weekend. If I can fish enough of the deviates I can flood the market with low cost fish for a buying frenzy. I’ve already made three gold toward recouping the loss. I also got my fishing up to one hundred ten so I can use the Big Iron fishing Pole I farmed for awhile back. Makes a good weapon too. I might take a break from fishing after I reach one twenty-five and read the book to gain expert fishing and dip into the Wailing caverns for some greens and blues.

Last night I came across two rare spawns. A rare Yeti in Alterac Mountains and an elite hydra in the lake outside the wailing caverns. Both dropped a green item. The hydra dropped a two-handed sword that deals frost damage. I need to see of my hunter can use it and if it will be useful otherwise it is AH bound. I put up some goblin rocket fuel recipes on the AH they didn’t sell the first time but after a ten percent reduction in buy out they took off fast. I need to do a blue pearl run now that I have the deepdive helmet it will be a snap and I can prolly take out the elite guarding some of the spawns too.

I have been hitting SM a lot and now that I can hold my own there I kinda like it. I haven’t been going so often that its getting old and I try to find runs going to the different wings so it’s not always the same run. I would like to hit the grave yard again though but there never seems to be any one going there. It’s always the cathedral or the armory or the library. Hell it wouldn’t take too long to do the yard if there is a decent group running.

I took an idea form my wife recently. I started to advertise my lock picking skills for use by other players. Two more levels and I will be able to open any type of box in the game. In just a few minutes I can earn over five gold and people will come to me for service. I don’t expect tips but I do appreciate them. Especially when the tipper tips out one to two gold for a single box. I will never make as much as she will at this part since she does it naked (female night elf). I with my stunted gnome body don’t get that kind of love.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Spending money to make money.

I took Mindkiller on a trip to a recipe vender last night and luck was with me as there were 4 high skill level recipes. I grabbed those and stuck around for a respawn. I got one more recipe before logging off for dinner. I came back a few hours later and there was a full respawn so I picked up three more recipes. With very little work I will make over 25g while only spending 4g, damn I’m good. I didn’t have anything pressing to do so I just posted a few of the recipes.

I got lucky when someone in my guild decided to do an SM run. I went with and found I was the only character over thirty-eight. I ended up tanking most of the time with my rogue. Too bad the hunters kept pulling before I had sapped anyone. They made it so our healers had to work way too hard to keep us alive. For some reason our leaders bear kept dying. I mean a lot. I don’t remember coat dying as much when he was thirty-eight or thirty-nine. Huh. I like to use my bear for tanking a lot so him surviving is important. Guess I’m a minority where it comes to pet management. I can manage Coats aggro just fine with using the buttons correctly. We only were able to do the armory. I had to get to bed. I will try again for a group there or RFD maybe. My wife says there is a decent blade there for rogues. Anyway I will have a lot more time tonight for playing as the laundry is all done and I have no plans for the evening, except to make dinner for me and the kids.

Before I logged I checked and saw that someone had already bid on one of the recipes. I was smart this time and marked it up five hundred times its worth. I also put a few of the recipes in the bank for later when these all sell. I think it was a really good time investment since I wasn’t playing then anyway. Might as well stay there and be in a position to farm again before getting back to the game.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Longtime play, notime blog

I have achieved the magic 40th level I’m now mounted on a cheesy mechanical bird. I chose blue as it was the one color I hadn’t seen much of and it was the least gay of the choices. So with mind killer at 40 I went out to……..start another alt. Yeah I know pathetic. However since I can’t plat my dwarf hunter as often as I want I made another one. Thos guy is on my “wife’s” account.

I made a Dwarf Hunter with mining and blacksmithing. His name is Longarm. I can’t believe no one had this yet. My next choice would have been Bigiron. I chose blacksmithing cuz it was the only trade between the two of us not covered and I will be able to make spurs and most importantly eventually I can make some kick ass weapons. I made this char for the sole purpose of running with my wife’s alt and her friend’s alt. Only problem is I can level a hunter in half the time of the other classes. I know hunters pretty damn good I know what they are capable of taking down and how high a level gap I can use. Factor in that I prefer bears above all other pets, I have a tank on call 24/7. I had to power level a bit to catch up with them. I got from one to ten in under 3 hours of constant play. I got to fourteen without even noticing it. I had to lay off it till the can catch up to me! I have had a lot of success so far with this hunter, easy to say since I can make stuff for him to use on Mindkiller. I’m gonna try a different approach to the talent points with him. I’m gonna lay off the pet upgrades and key him for battle. Perhaps I will delve into the survival tree. I have spent a little time on Longarm just mining. My wife is jealous of the huge amount of ore I always seem to have. She keeps asking me to write down a how to for AH use and maybe I will someday. I killed the first two blacksmithing quests in about an hour of mining and a little cash at the AH. I also cleared the quests up into Loch Modan. I’m thinking I won’t stick around in the dwarven area for the next few levels. I’m gonna head to Westfall and start on the Defias quest lines there.

I logged onto Mindkiller to try out my new ride and see if I could clear a few quests that have been sitting in my log for awhile. I went north to Arathi to get a look at the Ogre Mage that holds a tiara I need for a quest. He was a level thirty-nine mage. Did I mention he was elite? Turns out elite mages are just as squishy as the normal ones. I took him down with our trouble. I think it helped that some one had come through and killed off a whole lot of ogres in the area so I didn’t have to contend with adds at all. Just me and the mage and I kicked his ass. Quest done.

With my new found asskickishness I decided to try for the Trelanes quest completion. I had to kill elite ogre shamans in Stormgarde till one dropped an azure agate. I rode on down to the keep and stealth into the area with the ogres. They were so jammed together it took me a few minutes to find a lone shaman. I found two that were far enough away from the patrols that I could kill them with out aggroing the heavy hitters. I killed one, two, three, and on the forth kill the agate drops. Yippee. I go on to get the next quest in the chain and head back to the tower in the ogre area. I stealth in (have I said how much I love stealth) and go after the chests. Now I have read up on this quest and I know it’s possible to do it with out ever fighting an ogre so I try it out myself.

I went to place the agate on the pedestal but the ogres were too close so I skipped that part. I had read that the best way, at least for some one who can’t stealth is to go for the second and third chest first and go out the top and come back for the first. Well I decided to go kinda that route. I went in after the second box first. I had no idea what was going to happen. I knew mobs would spawn but I didn’t know where and how many or how fast they would find me. Well the spawns are three to four mobs that spawn outside aggro range and they are real……real….slow getting to you. If I timed it right I could unstealth, wait, and then open the box with auto loot. This gives the stealth cool down enough time to reset. On the second and third boxes I was able to stealth and hug-a-wall-walk out of the area. The ogres would just sit there and stare at the now empty box. I should have gotten a picture of that. I repeated this on the third box with no problem. Though as I started down the stairs I misstep and fell down three storeys. Far enough that it knocked me out of stealth….right in front of an ogre. I could have taken him down but an add came from behind and beat me down. After a corpse run I rezed near the first box and stealthed till I was back at full health. I had to time the loot just right as there were three patrols nearby. I saw my chance and took it. Stealthing got me out of there with out a scratch. Quest done.

Since I was having so much luck that night I decided to hit badlands and kill the named trogg there in the south. I also had to kill twelve of his buddies. It turned out to be easier then I could have dreamed. I completed that quest with a little bit of careful pulling and ambushes. I killed the main trogg half way through killing his friends when he aggrod me. I didn’t realize it was him till I noticed his level. He still went down like a bitch. A quick run to turn in those quests and I decided to try for the Deviate cooking recipe again.

I traveled to the Barrens and spent two hours killing anything that moved. No drop at all, not even a tease. I went back there this morning to try some more and I think I will stay there till I get it. I will not pay thirty gold for a dropped recipe that’s supposed to be an uncommon that drops frequently. GRRR. On a lighter side I made five gold off of a thirty-six silver recipe I spent two hours vender farming. I’m thinking about heading back there to do it again I can make ten to fifteen gold off of three recipes. So I might be headed back there since I’m in the neighborhood anyway.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

40, you elusive number!

Well it looks like I’m gonna have to do some serious leveling. I didn’t play too much this weekend. What I did was fish a little and try to farm for Savory Deviate Delight recipe. I got my fishing up to 60 but no recipe.

I hit Wailing caverns in hopes of getting the drop, no luck there either. I did manage to clear the entire cave by myself. I got a boat load of greens and a few BOP blues. Too bad they were BOP as I sent the whole lot to my enchanter for mats. Selling all that stuff at the AH would have cost more then they were worth.

I haven’t reached 40 yet, hell tonight I may make it to 39. I really need to get up there so I can get more skills and better armor. I’m getting mauled by same level mobs. I will see if I can hit the lower quests in my log tonight as well.

I made up all the money I have been spending and reached the magic 90 gold. I went a little over that before I spent a bit to recover armor healing pots and poison mats. If I work at it just a little I can have 110-120g by the time I reach 40. Maybe more, who knows? With the way iron has been selling this weekend I will be able to make some really decent cash just from a few hours of mining. Arathi FTW! This is where I have gotten the most iron in a single run as well as the common mithril nodes. So after hitting up some exp and quests I shall head north and mine some iron for the masses. Hmmm, I just remembered all the quests I did in shimmering flats. Just a whole bunch of kill quests. Maybe I’ll head there after STV quests for some quick exp there. I can’t believe I forgot that place.

I logged onto my wife horde character to check prices on the horde AH. It seems prices are noticeably cheaper for a lot of things. Prices are between 20-80% cheaper on the horde AH.

If only I had the will to level a horde character just for the purpose of farming the AH for stuff to buy and sell on the alliance AH. If I made a hunter on horde I could be at farming status in a month. With mining and skinning and just using those to make seed money I could prolly pull it off. The only tricky part would be the transfer on the neutral ah, though with two PCs I would be able to pull it off. This may be a project for when and if WOW becomes too boring.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Sold! Weekend goes to Mindkiller.

This site should prolly change names, but maybe not.

I am still on Mindkiller, Jolygreen my hunter is prolly really hating me right now. I feel like such a traitor. All the time and energy to get Joly up to 40 and get his mount and I don’t play him……for a month. Oh well I shall burn in Warcraft hell some day.

To be honest I haven’t really had the chance to play him. The wife is real big into her rogue and using her to raid SM and ULD. SO I amuse myself with Mindkiller. I know when I want to I will be able to jump back into Jolygreen and be able to maul stuff easy.
Though Coat is gonna be real hungry when I get back there. He might even eat Jolygreen.

I seemed to have accelerated a bit in the leveling of Mindkiller. I have over a dozen quests to finish and most are orange still. The rest are yellow but elite. I am going to try and get my wife’s help with those quests as she has passed over the magic 40 and on her way to a mount.
I have been hanging out in Arathi a lot mostly for the mining there but I have picked up a few quests that I haven’t done before which is very nice. I got Mind half way through level 37 in a few hours just from a few quests and a little grinding. The grinding was mainly clearing ore nodes of guards or things that were too close. I have advanced mining to level 230 and will be murdering any truesilver nodes I see. Mithril still gives skills but has turned green for me. I will still be mining iron as well since it sells real well and if I get a request I can turn it into steel. I am making real good money in the AH, enough that it covers al my voracious spending. Seriously if I stop spending money on other characters I could make 100g in a week just from drops and mining. I need to knuckle down and stop throwing my money away. I can’t rely on blue drops to get me some big chunks of change. I will most likely start selling the Solid stones I get and only keep enough to make my dynamite and recharge my mortar. I have also started prospecting for hard to reach recipes form venders with limited supplies. These recipes seem to sell the best as people are lazy or don’t wann find out where they are located. I can also make a little money selling GRF form Savoy as Mind wont need too much of that for skill ups now. I might be able to swing 300 in gob engineering with just dense blasting powder and dense dynamite. We will see. I am gonna try for 40 this weekend. Good luck to me.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It might be time for some money saving practices.

I seem to be spending a lot of time with Mindkiller. Don’t get me wrong I love my hunter and I still consider him to be my main. However I like the versatility of the Rogue.

It been a slow process to 35 but I’m here at last. I actually ignored the leveling aspect for the last half of 34 by doing kill quests and helping people with some of theirs. I came upon 35 without even realizing it till, DING! Coolness now I can head to Theramore and Gadgetzan for the Completion of Artisian Engineering and First Aid. It only took me 2 tries to complete the FA quest. I’m happy now. All I need to do is train up fishing….which may never happen…and hit 200 in mining. I did the mining last night and moved over 200. So I will be spending more money to get the Artisian Mining. I decided today that I will set up a bank alt to send surplus money. It has worked real well for my wife. She has managed to save almost enough money for her mount. It didn’t take her too long either. She is on a skill starvation diet. No skill upgrades till she gets a mount and she only spends what she absolutely needs to survive. I need to do this to and I might if I can control myself.

After I got all the profession upgrades I could, I head to the highlands. I had a quest in Arathi. It always seems I go here for one quest intending on leaving right after and I get stuck here because of my curiosity. I picked up a few quests in the area, just a few “Kill this and also collect these.” I had seen a cave when flying to Refugee Point and decided on this trip I would see where it goes. I figured it had to go somewhere for some reason. I was right. There are three ships in a cove there; two are sunken and are the object of the few quests here, and one still sails, this one is the quest giver haven. I only went into the water to get a few mithril nodes I saw there. While mining I was asked to party with a level 39 warrior. I accepted and he showed me the quest givers and we started a chain quest there. There were also two gathering quests and a kill quest. All would take place at the sunken ships. Which were surrounded by level 38-40 naga warriors and sorceresses. We hit a few of them till we figured out what it was we were gathering. The gather quest giver gave us some special goggles to see the gems he wanted. They appear on the mini map as yellow dots. Most were guarded by nagas. We had killed maybe two or three nagas when the warrior suffered a disconnect. Great now I am all alone. Well, nothing new there.

I waited for a few minutes to see if he was going to come back but he never did. So I went on with the quests by my self. I managed through careful swimming and poisons to kill the guards on certain nodes to get the gems I needed. I got most of them off of two nodes that kept respawning within two or three minutes after harvesting. This quickened up the gathering quite a bit since I only had to kill the one naga after 4 harvests then harvest 4 more before I was done. I had a setback when I aggro’d a level 40 sorc and she pwnd me all over the place. I wasn’t too upset, except for the fact I had used up my last underwater breathing potion before I died. Luckily I only had one more sorc kill for that quest. I scouted out a level 39 and beat it to hell. Its strange that the difference between the level 39’s and the 40’s is such that I can easily take out the lower while the higher makes me into jam. Huh. I DID NOT try for the other gatherer quest. It called for four documents, two out of each sunken ship. However they are guarded, in tight quarters by the same nagas that are swimming outside. I will keep this quest and come back when I’m a higher level, like 39 or something.

In all it was a very lucrative run. I managed to hit 36 while beating on nagas. I had also two other quests in the area to turn in. So for four quests, one of which was a short chain, I gained over 14000 exp pts. Very nice, level 36 and a fifth into it for a few hours work. As for the money, I mined enough ore to give me some decent mithril and gems. The gems I put up on the AH. Also some stone I don’t use anymore went on and a few green items. I can hope to make at least a good 10g over night.

After running out of Under Water Breathing potions I decided it was time to show some love to Savoy, my mage and alchemist.

I have seriously neglected her even after the free respect. So I poured a little money her way as well as some mats for potion making. At first I just wanted to make some UBPs but I soon realized she was close to being able to make Goblin Rocket Fuel. So I funded her rise in alchemy. Took something like 5g to get the required mats and skills and I got her high enough to make UBPs and GRFs. I was also able to teach her to make Elixir of greater under water breathing. One hour of swimming…nice. Too bad the mats are nuts expensive and scarce. Another time perhaps. I sent of a few UBPs to Mindkiller and a few to my wife’s main and posted a few things at the AH for Savoy and called it a night.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can't wait till summer is over.

I didn’t get to play my hunter. Oh well I still need to get to 35 and further with Mindkiller.

I log on and get my bearings. I’m struggling to find a decent place to grind level a little. I at least want to be mid 34 before I go back to STV for the rest of the journey to 40. I’m limited on what I can right now but I might have found a decent place to get some good exp.

I got on last night and was planning to just screw around a bit. Maybe take on a little Kursen peeps for the quest there. On the way there I decide to hit the stockade alone. I just went in for the chests. I cleared the two rooms with chests and left. As I was leaving the instance I saw a LFM for stockades so I msg him and got in a group. To top it off just as I came out of the stocks someone turned in a Nefarian quest and buffed the town with dragon slayer. OH YEAH. 5% increased crit and +140 attack power. Right on, though it took the other members almost 15 minutes to get set for the run. We entered and proceeded to kick ass. We had to be careful since we couldn’t get a healer. We wiped twice on account of the lowest of us kept drawing aggro. I had finally gotten the unsent letter quest earlier so I was able to complete it here or at least continue it. We cleared it and no big loot to tell about.

Earlier I got into a group for Deadmines with some obviously adolescent players. They hardly knew how to play their characters let alone the game and group dynamics. Our leader kept acting like he was an expert on the Deadmines telling people what to do. That’s what leaders are for right? Yet everything he told those other players was false and got people killed. If I hadn’t needed to get VC’s head I would have left but I figured if I could get them there they would be fodder while I wail on VC, loot and roll out. No I didn’t do that but I was close. So close. We wiped a few times since none of those idiots knew their aggro range and how to manage it. Lets all blast our most powerful spells 3 feet from the captain as he walks by. GRRR. All the time we are getting reamed the leader is yelling for us to get on top of the wheel to break aggro. I did that once in Deadmines, they found a way to get us. Having six parrots maul you is not fun. We wiped two times at the captain since he decided to bring his friends and two others to beat on us. We kill him and the priest decides to loot the body, while he was supposed to be healing, and chooses need for the Emberstone Staff the captain drops. He doesn’t even ask the druid if he wants to roll for it. The druid was a Heal spec and would have used it too. So one of us dies because assmunch wanted a staff. Topped of with the moron wasn’t even healing us correctly to begin with. I know about mana conservation. Yet it’s not an issue unless YOU USE YOUR MANA. All the way through when some one died, and this happened a few time to the others, he would have a full bar of mana and was not even trying to cast a heal. We finish this run by killing VC and his body guards. All through the fight our leader keeps a running dialog of what he wants us to do, where to position ourselves, and who to attack. Dude I’m frickin level33 rogue here I can handle VC and two of his minions easy. I did in fact tank VC and one rogue, the other was sapped until I decided to take her down too before the others appeared. We managed to kill all five of them but not before we lost our mage. Fucking beautiful heal priest, and druid too. Good thing the mage didn’t need the quest. We roll on the blue shirt VC drops. I wait till every one rolls greed before rolling greed. If the ass had rolled need I was going to give him a 50% chance of losing it. I won’t use the shirt so I sell it. Yeah I won it woohoo. SOLD. I played till almost midnight and got within a fifth of leveling. I added a bit more this morning by grinding on Dark runners in Duskwood. Get some decent exp there and some ok loot. I will be heading back there today to finish up level 33 and get a good start on 34. If I can find a questing group in STV I will head there to hit up those quests. Pushed past 30 gold yesterday and I’m steadily amassing wealth that will leave so soon after I hit 40. I think tonight I shall log onto my warrior and see if I can upgrade Mindkiller’s armor a bit. Might have to farm for materials with my hunter. There’s time there is always time.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slow crawl to level 35. Part 2

I had a pretty good group for Stockades. So I had no problem agreeing to help some lower levels clear some quests in Redridge.

We all flew to Lakeshire…well I didn’t. My hearth point is there still. I’m thinking I will change it soon to IF. We get there and the plan first is to beat up on Thallzun. The elite headman outside the orc keep. We get there and fight our way to his hole but we lose the druid and one other when they aggrod the mobs at the keep’s door. They run back and we start taking out the guards around Thall or what ever his name is. It went perfect 1warrior, 1 mage, 2 rouges, and a druid. We took hi and his buddies down fast.

Oh before this we went to the tower north of the keep to complete the Azora quest there for some one. He predicted it would take us 5 minutes or so to get to the top. It took less the 45 secs to clear the entire tower. That included the guards outside and down the hill a bit. I joked about how long it took and everyone got a kick. We were between 24 lowest to me at 33 so it was cake.

After the keep kill we went to the other tower that is east of the keep to complete a quest for the mage. The warrior left to pursue other interests so we tackled it with just 4. As we get to the tower the mage says it will take a few minutes to get to the top. It took 30 secs. The tower had all its mobs; we just mowed through them so fast that we got to the top in no time. We get to the top and we kill the Bad mage at the top who then spawns a stitches looking freak for us to kill. We kill it and no deaths. Yay for our side. We exit the tower and begin to traverse the distance to the orc camp in the hills above Lakshire to kill champions. On the way through the camps outside the tower we meet a low level mage who asks for escort to the tower we just cleared. After some discussion we decide to help. We kilt every thing in there again in record time. The little mage gets the quest he needed and we head over to kill us some champions. The little mage joins us as he has the quest as well.

We slaughtered our way into the orc cave in search of more champions as we killed the only two outside. In no time we killed enough to satisfy 3 quests full. I call to my party’s attention that there is another quest available here where we can escort a man out and get some ok rewards. So we all form around the corporal and haul his ass outta the fire. We get to the cave entrance and see the camp outside has fully respawned while we were in the cave. Luckily the corporal has to rest. That gave us time to maul the camp to prevent any harm to com to out charge. We got him back with no trouble. We even helped another low level who got ambushed by an orc mob outside of town. We called it good so others could travel and turn in some stockade quests.

I decided to try to get in on a Scarlet Monastery group before I went to bed. My wife was setting up a run with our guild and even though I’m still too low to really help much she got me a slot. I ran up from Southshore with her to Trisfall Glades. I got kilt halfway through by a level skull and had to walk from the Monastery graveyard to where I died just to walk back to join them in Scarlet. Not a good start.

Since we were late additions to a raid in progress we got to hear them kill a few Named elites while we ran to them. We ended up going to the library. This was good for me since I didn’t have a Scarlet Key. I forgot a few times that now I’m the low level here and aggrod a few mobs to me. I was able to hold my own with a druid healing. I did get the idea that keeping me alive was not the group’s idea of a good time. I almost left a few times because it just wasn’t worth it to me to be there and not be able to contribute. I we get to the Dean and kill him. I got my key and a few k exp and that was it. Whoopee. Maybe if I had more time there with a character above 37 it would be worth it to go. Till I reach 36-37ish I’m staying outta the monastery with my rogue. The stockades or BFD or even RFK might be better for me then this place right now. Tonight I’m prolly gonna be playing my hunter as my wife has got another alt she wants to start on. It’s on the same account as Mindkiller. So I might get to burn off some of the rested exp he has and hit SM with him to get the helm in there.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Slow crawl to level 35.

Well I have ground my way to level 33 on Mindkiller. I am now a goblin engineer. I have over 20 gold and I’m ready to hit Stranglethorn. Well maybe in a little while.

I made it to 30 as fast as I said I would. I made the journey to Gadgetzan but I could not get the trainer to talk to me. Turns out you need to talk to the trainer in IF to get a quest to go get the training……how fun for me. I hearth back to Redridge and fly to IF for the beginning of my long journey back to Gadgetzan. I get there and do the turn in and get me the good stuff. More explosives yeah baby! I get the recipes for all the ones I know I will use including the goblin mortar. I had to buy some of the mats but it’s worth it. A long range attack that stuns what it hits for 5 seconds. Add to that it’s on a different timer then dynamite and I have a one- two punch for those hard mobs. That is if I don’t wanna ambush them.

I picked up a few new blades for him. A jade serpent blade was custom made by a friend of my wife and I picked up a tigerbane dagger for 1g in the AH. I had to wait till 33 to use the dagger.

I am getting good at timing my attacks with this rogue. The combinations of finishing moves mean I can tailor the moves I use to the difficulty of the mob. Higher level go with expose armor and rupture. Same level rupture and eviscerate. Lower level… I usually don’t have time for a combo before they die. I am also getting to like cheap shot and kidney shot. Being 2 combo pts up out of stealth plus time to get a few more on before the target wakes rocks big time. I drudged my way up to 33 doing a few quest here and there. I started the first few quests on the three mastery quest lines in STV. I had to stop because I was dieing every five minutes. I died so many times I had absolutely nothing on when I finally made a run for Darkshire. No weapons too. I headed over to Redridge to knock out a few quests I had neglected there. The champions kill quest and the escort quest for the corporal. Both were easy at 31 and they got me close to 32 before I quit that night.

I logged back on deciding to quest in the Wetlands. One long flight there and I pick up the quest for killing undead sailors. I died here a few times from chain aggro. I managed to get that quest done with no trouble including flying back to SW for the cleansing part of it. I stuck around in Wetlands long enough to level my lock picking up to 160 before I decided to do the orc quest in the area. This went like butter. I killed maybe 60 orcs here just for the banners and cuz they were easy. I went deeper into their valley to go after the main dude even though I didn’t have that quest. (I may go back tonight to take care of the 2 other quests in the orc chain just for fun). I met a rogue on that very quest and was asked to help. We tried once and nearly wiped, the rogue failed to tell me she was suffering rez sickness. So we had to wait for it to run its course. While we waited the camp respawns…all of them. I had cleared the whole camp before the rogue showed up. Now we had to clear it again. We did with only a few hairy spots. So we try for the leader I was going to ambush and he was going to sap. I should have gone with garrote. Next time I will. We killed him after a fierce battle and the rogue went away happy. I didn’t get too much from the run except a mess of silk. It was getting late by this time so I walked back to the harbor to take flight to SW. (For the cleansing of the orb quest). I let the flight happen and the game log me out.

I came back to it the next day after work to turn in the quest not knowing that I was so close to 33. Then DING! Level 33 woohoo baby I’m there time for Tigerbane dagger.
I traveled back to SW for some AH time and got in to a PUG for Stockades. This was a pretty good group in spite of the leader/warrior thinking that because he was a warrior, he deserved all the aggro. Prolly wouldn’t have been too much of an issue except we were facing level 24-26 elites in tight quarters with multiple mobs close together. Every time I tried to pull or sap he would jump the gun and aggro before everyone was set. Our main job became keeping his ass alive for no reason. This isn’t a high level instance where tanking is the key. Just pulling correctly here will do the job just fine and well if handled properly. I guess he didn’t take into account that I was a level 33 rogue who was at the very least familiar with how to play it.

We managed to clear up to drexen's corner and the druid with us aggros a room before we clear the first. Two go down, our mage and the hero. Hero calls for a rez like an ass and gets it leaving the mage to walk back alone. Dickhead. Luckly the mage was level 31 or something so was able to kill the few respawns back to us. (I offered an escort and he declined). We kilt drexen and go after Bazzil. We waste hammy and clear the side rooms with no problems. I was going to pull some defies out of bazzil’s room when the “Hero” decides to pull Bazzil from the middle of the room surrounded by mobs. I had planned on saping him or at least one of the closer mobs to help lessen the asswhooping. So hero aggrod 5 mobs plus Bazzil. We are screwed. With in a few seconds the other rogue goes down followed by the hero. The mage and I blast out as many as we can with the druid healing me as fast as he can. The mage goes down I pop a potion and some dynamite, down to 3 mobs and Bazzil against me. I kill one mob then the other and put a dot on the last add before running for my life. Bazzil was so close to dying. I was pissed. He was down to less then 3% when I ran. The other mob died from the dot. I got away from Bazzil only to die from a respawned patrol. ARRRGG. We all make our way back to the Stockades and hero doesn’t want to finish it and he wouldn’t have except one of the group needed Bazzils head for the quest. So we fight a few respawns and take down Bazzil pretty fast. Done. We leave and hero cuts out. Good riddance. The others in the group had some quests in Redridge so I joined them in clearing them. I talk more on that with the next post and my first Scarlet monastery run with this character.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Goblin Engineering here I come.

Tonight I will reach 30. Prolly within like five minutes of playing. I had to stop last night as it was late I had to work today. I try to get at least six hours of sleep a night. I try not to infringe on that time most nights. I managed to get my mining over the magic 165 with some gold I found and now am able to smelt steel. Steel seems to be in high demand but not very many people are selling it. I only needed steel for one thing and I have yet to require it for anything since. I may take a look at the higher engineering items and see if it’s a req for something…….Looked and I don’t see me using steel again. Cool I have no problem selling it for 25s a pop.
I looked into the reqs for the goblin engineering specialty and it looks like it will be within my budget. I have more then half the materials already in my bank deposit. As soon as I hit 30 I will be ready for the long journey back o Gadetzan. I will also shortly be leaving Ashenvale for the more prosperous area of Stanglethorn Vale and the questing goodness that resides therein. I had a lot of fun in the Vale with my hunter. Killing things mindlessly works for me and with the drops of hairs that sell for almost 1 gold a stack are real nice too.

I stumbled upon a cave in Ashanvale I had no idea was there. Near the south eastern section where there are roads to the Barrens and Azhara there is a cave full of forsaken. There are also zombified night elf dreamers. I got 12 green items of them in like 10 minutes. Not super groovy stuff but enough value that it will prolly pay for the mats I need to complete the engineer quest. I also discovered the demons inhabiting the area south of the Warsong Lumber Camp. I like the idea that I can take down the Infernals all by myself with just a little damage. I wonder if killing them gave me faction with any one.

I have a little start on my Argent Dawn rep with all the assists I have been doing in Stormwind. Any time two or more npcs are beating on a flaming skeleton I jump in and get in a few licks. If I can get five combo points on the skeleton I will try for the Expose Armor to help speed it along. If it hits the battle is over quickly. I would never be able to take one on alone at this point but its fun knowing that I helped take down a creature almost twice my level. I might be getting a new weapon for my rogue. Now if I will use it at all is another question. I will have a whole level to decide. I might be creating a new character just so I can learn blacksmithing. It seems to be an easy skill to level up since I will have numerous characters to provide mats and money. I might go with a paladin/ blacksmith. I have never played a paladin so it will be a new experience. It will wait till I get some more levels on both my “main” characters. I still am neglecting my mage but I’m sure I will get back to her eventually.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mindkiller: Rogue in search of glory.

I have had some time off from my hunter, on account that my wife wanted to get back in touch with her rogue. I made the best of it by hitting my rogue hard and getting him up to 29. I’m shooting now for 32 so I can learn deadly poison. At least I think it’s at 32, might be 30. I’ll have to check when I get online tonight. I kinda did some mixing and matching with my quests for him. I chose only the quests with the biggest rewards and ones that were fun. I’m not even going to touch the 2 long chain quests in Darkshire till I can solo it, if ever. They just don’t have any draw for me. I really want to start in on the Stranglethorn quests as they shot my hunter form 30 to 40 in no time and I didn’t have to grind for exp at all. I just had to do the quests and they did the job fine.

Also at 30 I will be heading back to Gadgetzan for to choose my engineering specialty. I’m going with goblin. I like having explosives to use in battle. They have saved my bacon a number of times. Though it sucks that I will have to wait a few levels till I can get artesian. I’m maxed out in engineering at 240 so nothing I make, that can, will give me levels. I have been really getting the hang of playing a rogue. I went with 2 daggers shortly after going back to him. I saw another rogue do an ambush and crit that killed his target in one hit. I wanted that so I shopped the AH for some level appropriate daggers before I settled on the flesh piercer for both hands. They have a piddly dot on them but I was going for max damage at the lowest price. Maybe I can get lucky in the Stocks by myself and find the rare and he drops his dagger. I might try it a few times and see. I have been trying for Rohh in Redridge but no luck I haven’t spotted him yet. I may need to farm with my hunter for some decent blades. Though that will have to wait for my wife to get away from her rogue.

I have been making some steady money on my rogue with crafted shot and mechanical squirrels. I had a little price war with another engineer in IF. I had fun making up ads for the trade channel. He would say something about his low price and I would tout the “quality materials” used to make my squirrels. He then offered alcohol with every purchase and I would make it known that I didn’t need to get people drunk before they would buy my wares. I ended up selling a few below what I would have normally but at least I got the sale and made a nice profit.

The one thing I’m making the most money off of right now is silver ore. People are paying 1g for 2 ores and that’s just the ones I sell. I actually sell for 50-60s less then the other people. I have a stack of silver bars I can use later if I need so I don’t need the ore any more and since I don’t get and points for smelting I might as well make some money off of it.

I have yet to take him into another instance since the last wipe at VC. I just haven’t had the time. Maybe this weekend I can get that damn quest over with so I can start Stockades and then who knows. I think I will have an easier time of getting money enough for a mount on this char. I will be a high enough level in engineering that I can make custom orders as well as doing some low level stuff for whole sale on the AH. I will do the quest item making for other rogues and a few of the other things needed in the other professions. Ammo will always be easy and I can sell the mid to high level stuff for amazing profit. I wonder if there is a market for ez throw dynamite. Hmmm I will have to check that out. It won’t be long before I can so the artesian quest in first aid and also get artesian in cooking too. That will be a fun quest.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mobile Dwarf Hunter Explorer Extraordinaire

I have DONE IT.

I have purchased my first mount.

Whew, now I can relax and make money for no reason other then upgrade equipment. Like this is any different from before. I started out with 58 gold on my hunter. I did a few turns through the Stockades just killing the hall guards and the unique spawns. I made like 4 gold just from that. So I was up to 62g. I then decided to see how my rogue was doing. I had placed like 20 stacks of Crafted Solid Shot on the AH for 45s each, that’s was 20-25s cheaper then the other guys stuff. It didn’t cost even 1 copper to place them on the AH so I was looking at large profit since I farmed the mats through regular questing. It turns out they are much in demand. I sold the whole lot. I made 8g 8os off of the aggregate sale. SO I decided that making bullets can be very profitable. I created and placed another 20 stacks and in 4 hours half of them had sold. I then transferred a good 5 gold to my hunter, I don’t want to impoverish my rogue, and then logged onto my hunter. I made and sold a few heavy silk bandages to bring in a few more gold. I get so much silk it’s more profitable to convert them to bandages for quick cash then placing them in the AH.

Now I have 70 gold and some copper. Time for some quick cash. I hit Stockades real quick and made 1g 50s left then sold some heavy silk bandages and got the 72 gold I needed for the mount. I chose the White Ram for the looks, brown or grey just don’t do it for me.

I took my new mount for a spin around Ironforge for a bit till it was time for bed.

I’m diggin the mount already.

I logged back on yesterday to find that 8 of the 20 ammo packs I put up came back so I will refrain from making more till those sell. I’m thinking I might have a better chance of selling them on the weekends. I’ll try that out Friday and see how that goes. I transferred some more cash to my hunter just cuz I can and he needed it bad.

I went and logged onto my mage and re-spent all her talent points. I’m going with ice/arcane spec for easier leveling. I’ll hit fire if I think it's needed, but prolly not. I really need to level her and her alchemy. Soon I will be able to mine thorium and I will want to hit up the arcanite transmute for some really decent cash. I already have one recipe for transmutation that I can’t even use yet. Maybe this weekend I will focus on her. I need to get her some decent armor first though.

My hunter; Last night I broke the 230 mining barrier. What does that mean? Truesilver. Yeah baby gonna be hitting up some trusilver till 250 then I hit the thorium. It will be difficult but I am gonna try to get into those high level areas just for some quick mining if I die oh well. It will be worth the profits I will make from the ores and gemstones and stone pieces. I have also made it to level 41, mostly by mistake. I was grinding for cash; however, I also had rested exp so I got my mount like an hour before I leveled. I did reach my goal of a mount AT 40 so I’m happy. With the increased mobility I will be able to make money faster, and can spread the wealth to the others. I still need to get the next level skills for Coat. I looked them up and I will be traveling to Dustwallow Marsh for Claw5 after I get Bite5 here in Arathi Highlands. Then I will go to Swamp of Sorrows to get Bite6 and Claw6. I could go straight to the swamp but I’m not sure yet if Coat has enough training points for the higher skills yet. Any how I need to go to the western continent for a few quests so it won’t be a waste of time. It’s past time for me to do the artesian first aid quest in Theramore. I had to save up some silk and mage weave for it. After I do all this I’m thinking about hitting the Scarlet Monastery. I here it might be fun and with the upgraded attacks for Coat and some mageweave bandages I might have a good time there. I’ also thinking about changing my melee weapons to maces seeing as they seem to be cheaper and hit harder than the swords. Plus I can find maces that are actually close to or even with my level. So I’m in for some long journeys and training.


That’s what makes this game so fun to play. So many things to do and chose from.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Level 40 and time fer some money makin.

Well it has been awhile since my last post. So this will be a big one.

I decided to stick around in Stranglethorn Vale for awhile. There were a lot of quests to be had here. I went north to Nesingwary’s camp and hit all the quests there, yes even the annoying “pages” quest. Though that wasn’t that annoying to me. If you know what your gonna be picking up it just becomes a storage issue and I got plenty of storage on my hunter. So I went through the mastery quests and owned everything pretty easily, I only needed to group for the panther and raptor elites. I had taken out the tiger elite several times before I even got that far in the quest chain. In my travels I found that there are quests in the rebel camp so I hit those up too and killed a few kurzens for the caurse. I managed to spot both giants in the area, though I did not approach for fear of being smooshed. Since damn near everything here is skinnable I have managed to push my skinning to 285…very nice. I’m gonnna be ready when I hit those higher mobs for the rugged leather and such hehe.

I grabbed a few quests from Booty Bay. One had to do with a mission to Aralthi Highlands, I can’t remember which. So I went up there and found a crystal, a talking crystal. It wanted me to help it get free. I needed to get some fragments from some local rock circles. I did this and then I had to fight a Giant for a rod. Well I wasn’t prepared for that so I put it off for a few levels. Last night I found a group going after Fozruk so I tagged along. It was my 40hunter w/coat another 38hunter w/cat and a 43warrior. We tried to get 2 more people to help us but no one answered. After following the giant for 15 minutes I suggested we try it on our own. Hell I could have taken out 2 of the 3 bodyguard he had by myself before I died. Since we had, in effect, 5 bodies there anyways I figured we had a better than average shot at killing him ourselves.

So we waited till he was in a clear spot free from spiders and raptors. I set a trap before our warrior charged. I marked the mage kobold while the other hunter went for another. The warrior tanked the giant. I took out my target then began on the remaining kobold. The other hunter finished of his then began attacking the giant. I finished the kobold then siced coat on the giant and we proceeded to tear him apart. We owned him in every sense of the word. He was not a very impressive 42~ Elite. The battle took all of 2 ½ minutes. Our group the went to where we need to turn in the quest and what happens. We spawn another Giant. This guy comes alone. We kilt him fast too. We each spawn this giant and take him down fast. I wonder if you could spawn more than one at a time…maybe I will try that next time I do this quest. All totaled we took down 4 level 42~ elites in like 5 minutes. I think it was damn impressive and I’m still giddy from it. We took a griffon to IF for the next quest in the chain. I was delayed with some RL stuff so I got there late. They had gone off to the next chain which it to go to the badlands in search of some dude who is supposed to help the crystal/thing we freed. I will be exploring the badlands next it seems.

Oh by the way I have made it to level 40. Most of it was done in Stranglethorn Vale. Nice place for 31+. Got some good vender trash and a lot of skinning to be had. I still need like 15 gold to get my mount I had miscalculated how much I was going to need. I spent the 18 gold to learn how to ride just to get it out of the way. Now I need to bear down and gear up for some serious money making. I will prolly need a few more gold just so I can shop for some mail. Now that I can wear it perhaps I will be better suited to survival. I also had to spend a few gold on skills so I was frugal and only learned and upgraded the skills I use and will use a lot. I didn’t buy any thing for coat though soon I will be heading out to retrieve his next level skills. Thos of which I will need to look up soon for the locations and mobs.

I also splurged for a new rifle for my hunter. I could not pass up a sniper rifle that added 10+ point of damage overall and was a slower speed for ammo conservation. I also used the thick leathers I have been getting to upgrade his armor abit and soon I will be able to make a Thick Ammo Pouch = 16 slots and 13% increased ranged attack speed.

So I have a bit of a grind ahead. Maybe I can hit Uldaman or the Stockades a few time to farm for items to sell on the AH. I may see if I can get in a group heading to a dungeon with humanoids just for the money. Maybe I can solo DM for some cash. We will see. I want a mount before I leave level 40.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Traveling the world in search of...

I finally got my full dsl back I'm now running at the optimum speed so now more disconnects from lack of signal, at least not at my end. I have been running around in all my chars the last week trying to level certain professions. So here it is.

I played a bit on my main hunter got him to 36 last night. WOOT! I have been sending mats to my other chars for the leveling of profession. Ore and stone to Mindkiller and all my leather to Manbeast. I have managed to level Mindkiller’s engineering to 210 so now he can make mithril slugs for my hunter. Just this morning Mindkiller made a Mithril Blunderbuss that I sent over to Jolygreen. He will be able to use it right away, but I still have to wait a level till he can use the slugs. Oh well.

I picked up a bunch of quests for Stanglethorn Vale and Rachet that I will be working on later. If I can survive long in the vale that is. I might just drop the vale quests and go back to Thousand Needles for a bit. The flats south of there are real good for leather and exp. I have broken the 50 gold barrier and am marching toward 100 gold…..slowly. I will get there; I want a mount at 40. None of this “Wait a few more levels.”, crap. I can always focus on mining some mats for bronze or hit up the mithril in Needles and Desolace. I will need the mithril anyway for the ammo. I will soon max out my leather worker again. So I will prolly have to level him to 35 or something to be able to pick up a specialty leather trade. I really need to work on my mage and get here alchemy up to the level I will need to make some arcanite. I have neglected her for a long time. Prolly after I have a mount on my hunter I will send her some gold just for a respec to help in grinding. I will be able to afford it after since I will be able to move around faster then.

I have been able to see a great deal more of the world just recently. I have dipped into Feralas. I have pwnd the wildlife in Shimmering Flats. I have hunted elementals in 1000 Needles. I have even dipped deep into the Stranglethorn Vale, though I died there because I couldn’t get a crit on a damn raptor. I’m real close to going back to Desolace for some serious asskicking on the locals. Though I will most likely go back to the Flats and grind there since they are skinnable and they give good vender trash. Specially the bug things that are there. The dried husks I got of them (3) netted me a nice chunk of change and I don’t particularly like them very much. So killing a lot of them AND making money will be a good time killer as well as a good exp boost so I can get to the all important level 37. Hello mithril slugs.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Little bit at a time.

I managed to down Morbent Fel on my next try. I got lucky and picked up a group just outside. They seemed to want to camp him for a bit and allowed me to group for the quest.

I can’t remember much between now and that quest as I wasn’t on very much till last night. With packing, moving, and unpacking I had few decent log on times. I was able to start leveling up my hunter’s cooking level. I’m just a few points away from being able to cook Big Bear Steaks which will get me to Lean venison and beyond. I finally figured out that it would be a better time investment for me, as well as money wise, to cook food for me and Coat. My wife was a pal and sent me some big bear and stag meat for the recipes as well as the recipes for them. Now all I have to do is level to the 110 mark for the big cooking to begin. I have moved my hunter into wetlands for some questing. Seems to me it will be a good way to run up to 35-36 maybe till I can handle Deslace. I really want to start in on some mithril. But that will have to wait. I’m gonna try for another Stockades tonight. Maybe I can get a hold of another blue since that last one netted me 15 gold easy. I was at 46 gold for almost a day till I decided to fund my gnome rogue’s change in profession. I changed him to engineering for the ability to make ammo. I think it was worth it since I still have a ways to go till 40 and now I only need 90 gold for the mount and training. I still haven’t decided on trying for rank 3 pvp before 40 for the added 10% discount. If I run a few bgs for a week or 2 I might be able to get there fast but who knows?

So I dropped herbalism with my rogue. It was an easy decision. I wasn’t very effective trying to use one or the other item finds. So now I have something to do with all that ore I will be mining. It cost a bit to start up but it has already turned a profit to me. I was able to sell something like 20 bronze tubes individually on the AH for 35s a piece, the cheapest was 50 but seeing as I have a rogue I felt for the other rogues going through the poison quest. They all sold. Made like 7 gold on top of the fact that I only bought a few stones and fluxes to get here I made a nice chunk for a start. I might not do much more the level the skill for anything but my hunter though it might come in handy later on for new characters and such.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Back with the hunter.

This week I am moving to a new apartment. What does that mean; rested experience. Best thing in the game baby. I will prolly not have too much down time. I will make sure all my characters are inside inns when I log of for the move. Though I pretty sure my mage and warrior are maxed out on rested by now and my rogue has been resting since Sunday. It will be interesting to go back to my mage just for the leveling purposes.

So I got to play my hunter this week cuz my wife needed to level her druid. I managed to hit Deadmines finally. It was with her guild…and no I didn’t sign up. They needed some big guns to make it easier on the low levels and I also really wanted to clear out those quests. Plus it’s a fun instance. We ended up having 3 hunters and 2 druids. One of the druids was my wife running a restore spec while the other druid was running restore/melee. The 3 hunters were all of us near or better then level 30 so it was a cake walk. We were pulling2-4 mobs at a time and wasting them. We owned all the bosses in no time. We only had one death and that was because she was a level 16. We had a little trouble with smite just because of his stun but no one took serious damage there either. We cleared the ship completely before taking on the captain and VC.

The captain went down hard and fast. Followed by VC. We took him down so fast we still had all four bodyguards alive at the end. We took them down to and high tailed it out.

Then some one called for a reset…….we all agree. We ran Deadmines again this time it went faster as the other 2 hunter's leveled last time so we were doing a bit more damage. We took down Smite, Captain, and VC in quick succession then left a ruin behind us. The group broke up after the last run as it was late and time for sleeping and stuff. That was a great time though.

Last night I had the opportunity to run The Stockades with a PUG. All were below level 25 except for my level 32 hunter. We had a full group with us but no true tank so Coat had to act as one for the run(side note: I had somehow turned of growl before the run so Coat couldn’t maintain aggro. I couldn’t and didn’t figure it out until the run was over) Despite my SNAFU we managed to clear all the way in and to the end of the left hand passage before we had our first wipe. The Priest was a 21 and kept aggroing the mobs though doorways if she got to close. We rezzed and made our way back through the respawns the took the right passage toward Bazil. We wiped at the ogre. Our mage wasn’t maintaining sheep on one of the 2 mobs that come with the ogre so we were wiped again. We rezzed then ran back to the room right before Bazil and 2 of our group decide it time to go so the rest left too….. I only had Bazil left on my quest log after this run and I decided to try and solo him. I did not know he has 4 adds, so I die slowly and messily. I will get his ass soon though.

I then decided to finish the Morbent Fel quest chain and go to Wetlands to get the ingots. Took my all of 30 minutes to get them all then to Stormwind and Duskwood again. I got the charm and I go to see this Morbent Fel for to kick his booty. I fight through a few mobs to get to him and begin on him. Before I can tag him some asshole comes up and steals the kill. I cleared the way and this dipshit tags my mob. I had even used the charm so he was weakened by then as well as my pet tanking the adds. He took full advantage of it and got himself a kill I then had to sit and wait for the respawn. I tried to take him my self but failed as I didn’t use the charm right away and lost precious time trying to cast it. I died and then had to go to work so I shall be attempting it again tonight after some packing. Maybe. I might have to play my rogue for a bit. I’m getting the feeling that my wife wishes to play her rogue a little. She dies a lot with her new druid and needs to get revenge on something soon.

Monday, May 22, 2006

A very blah weekend.

I DID NOT get to play my hunter at all this weekend. Due to the fact that my wife totally monopolized my account so she could run Black fathom depths with her guild. That’s getting real annoying too. Seems it’s ok for her to spend 4 hours running an instance but as soon as I try to due any time lengthy process I get the riot act read to me. So I played my rogue all weekend.

I decide to level my rogue up so I could get the poison quest. I took me all of 1 hour to get to 20. All I did was grind on Defias in Westfall. I got a mess of line cloth, made some real good money in the AH with these too. So I go and start the quest woohoo.

When my wife found out that I was doing this quest she wanted to come along……she's a level 27 rogue….and she doesn’t have poisons….meh.

I agree to wait for her to show up but first she wants to try for a Defias mask. I tell her it drops from all the Defias mobs in the area….we killed like 40 of them between us and not one mask. So she decides to go to Stormwind to upgrade her tailoring and leaves me to wait for her in Westfall. I got mad and said something stupid which pissed her off. She then threatened to not help ME complete the quest….like I needed any help. The quest is for level 20s and is supposed to be able to be completed by same. Sure the elite guarding the chest will give you some trouble but hey one death is worth poisons IMHO. So I leave our party and go solo, which is my normal mode anyway.

I travel to the tower and meet up with the rogue there to start the next chain and proceed to the tower. I managed to pick the Malformed Defias’s pocket on the first try WOOHOO, and then I run away. Made it out alive. I then went back and stealthed into the tower to find…..everyone is dead….? I run up the stairs dreading coming across a bad mofo that will eat me and get to the top to find… a level 26+ pally wailing on the elite guy there. So I help out….a little then go get my chest and get poisoned. Crap. I knew about this and had a plan for it. I had some anti-venom in the bank to use when I got back. I had forgotten to bring it with. So I go to leave after thanking the pally for clearing the tower, inadvertently, for me when he thanks me for helping him by removing the poison/curse. Awesome now I don’t have to do that obnoxious cure quest.
I did it any way. Hey it’s all in town and has ok exp and faction so done and done.

So now I can make poisons. Very cool. Yet only 2 for now. So I make a few of each and go to try them out. I decided to go to Loch Modan to take out some quests there. I am shooting for exalted with Ironforge so I can get me a ram for my gnome. Just the idea looks good to me. A little gnome on this tall honkin ram. I know I have a long way to go but hey it will happen eventually. I don’t want to be on those stupid metal things for too long. I’m thinking I can use my other characters to get me the nessesary items for the rep quests but I will see how that goes later still real early to be worrying about the mount issue with this char. I picked the chain for Defense of lands and blew through that in like an hour all the way up to Grawmug or what ever his name is. I actually killed him 3 times before I even had the quest to do it. There was a fast repawning silver vein in the cave I was playing with so since I was there I killed him between spawns. I finished out most of the quests available there all except the dam quest where you have to get a mo gorosh crystal. I don’t know how I’m gonna get one of those yet. All level 18-22~ elites guarding the area not cool at all. I also sighted a unique in the area. A level 21 elite Tauren and his 2 elite lackeys. I tried to take him and died messily and quickly. I might try for him with my hunter if I’m ever able to play him again. So I built up some rep with iron forge here toward my goal. I need to find more Ironforge related quests and focus on those.
I took my rogue up to Aralhi Highland to see the First aid book seller there. I got the Expert book as well as the 2 Manuals and I can now say my rogue has a healthy supply of Silk and heavy silk bandages to use for his very own. HEE HEE. I then decided to hit up Southshore and check it out since I was in the neighborhood. Got the flight path and a few recipes for my other characters. Then on a whim I decided to shoot for Chillwind Point flight path. ICKYPOO. That area is a deathtrap for low levels. I died a few times trying for it ,and getting lost as well, but I made it and have the fight path to get back there when I’m growed up enough .

I came back to civilization for a spell for leveling and headed to Darkshore to screw around with a few quests there. I picked up the Washed ashore chain and hit the first 2. Before going after Murkdeep. As I traveled down the coast I kept coming across the other dead sea creatures so I picked them up as well. When I got to Murkdeep’s camp he wasn’t there so I continued south and picked up more sea creature remains. I got all the way to Zorham Strand before turning back and picked up another sea creature remains. All totaled I had 6 sea creature parts in my packs.
Ick smells like tuna around here.

On the way back north Murkdeep rezzed in his camp. A full camp by the way. I pulled carefully all the minions around him. It wasn’t too tough I was level 22 and I think they were at a max of 18 but I was still careful. 1 on 5 will still get me killed quick. I get to Murk and he spawns some little critters that harass me while I wail on Murk himself. He goes down with out too much trouble then I turn to the rest of the minions and wipe the whole camp. I whistle as I walk away. I turn in all the quests and make a whopping… 30 silver… total. Meh it got my rep up…a little. Now I need to focus on leveling and making some money.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Got some skills I doo.

I went for a little adventure last night. I decided on a whim to go visit the Barrens and harass the locals. I killed some centaur looking creatures and got a key. So I searched the entire Barrens till I found a chest to use it on….Nothing special there. I took a dip into wailing caverns on a lark and I hope to go back later with a group. I could prolly run it solo but that would take hours since I would have to be very careful. I fished a bit in the Oasis just outside and caught some deviate fish. Can’t wait till I can get a recipe for the fish delight. I took a spin through Desolace again and found a few places that will be good for mining mithril later. I’m prolly not going to seriously quest this area till I'm over or near 35. It is just too much of a hassle. I aggro too easy and there is too many mobs close together for me to effectively defend myself and Coat. So Desloace is on hold for me for awhile. I ran up to Stonetalon to hop a flight to Astranar for dumping of stuff now that I think about it I could have gone to Nijel’s Point, but it worked out great as there were 2 creatures around Astranar that I need to tame.

So I get to Astranar and dump off and mail a bunch of stuff. I made some decent cash in the Barrens, something like 2 gold just from trash too. I then went looking for a Ghostpaw Alpha since they have Bite4. I found them way south of Astranar. I died on my first attempt some how….don’t know don’t ask. So I went back and tried again. This time I popped the racial stoneskin before the attempt and was at the extreme rang for tame. I got him. I took the walk to Darkshore for training till I got the skill and I ended up learning Furious Howl 2 before I finally learned Bite 4.
Great so I abandon that pet and make the flight back to Astranar to get me an Elder Astranar Bear . This guy went down faster then the wolf and with less pain. I know now that it was the high attack speed of the wolf that killed me. So I get the bear and proceed to beat up on his former friend bears in the area. 2 hits later learned Claw4 Yahoo. So I hang out for a few with the bear killing bears and grab some big bear meat, need a recipe for these too now , before heading back to Astranar and Coat. I abandon the elder bear and retrieve Coat and teach him his new ranks.

After this it was pretty late so I hearthed back to Darkshire. I’m gonna farm more silk and iron till I reach 175 mining then I will head back to Stonetalon for some mithril mining. After a few levels I might finally go and complete the Sven quest line and this weekend I’m going to try to get into a group for Deadmines so I can’t complete those quests. I know it’s a ways off but I’m already thinking on how to save the money for my mount. I already have the 10%discoutn covered so I might try for rank 3 in BG to get another 10 eh we will see.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Farming it is.

Took out my Gnome Rogue last night to do a little farming. Seeing as my wife wanted to run her 24+ NelfRogue to Mulgore….don‘t ask me why.
I had decided to get some first aid leveling prep work done so I went to Westfall and farmed linen. A good place for me was the Defias camp right near Sentinel Hill. It’s got some level 10-13 Defias there and if you die your only on the other side of the hill. Got to 142 linen in like 1 ½ hour before I called it a night. I’ll be back there tonight to get a full 150 then go farm gnolls for wool unless I can find a better farm mob some where else. Maybe I will just farm the wool with my hunter then send it over. Prolly be easier.

I just made a new ammo pouch for my hunter that now holds 14x200 rounds. Very nice. I also commissioned an engineer to make my some crafted solid shot so I have a 13% faster fire rate and .5 more dps per shot. VERY COOL. I had my warrior make 3 of the first Blue item gloves and tacked on a heavy armor kit for each one. I sent one to my hunter and rogue, and then sent the 3rd to my wife’s rogue. I haven’t been able to really test them out as I was sitting in Stormwind waiting for some auctions to expire. Seems the silk is flooded in the AH so it won’t be as profitable as I had hoped. But I’m just 10 pts away from mithril and mageweave, and then I will brave Desolace for some mining. I don’t know if it was a fluke but I got a single mageweave off of a troll mage near the Thunder Axe Fortress so I might farm there for a bit soon too.

I need to head over to Ashenvale to learn Bite and Claw 4 even though Coat seems to be wailing on anything we meet. Still he could use the boost to damage. I have received 5 invites to guilds since I hit level 30. I guess this is a magic number or something. If you reach this high a level it must mean you are serious about playing or something. I was kinda flattered, but not really, the only guild I might have been interested I have since forgotten the name of the recruiter and the guild. He actually struck up a conversation with me before the invite I turned him down because I was playing an alt. He might have invited me because the alt was a priest. Oh well maybe soon I will find something to try out. Kinda like to have a regular run on something with a group. Soloing is nice for quests and farming but it makes the instance running boring to me. I have dipped into Deadmines a few times to farm wool but it just isn’t fun without a group there. Man I can’t wait till my wife levels her druid up to a decent level so we can run in a group together. Not much to tell I was only on for a couple hours. Maybe tonight will be better. We will see.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Let the good times roll.

I ended up not going to the barrens or Durutor on account of my wife usurping my account the last few days. She finally allowed ME to play MY account last night. So I dusted off my hunter and was perusing the AH and I found the recipe I have been looking for. NICE. Got it cheap and sent it off to my mage for use. I then realized I needed to get some money together for some new skills. I also needed to level up my mining. So I traveled back to Duskwood and did some grinding on ogres for silk while watching for iron deposits. I got a mess of silk and was able to level my mining to 165. 10 more points and hello Mithril. Yeah. I hate that smelting goes grey so soon . Now he only thing that will give me points is mining gold and iron and smelting gold. I have yet to see a gold deposit. But I will prolly just hang out in Duskwood for the 10 more points while getting good exp and drops. I came away with full bags of decent loot and actually got 2 trusilver bars from chests there. Very cool. The made me some nice cash in the AH.

Speaking of the AH; I posted about 14g in auctions last night before bed and I am hoping they pan out when I get outta work. I checked this morning a few had already sold and some silver I had posted came back, I had put it on a short auction by mistake. So I have to repost that. I’m sure it will sell eventually. So I will be sitting pretty in the cash area till I go and buy the rest of my skills I couldn’t pick up the last time I was in Stormwind. Just mostly stuff for my pet and a few upgrades for me.

Had a blast farming the ogres for exp and silk. I can take them down in threes if I need to. Though in fact I did have a scary moment when facing the named ogre there. I went after him thinking he might drop some decent stuff, repeatedly, but he didn’t blow up my skirt whit his drops. Anyhow I was fighting him with my pet tanking when 2 ogres rezzed near the fight and aggro’d so now a 2 on 1 is a 2 on 3 and we weren’t fresh. I left Coat to tackle the named one, I think his name is Zakk thul or something, while I took on the 2 adds. I had just run out of ammo….oops. Yeah I know a hunter without ammo is dead well that’s what I though too. So there I was….dramatic eh?......getting pounded on by ogres. Luckily one was a mage type so I wasn’t getting mauled. I took them out with about half life left and turned to help out Coat. Just then the ogre gets a crit and nocks down Coat. So now I have no tank and he has more the half of his life left, well at least his wasn’t an elite or I would be worm food. We go toe to toe for awhile exchanging blows till we are both ready to die. I’m down to like 11hps and he isn’t’ much better off but I know he will get the next attack so I prepare for death and the long run back.

He attacks….. I dodge.
I attack…critical hit for 112.
Zakk dies….woot.
I eat rice cake and take a break.

I headed back to Darkshire after that to rearm repair and sell some trash. I was there long enough to make 1g in money drops alone plus what I got for all the trash I made like 3g on that run Piddly I know compared with later areas but it was a big deal to me. I sent of some items for disenchant and use to my other characters though my warrior won’t be able to use what he got for awhile but it will be nice even when he can. He has an almost complete set of armor for when he reaches level 20 and will probably be twinked out every step of the way from my hunter and I’m ok with that.

I also decided to start upping first aid so I farmed Westfall for linen since I have loads of wool and silk. They might come in handy later so might as well get it up to a useable level since no w I can farm linen, wool and silk easily. I also ducked into Desloace to get a feel for it and I’m thinking I will wait a few levels before venturing in there alone. I handled it ok but I think t would be easier at level 33-34 so I shall grind and try for a DM/VC and maybe Stockades till I’m ready.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Burning the midnight oil. A LOT!

Pay attention class, we have a lot to cover.

It has been a few days since my last update. I have been working on my hunters mining as well as leveling my warrior/leather worker. I also started a new character on my wife’s account. She has a rogue on my account that has obligations with her guild. We will be trading off accountstill she can level her new druid.

Dwarf, Hunter. Mining, Skinning

Dinged 30 over the weekend as well as got the new skills I wanted. I looked to upgrading mining and skinning but will have to wait for some cash. I’m gonna need 9 gold to buy both the skinning and mining artisan levels. Oh well it shouldn’t take to long I'm thinking I will farm ogres for some silk then AH them they seem to sell pretty good all the time. So does most cloths for that matter. I’m also thinking of taking a trip to the Orc starting area to farm crokilsks for an alchemy recipe for my mage. Seems it only drops with any amount of decency in that area, or for that matter any area with orcs. Sucks but it wont take too long to burn through a thousand or so crocs to get what I need and I’m real patient about these sorta things. I can always annoy the low levels in the area for fun. So I will be making a long trip to Durotor later this week, I’m so glad I made the trip across the barrens with him to get all the way to Ratchet which in turn got me to Booty Bay. Now I just have to fly to the bay then to ratchet on a boat and swim to Durotor Will be fun to see a new area and not have to watch my back. Maybe I can sneak on boat for Undercity too. Might try for it after I get the drop. Prolly will be awhile but that’s how it goes some times.

Human, Warrior. Leatherworking, Skinning

I have taken him to Darkshore so I can run with my wife’s new druid though she plays a whole lot differently then me. I will get quests and stack them and complete as many as I can. Then farm for trash till I’m full. Then go back to turn them in and start the whole thing over again…. She, however, seems to be at the whim of the people who helped her before. She lets the drag her around to areas her character is not ready for and then gets pissed when she dies every 5 minutes then has to run back for 10. Any how I tried to play with her but it might not be possible at least at the low level. Perhaps when we get our different chars up above 20 it will be easier then we can support each other in the same areas instead of me going to her areas (NightElf) and instead staying in my areas (Human, Dwarf) Which I feel are better at getting you to level 20-22. Then I would head over to the western continent and hit the mountains. Yet I shall still try to play with her as much as I can till we can hit dungeons together. By the way my warrior is now level 15 and will soon be 16. I've played him less then she has played her new druid and I am 2-3 levels higher then she is …..Different playing styles.

Well with my wife getting a WOW account of her own to play on her comp I had to create a new char on it so I could play WOW while she plays her level 23~ NightElf rogue with her guild. So I created 2 one I created on a different server since Duskwood was full and had a huge wait time just to long on. SO I made another Dwarf Hunter on Norganon……got him to 14 in little over 5 hours. However this server is dead and lonely there doesn’t seem to be any one around except a few dozen level 54+ characters. Also there is absolutely no general chat of any kind going on…..I can’t believe how much I miss the chatting across general even if it wasn’t to me. Though I had great success in playing the AH on that server. I went with Mining and blacksmithing for fun. Made some decent money but I think I will delete that char soon now that I made this new char I've been playing.

Gnome, Rogue. Mining, Herbalist

Made this bad boy on Duskwood so now I have 4 characters on 2 accounts on the same server. Nice. I’m digging the hard hits this dude dishes out even at low level. I was able to blast through the first few quests so fast I had to hang out and farm for a few levels before moving on to the Karanos area. I then proceeded to own this area with only a few deaths from bad pulls 2 of which were not mine but idiots who can manage aggro. Oh well I leveled him to 14 in some thing like 6 hours game time I think. I will have to check then I will change it here. I can’t wait till 16 when I can start on lock boxes. I know where a few always spawn. I have seen them with my hunter all over the place since he can track treasure. The real cool thing is that since I don’t need the herbs or ore on the other chars its all money for Mindkiller I made him over 1g in one trip to AH at level 10 all by himself. Instead of smelting the ore I sold it raw. Yeah it will take longer to level it but I only did that for the first 60 ore I had, It only tool 2 hours to get that much and I wasn’t even working on it much. After I trained for herbalist I was able to sell the lower herbs for some serious cash so I was able to but my some decent weapons at level 13. I’m gonna go with dual weld sword till I can get a hold of some decent daggers. What I trade for speed I more then make up for with damage. C’mon taking out Icebeard at level 12 solo with no potions. After I completed most of the quest here I found that I’m already close to being honored in Ironforge and Gnome’s eyes…cool. Maybe it will help me save some money. I am really looking forward to the lock picking quests and the poison quests. I will prolly get poisons before my wife does with her rogue. That will chap her ass good. Hehe. I’m taking him to Westfall for levels 15-22 or so then I hit up some other area. I was also thinking about leveling him to 19 then hitting WSG for some kills. I might not have the patients for the waiting in lines for them to start but I shall try. I would like to have at least one character geared toward PVP mainly. This will be mainly for revenge kills and such so I have to find a good build for it.

Gnome, Mage. Alchemy, Herbalist

I haven’t been playing my mage so much. I am not happy with the way she has turned out and I am thinking about a respect already and I will prolly go with frost arcane as a build. I know it’s too soon to start spending that kind of cash but I can afford it. I think it will make her a more viable solo grinder and will make it easier to run instances later on. Since I will have worked with her till that point I will be more familiar with how to play her effectively in raids and such

Now I just have to start the process of moving to a new apartment soon which will cut deeply into my WOW time. I think I will survive.
So I’m making the money and planning a long trip in real life and WOW life.