Monday, June 26, 2006

Level 40 and time fer some money makin.

Well it has been awhile since my last post. So this will be a big one.

I decided to stick around in Stranglethorn Vale for awhile. There were a lot of quests to be had here. I went north to Nesingwary’s camp and hit all the quests there, yes even the annoying “pages” quest. Though that wasn’t that annoying to me. If you know what your gonna be picking up it just becomes a storage issue and I got plenty of storage on my hunter. So I went through the mastery quests and owned everything pretty easily, I only needed to group for the panther and raptor elites. I had taken out the tiger elite several times before I even got that far in the quest chain. In my travels I found that there are quests in the rebel camp so I hit those up too and killed a few kurzens for the caurse. I managed to spot both giants in the area, though I did not approach for fear of being smooshed. Since damn near everything here is skinnable I have managed to push my skinning to 285…very nice. I’m gonnna be ready when I hit those higher mobs for the rugged leather and such hehe.

I grabbed a few quests from Booty Bay. One had to do with a mission to Aralthi Highlands, I can’t remember which. So I went up there and found a crystal, a talking crystal. It wanted me to help it get free. I needed to get some fragments from some local rock circles. I did this and then I had to fight a Giant for a rod. Well I wasn’t prepared for that so I put it off for a few levels. Last night I found a group going after Fozruk so I tagged along. It was my 40hunter w/coat another 38hunter w/cat and a 43warrior. We tried to get 2 more people to help us but no one answered. After following the giant for 15 minutes I suggested we try it on our own. Hell I could have taken out 2 of the 3 bodyguard he had by myself before I died. Since we had, in effect, 5 bodies there anyways I figured we had a better than average shot at killing him ourselves.

So we waited till he was in a clear spot free from spiders and raptors. I set a trap before our warrior charged. I marked the mage kobold while the other hunter went for another. The warrior tanked the giant. I took out my target then began on the remaining kobold. The other hunter finished of his then began attacking the giant. I finished the kobold then siced coat on the giant and we proceeded to tear him apart. We owned him in every sense of the word. He was not a very impressive 42~ Elite. The battle took all of 2 ½ minutes. Our group the went to where we need to turn in the quest and what happens. We spawn another Giant. This guy comes alone. We kilt him fast too. We each spawn this giant and take him down fast. I wonder if you could spawn more than one at a time…maybe I will try that next time I do this quest. All totaled we took down 4 level 42~ elites in like 5 minutes. I think it was damn impressive and I’m still giddy from it. We took a griffon to IF for the next quest in the chain. I was delayed with some RL stuff so I got there late. They had gone off to the next chain which it to go to the badlands in search of some dude who is supposed to help the crystal/thing we freed. I will be exploring the badlands next it seems.

Oh by the way I have made it to level 40. Most of it was done in Stranglethorn Vale. Nice place for 31+. Got some good vender trash and a lot of skinning to be had. I still need like 15 gold to get my mount I had miscalculated how much I was going to need. I spent the 18 gold to learn how to ride just to get it out of the way. Now I need to bear down and gear up for some serious money making. I will prolly need a few more gold just so I can shop for some mail. Now that I can wear it perhaps I will be better suited to survival. I also had to spend a few gold on skills so I was frugal and only learned and upgraded the skills I use and will use a lot. I didn’t buy any thing for coat though soon I will be heading out to retrieve his next level skills. Thos of which I will need to look up soon for the locations and mobs.

I also splurged for a new rifle for my hunter. I could not pass up a sniper rifle that added 10+ point of damage overall and was a slower speed for ammo conservation. I also used the thick leathers I have been getting to upgrade his armor abit and soon I will be able to make a Thick Ammo Pouch = 16 slots and 13% increased ranged attack speed.

So I have a bit of a grind ahead. Maybe I can hit Uldaman or the Stockades a few time to farm for items to sell on the AH. I may see if I can get in a group heading to a dungeon with humanoids just for the money. Maybe I can solo DM for some cash. We will see. I want a mount before I leave level 40.

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