Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It might be time for some money saving practices.

I seem to be spending a lot of time with Mindkiller. Don’t get me wrong I love my hunter and I still consider him to be my main. However I like the versatility of the Rogue.

It been a slow process to 35 but I’m here at last. I actually ignored the leveling aspect for the last half of 34 by doing kill quests and helping people with some of theirs. I came upon 35 without even realizing it till, DING! Coolness now I can head to Theramore and Gadgetzan for the Completion of Artisian Engineering and First Aid. It only took me 2 tries to complete the FA quest. I’m happy now. All I need to do is train up fishing….which may never happen…and hit 200 in mining. I did the mining last night and moved over 200. So I will be spending more money to get the Artisian Mining. I decided today that I will set up a bank alt to send surplus money. It has worked real well for my wife. She has managed to save almost enough money for her mount. It didn’t take her too long either. She is on a skill starvation diet. No skill upgrades till she gets a mount and she only spends what she absolutely needs to survive. I need to do this to and I might if I can control myself.

After I got all the profession upgrades I could, I head to the highlands. I had a quest in Arathi. It always seems I go here for one quest intending on leaving right after and I get stuck here because of my curiosity. I picked up a few quests in the area, just a few “Kill this and also collect these.” I had seen a cave when flying to Refugee Point and decided on this trip I would see where it goes. I figured it had to go somewhere for some reason. I was right. There are three ships in a cove there; two are sunken and are the object of the few quests here, and one still sails, this one is the quest giver haven. I only went into the water to get a few mithril nodes I saw there. While mining I was asked to party with a level 39 warrior. I accepted and he showed me the quest givers and we started a chain quest there. There were also two gathering quests and a kill quest. All would take place at the sunken ships. Which were surrounded by level 38-40 naga warriors and sorceresses. We hit a few of them till we figured out what it was we were gathering. The gather quest giver gave us some special goggles to see the gems he wanted. They appear on the mini map as yellow dots. Most were guarded by nagas. We had killed maybe two or three nagas when the warrior suffered a disconnect. Great now I am all alone. Well, nothing new there.

I waited for a few minutes to see if he was going to come back but he never did. So I went on with the quests by my self. I managed through careful swimming and poisons to kill the guards on certain nodes to get the gems I needed. I got most of them off of two nodes that kept respawning within two or three minutes after harvesting. This quickened up the gathering quite a bit since I only had to kill the one naga after 4 harvests then harvest 4 more before I was done. I had a setback when I aggro’d a level 40 sorc and she pwnd me all over the place. I wasn’t too upset, except for the fact I had used up my last underwater breathing potion before I died. Luckily I only had one more sorc kill for that quest. I scouted out a level 39 and beat it to hell. Its strange that the difference between the level 39’s and the 40’s is such that I can easily take out the lower while the higher makes me into jam. Huh. I DID NOT try for the other gatherer quest. It called for four documents, two out of each sunken ship. However they are guarded, in tight quarters by the same nagas that are swimming outside. I will keep this quest and come back when I’m a higher level, like 39 or something.

In all it was a very lucrative run. I managed to hit 36 while beating on nagas. I had also two other quests in the area to turn in. So for four quests, one of which was a short chain, I gained over 14000 exp pts. Very nice, level 36 and a fifth into it for a few hours work. As for the money, I mined enough ore to give me some decent mithril and gems. The gems I put up on the AH. Also some stone I don’t use anymore went on and a few green items. I can hope to make at least a good 10g over night.

After running out of Under Water Breathing potions I decided it was time to show some love to Savoy, my mage and alchemist.

I have seriously neglected her even after the free respect. So I poured a little money her way as well as some mats for potion making. At first I just wanted to make some UBPs but I soon realized she was close to being able to make Goblin Rocket Fuel. So I funded her rise in alchemy. Took something like 5g to get the required mats and skills and I got her high enough to make UBPs and GRFs. I was also able to teach her to make Elixir of greater under water breathing. One hour of swimming…nice. Too bad the mats are nuts expensive and scarce. Another time perhaps. I sent of a few UBPs to Mindkiller and a few to my wife’s main and posted a few things at the AH for Savoy and called it a night.

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