Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mindkiller: Rogue in search of glory.

I have had some time off from my hunter, on account that my wife wanted to get back in touch with her rogue. I made the best of it by hitting my rogue hard and getting him up to 29. I’m shooting now for 32 so I can learn deadly poison. At least I think it’s at 32, might be 30. I’ll have to check when I get online tonight. I kinda did some mixing and matching with my quests for him. I chose only the quests with the biggest rewards and ones that were fun. I’m not even going to touch the 2 long chain quests in Darkshire till I can solo it, if ever. They just don’t have any draw for me. I really want to start in on the Stranglethorn quests as they shot my hunter form 30 to 40 in no time and I didn’t have to grind for exp at all. I just had to do the quests and they did the job fine.

Also at 30 I will be heading back to Gadgetzan for to choose my engineering specialty. I’m going with goblin. I like having explosives to use in battle. They have saved my bacon a number of times. Though it sucks that I will have to wait a few levels till I can get artesian. I’m maxed out in engineering at 240 so nothing I make, that can, will give me levels. I have been really getting the hang of playing a rogue. I went with 2 daggers shortly after going back to him. I saw another rogue do an ambush and crit that killed his target in one hit. I wanted that so I shopped the AH for some level appropriate daggers before I settled on the flesh piercer for both hands. They have a piddly dot on them but I was going for max damage at the lowest price. Maybe I can get lucky in the Stocks by myself and find the rare and he drops his dagger. I might try it a few times and see. I have been trying for Rohh in Redridge but no luck I haven’t spotted him yet. I may need to farm with my hunter for some decent blades. Though that will have to wait for my wife to get away from her rogue.

I have been making some steady money on my rogue with crafted shot and mechanical squirrels. I had a little price war with another engineer in IF. I had fun making up ads for the trade channel. He would say something about his low price and I would tout the “quality materials” used to make my squirrels. He then offered alcohol with every purchase and I would make it known that I didn’t need to get people drunk before they would buy my wares. I ended up selling a few below what I would have normally but at least I got the sale and made a nice profit.

The one thing I’m making the most money off of right now is silver ore. People are paying 1g for 2 ores and that’s just the ones I sell. I actually sell for 50-60s less then the other people. I have a stack of silver bars I can use later if I need so I don’t need the ore any more and since I don’t get and points for smelting I might as well make some money off of it.

I have yet to take him into another instance since the last wipe at VC. I just haven’t had the time. Maybe this weekend I can get that damn quest over with so I can start Stockades and then who knows. I think I will have an easier time of getting money enough for a mount on this char. I will be a high enough level in engineering that I can make custom orders as well as doing some low level stuff for whole sale on the AH. I will do the quest item making for other rogues and a few of the other things needed in the other professions. Ammo will always be easy and I can sell the mid to high level stuff for amazing profit. I wonder if there is a market for ez throw dynamite. Hmmm I will have to check that out. It won’t be long before I can so the artesian quest in first aid and also get artesian in cooking too. That will be a fun quest.

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