Thursday, July 06, 2006

Goblin Engineering here I come.

Tonight I will reach 30. Prolly within like five minutes of playing. I had to stop last night as it was late I had to work today. I try to get at least six hours of sleep a night. I try not to infringe on that time most nights. I managed to get my mining over the magic 165 with some gold I found and now am able to smelt steel. Steel seems to be in high demand but not very many people are selling it. I only needed steel for one thing and I have yet to require it for anything since. I may take a look at the higher engineering items and see if it’s a req for something…….Looked and I don’t see me using steel again. Cool I have no problem selling it for 25s a pop.
I looked into the reqs for the goblin engineering specialty and it looks like it will be within my budget. I have more then half the materials already in my bank deposit. As soon as I hit 30 I will be ready for the long journey back o Gadetzan. I will also shortly be leaving Ashenvale for the more prosperous area of Stanglethorn Vale and the questing goodness that resides therein. I had a lot of fun in the Vale with my hunter. Killing things mindlessly works for me and with the drops of hairs that sell for almost 1 gold a stack are real nice too.

I stumbled upon a cave in Ashanvale I had no idea was there. Near the south eastern section where there are roads to the Barrens and Azhara there is a cave full of forsaken. There are also zombified night elf dreamers. I got 12 green items of them in like 10 minutes. Not super groovy stuff but enough value that it will prolly pay for the mats I need to complete the engineer quest. I also discovered the demons inhabiting the area south of the Warsong Lumber Camp. I like the idea that I can take down the Infernals all by myself with just a little damage. I wonder if killing them gave me faction with any one.

I have a little start on my Argent Dawn rep with all the assists I have been doing in Stormwind. Any time two or more npcs are beating on a flaming skeleton I jump in and get in a few licks. If I can get five combo points on the skeleton I will try for the Expose Armor to help speed it along. If it hits the battle is over quickly. I would never be able to take one on alone at this point but its fun knowing that I helped take down a creature almost twice my level. I might be getting a new weapon for my rogue. Now if I will use it at all is another question. I will have a whole level to decide. I might be creating a new character just so I can learn blacksmithing. It seems to be an easy skill to level up since I will have numerous characters to provide mats and money. I might go with a paladin/ blacksmith. I have never played a paladin so it will be a new experience. It will wait till I get some more levels on both my “main” characters. I still am neglecting my mage but I’m sure I will get back to her eventually.

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