Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mobile Dwarf Hunter Explorer Extraordinaire

I have DONE IT.

I have purchased my first mount.

Whew, now I can relax and make money for no reason other then upgrade equipment. Like this is any different from before. I started out with 58 gold on my hunter. I did a few turns through the Stockades just killing the hall guards and the unique spawns. I made like 4 gold just from that. So I was up to 62g. I then decided to see how my rogue was doing. I had placed like 20 stacks of Crafted Solid Shot on the AH for 45s each, that’s was 20-25s cheaper then the other guys stuff. It didn’t cost even 1 copper to place them on the AH so I was looking at large profit since I farmed the mats through regular questing. It turns out they are much in demand. I sold the whole lot. I made 8g 8os off of the aggregate sale. SO I decided that making bullets can be very profitable. I created and placed another 20 stacks and in 4 hours half of them had sold. I then transferred a good 5 gold to my hunter, I don’t want to impoverish my rogue, and then logged onto my hunter. I made and sold a few heavy silk bandages to bring in a few more gold. I get so much silk it’s more profitable to convert them to bandages for quick cash then placing them in the AH.

Now I have 70 gold and some copper. Time for some quick cash. I hit Stockades real quick and made 1g 50s left then sold some heavy silk bandages and got the 72 gold I needed for the mount. I chose the White Ram for the looks, brown or grey just don’t do it for me.

I took my new mount for a spin around Ironforge for a bit till it was time for bed.

I’m diggin the mount already.

I logged back on yesterday to find that 8 of the 20 ammo packs I put up came back so I will refrain from making more till those sell. I’m thinking I might have a better chance of selling them on the weekends. I’ll try that out Friday and see how that goes. I transferred some more cash to my hunter just cuz I can and he needed it bad.

I went and logged onto my mage and re-spent all her talent points. I’m going with ice/arcane spec for easier leveling. I’ll hit fire if I think it's needed, but prolly not. I really need to level her and her alchemy. Soon I will be able to mine thorium and I will want to hit up the arcanite transmute for some really decent cash. I already have one recipe for transmutation that I can’t even use yet. Maybe this weekend I will focus on her. I need to get her some decent armor first though.

My hunter; Last night I broke the 230 mining barrier. What does that mean? Truesilver. Yeah baby gonna be hitting up some trusilver till 250 then I hit the thorium. It will be difficult but I am gonna try to get into those high level areas just for some quick mining if I die oh well. It will be worth the profits I will make from the ores and gemstones and stone pieces. I have also made it to level 41, mostly by mistake. I was grinding for cash; however, I also had rested exp so I got my mount like an hour before I leveled. I did reach my goal of a mount AT 40 so I’m happy. With the increased mobility I will be able to make money faster, and can spread the wealth to the others. I still need to get the next level skills for Coat. I looked them up and I will be traveling to Dustwallow Marsh for Claw5 after I get Bite5 here in Arathi Highlands. Then I will go to Swamp of Sorrows to get Bite6 and Claw6. I could go straight to the swamp but I’m not sure yet if Coat has enough training points for the higher skills yet. Any how I need to go to the western continent for a few quests so it won’t be a waste of time. It’s past time for me to do the artesian first aid quest in Theramore. I had to save up some silk and mage weave for it. After I do all this I’m thinking about hitting the Scarlet Monastery. I here it might be fun and with the upgraded attacks for Coat and some mageweave bandages I might have a good time there. I’ also thinking about changing my melee weapons to maces seeing as they seem to be cheaper and hit harder than the swords. Plus I can find maces that are actually close to or even with my level. So I’m in for some long journeys and training.


That’s what makes this game so fun to play. So many things to do and chose from.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Level 40 and time fer some money makin.

Well it has been awhile since my last post. So this will be a big one.

I decided to stick around in Stranglethorn Vale for awhile. There were a lot of quests to be had here. I went north to Nesingwary’s camp and hit all the quests there, yes even the annoying “pages” quest. Though that wasn’t that annoying to me. If you know what your gonna be picking up it just becomes a storage issue and I got plenty of storage on my hunter. So I went through the mastery quests and owned everything pretty easily, I only needed to group for the panther and raptor elites. I had taken out the tiger elite several times before I even got that far in the quest chain. In my travels I found that there are quests in the rebel camp so I hit those up too and killed a few kurzens for the caurse. I managed to spot both giants in the area, though I did not approach for fear of being smooshed. Since damn near everything here is skinnable I have managed to push my skinning to 285…very nice. I’m gonnna be ready when I hit those higher mobs for the rugged leather and such hehe.

I grabbed a few quests from Booty Bay. One had to do with a mission to Aralthi Highlands, I can’t remember which. So I went up there and found a crystal, a talking crystal. It wanted me to help it get free. I needed to get some fragments from some local rock circles. I did this and then I had to fight a Giant for a rod. Well I wasn’t prepared for that so I put it off for a few levels. Last night I found a group going after Fozruk so I tagged along. It was my 40hunter w/coat another 38hunter w/cat and a 43warrior. We tried to get 2 more people to help us but no one answered. After following the giant for 15 minutes I suggested we try it on our own. Hell I could have taken out 2 of the 3 bodyguard he had by myself before I died. Since we had, in effect, 5 bodies there anyways I figured we had a better than average shot at killing him ourselves.

So we waited till he was in a clear spot free from spiders and raptors. I set a trap before our warrior charged. I marked the mage kobold while the other hunter went for another. The warrior tanked the giant. I took out my target then began on the remaining kobold. The other hunter finished of his then began attacking the giant. I finished the kobold then siced coat on the giant and we proceeded to tear him apart. We owned him in every sense of the word. He was not a very impressive 42~ Elite. The battle took all of 2 ½ minutes. Our group the went to where we need to turn in the quest and what happens. We spawn another Giant. This guy comes alone. We kilt him fast too. We each spawn this giant and take him down fast. I wonder if you could spawn more than one at a time…maybe I will try that next time I do this quest. All totaled we took down 4 level 42~ elites in like 5 minutes. I think it was damn impressive and I’m still giddy from it. We took a griffon to IF for the next quest in the chain. I was delayed with some RL stuff so I got there late. They had gone off to the next chain which it to go to the badlands in search of some dude who is supposed to help the crystal/thing we freed. I will be exploring the badlands next it seems.

Oh by the way I have made it to level 40. Most of it was done in Stranglethorn Vale. Nice place for 31+. Got some good vender trash and a lot of skinning to be had. I still need like 15 gold to get my mount I had miscalculated how much I was going to need. I spent the 18 gold to learn how to ride just to get it out of the way. Now I need to bear down and gear up for some serious money making. I will prolly need a few more gold just so I can shop for some mail. Now that I can wear it perhaps I will be better suited to survival. I also had to spend a few gold on skills so I was frugal and only learned and upgraded the skills I use and will use a lot. I didn’t buy any thing for coat though soon I will be heading out to retrieve his next level skills. Thos of which I will need to look up soon for the locations and mobs.

I also splurged for a new rifle for my hunter. I could not pass up a sniper rifle that added 10+ point of damage overall and was a slower speed for ammo conservation. I also used the thick leathers I have been getting to upgrade his armor abit and soon I will be able to make a Thick Ammo Pouch = 16 slots and 13% increased ranged attack speed.

So I have a bit of a grind ahead. Maybe I can hit Uldaman or the Stockades a few time to farm for items to sell on the AH. I may see if I can get in a group heading to a dungeon with humanoids just for the money. Maybe I can solo DM for some cash. We will see. I want a mount before I leave level 40.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Traveling the world in search of...

I finally got my full dsl back I'm now running at the optimum speed so now more disconnects from lack of signal, at least not at my end. I have been running around in all my chars the last week trying to level certain professions. So here it is.

I played a bit on my main hunter got him to 36 last night. WOOT! I have been sending mats to my other chars for the leveling of profession. Ore and stone to Mindkiller and all my leather to Manbeast. I have managed to level Mindkiller’s engineering to 210 so now he can make mithril slugs for my hunter. Just this morning Mindkiller made a Mithril Blunderbuss that I sent over to Jolygreen. He will be able to use it right away, but I still have to wait a level till he can use the slugs. Oh well.

I picked up a bunch of quests for Stanglethorn Vale and Rachet that I will be working on later. If I can survive long in the vale that is. I might just drop the vale quests and go back to Thousand Needles for a bit. The flats south of there are real good for leather and exp. I have broken the 50 gold barrier and am marching toward 100 gold…..slowly. I will get there; I want a mount at 40. None of this “Wait a few more levels.”, crap. I can always focus on mining some mats for bronze or hit up the mithril in Needles and Desolace. I will need the mithril anyway for the ammo. I will soon max out my leather worker again. So I will prolly have to level him to 35 or something to be able to pick up a specialty leather trade. I really need to work on my mage and get here alchemy up to the level I will need to make some arcanite. I have neglected her for a long time. Prolly after I have a mount on my hunter I will send her some gold just for a respec to help in grinding. I will be able to afford it after since I will be able to move around faster then.

I have been able to see a great deal more of the world just recently. I have dipped into Feralas. I have pwnd the wildlife in Shimmering Flats. I have hunted elementals in 1000 Needles. I have even dipped deep into the Stranglethorn Vale, though I died there because I couldn’t get a crit on a damn raptor. I’m real close to going back to Desolace for some serious asskicking on the locals. Though I will most likely go back to the Flats and grind there since they are skinnable and they give good vender trash. Specially the bug things that are there. The dried husks I got of them (3) netted me a nice chunk of change and I don’t particularly like them very much. So killing a lot of them AND making money will be a good time killer as well as a good exp boost so I can get to the all important level 37. Hello mithril slugs.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Little bit at a time.

I managed to down Morbent Fel on my next try. I got lucky and picked up a group just outside. They seemed to want to camp him for a bit and allowed me to group for the quest.

I can’t remember much between now and that quest as I wasn’t on very much till last night. With packing, moving, and unpacking I had few decent log on times. I was able to start leveling up my hunter’s cooking level. I’m just a few points away from being able to cook Big Bear Steaks which will get me to Lean venison and beyond. I finally figured out that it would be a better time investment for me, as well as money wise, to cook food for me and Coat. My wife was a pal and sent me some big bear and stag meat for the recipes as well as the recipes for them. Now all I have to do is level to the 110 mark for the big cooking to begin. I have moved my hunter into wetlands for some questing. Seems to me it will be a good way to run up to 35-36 maybe till I can handle Deslace. I really want to start in on some mithril. But that will have to wait. I’m gonna try for another Stockades tonight. Maybe I can get a hold of another blue since that last one netted me 15 gold easy. I was at 46 gold for almost a day till I decided to fund my gnome rogue’s change in profession. I changed him to engineering for the ability to make ammo. I think it was worth it since I still have a ways to go till 40 and now I only need 90 gold for the mount and training. I still haven’t decided on trying for rank 3 pvp before 40 for the added 10% discount. If I run a few bgs for a week or 2 I might be able to get there fast but who knows?

So I dropped herbalism with my rogue. It was an easy decision. I wasn’t very effective trying to use one or the other item finds. So now I have something to do with all that ore I will be mining. It cost a bit to start up but it has already turned a profit to me. I was able to sell something like 20 bronze tubes individually on the AH for 35s a piece, the cheapest was 50 but seeing as I have a rogue I felt for the other rogues going through the poison quest. They all sold. Made like 7 gold on top of the fact that I only bought a few stones and fluxes to get here I made a nice chunk for a start. I might not do much more the level the skill for anything but my hunter though it might come in handy later on for new characters and such.