Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Let the good times roll.

I ended up not going to the barrens or Durutor on account of my wife usurping my account the last few days. She finally allowed ME to play MY account last night. So I dusted off my hunter and was perusing the AH and I found the recipe I have been looking for. NICE. Got it cheap and sent it off to my mage for use. I then realized I needed to get some money together for some new skills. I also needed to level up my mining. So I traveled back to Duskwood and did some grinding on ogres for silk while watching for iron deposits. I got a mess of silk and was able to level my mining to 165. 10 more points and hello Mithril. Yeah. I hate that smelting goes grey so soon . Now he only thing that will give me points is mining gold and iron and smelting gold. I have yet to see a gold deposit. But I will prolly just hang out in Duskwood for the 10 more points while getting good exp and drops. I came away with full bags of decent loot and actually got 2 trusilver bars from chests there. Very cool. The made me some nice cash in the AH.

Speaking of the AH; I posted about 14g in auctions last night before bed and I am hoping they pan out when I get outta work. I checked this morning a few had already sold and some silver I had posted came back, I had put it on a short auction by mistake. So I have to repost that. I’m sure it will sell eventually. So I will be sitting pretty in the cash area till I go and buy the rest of my skills I couldn’t pick up the last time I was in Stormwind. Just mostly stuff for my pet and a few upgrades for me.

Had a blast farming the ogres for exp and silk. I can take them down in threes if I need to. Though in fact I did have a scary moment when facing the named ogre there. I went after him thinking he might drop some decent stuff, repeatedly, but he didn’t blow up my skirt whit his drops. Anyhow I was fighting him with my pet tanking when 2 ogres rezzed near the fight and aggro’d so now a 2 on 1 is a 2 on 3 and we weren’t fresh. I left Coat to tackle the named one, I think his name is Zakk thul or something, while I took on the 2 adds. I had just run out of ammo….oops. Yeah I know a hunter without ammo is dead well that’s what I though too. So there I was….dramatic eh?......getting pounded on by ogres. Luckily one was a mage type so I wasn’t getting mauled. I took them out with about half life left and turned to help out Coat. Just then the ogre gets a crit and nocks down Coat. So now I have no tank and he has more the half of his life left, well at least his wasn’t an elite or I would be worm food. We go toe to toe for awhile exchanging blows till we are both ready to die. I’m down to like 11hps and he isn’t’ much better off but I know he will get the next attack so I prepare for death and the long run back.

He attacks….. I dodge.
I attack…critical hit for 112.
Zakk dies….woot.
I eat rice cake and take a break.

I headed back to Darkshire after that to rearm repair and sell some trash. I was there long enough to make 1g in money drops alone plus what I got for all the trash I made like 3g on that run Piddly I know compared with later areas but it was a big deal to me. I sent of some items for disenchant and use to my other characters though my warrior won’t be able to use what he got for awhile but it will be nice even when he can. He has an almost complete set of armor for when he reaches level 20 and will probably be twinked out every step of the way from my hunter and I’m ok with that.

I also decided to start upping first aid so I farmed Westfall for linen since I have loads of wool and silk. They might come in handy later so might as well get it up to a useable level since no w I can farm linen, wool and silk easily. I also ducked into Desloace to get a feel for it and I’m thinking I will wait a few levels before venturing in there alone. I handled it ok but I think t would be easier at level 33-34 so I shall grind and try for a DM/VC and maybe Stockades till I’m ready.

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