Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Money Making Meglomaniac Mindkiller.

Had a busy weekend. I fished my way up to two twenty-five this weekend and managed to complete the artesian fishing quest in about an hour and a half. Most of which was travel time. I had an escort to Feralas just in case of trouble. I remembered this being so much rougher last time I was here. I got the fishes I needed relatively fast. The longest attempt was the fish from the Desolace shore; it took almost thirty casts before the needed fish dropped. Too bad I couldn’t gain levels during this quest. I would have easily advanced to two thirty just from this quest. I have amassed a whopping one hundred thirty deviate fishes in my attempt to make big cash. I won’t stop until I have filled by back pack with sixteen stacks of the fishes. Cooking will take forever but hey I got time and thanks to some good drops and lucky spawns I have over fifty gold now to play with. This even after an AH raid to upgrade my equipment. I plan to place stacks of twenty on the AH for four gold and fifty silver per. The lowest price I have seen is been consistently five gold per stack of twenty. I managed to sell what ever I put up for the lowered price pretty quickly. I have also made back all the money I spent on the recipe and have turned a profit. Every time I place another stack I’m getting almost one hundred percent profit. All I’m spending is time and four and a half silver on the spices per stack. That will mean a little over one gold to cook and post all those stacks. Damn fine turn for cash there.

I am now halfway through level forty-four. I went back to STV and picked up a few quests that I had left for later. I knocked out the zanzil quest with some difficulty and also hit the money lender’s quest chain. Through these quests and a little grinding on some gorillas I got to forty-four.

Along the way to my fishing spots for the quest I picked up four quests in Swamp of Sorrows. They didn’t take too long and gave decent exp. So now I’m at the half way point to forty-five and once I get there I can train up my lock picking so I won’t have to turn away people with lockboxes over my skill level. Soon I can make even more money with picking. I need to get back down to Gadgetzan area and pick some more pirate pockets for some sturdy junk boxes. I wisely stocked piled a few (six) for the level up to forty four to train up my skill quickly. I will need a few more for when I reach forty-five. All this will be after I have achieved greatness in the providing of Savory Deviate Delights to the masses and reaped the great piles of dough they will bestow upon me. MWUAHAHAHAHA!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Game progression 0, Money progression 0. Level 43 though.

I made it to level forty-three on Mindkiller last night. I took awhile as I was more interested in making money then leveling. I have a few decent ways to make money now.

Ore seems to do well and has increased in prices over the last few weeks. Iron bars are ridiculously priced while mithril bars and ore seem to have a steady price range. Iron keeps bouncing from a single gold per stack of twenty to as much as four and a half gold for the same. So I have been busily seeking out any and all iron and mithril nodes. I sold a few of the mithril stacks I had been stock piling. I wasn’t using enough of them to keep so many in the bank. I made some decent gold off of them as well as the solid stones there too. I have made several attempts to farm a particular recipe in the Barrens for some time. Last night I had had enough and since I accumulated enough gold I just bought the recipe out right. For a whopping twenty-five gold the recipe for Savory Deviate Delight is now part of my cooking skills. I will be attempting to make back all that gold over the weekend. If I can fish enough of the deviates I can flood the market with low cost fish for a buying frenzy. I’ve already made three gold toward recouping the loss. I also got my fishing up to one hundred ten so I can use the Big Iron fishing Pole I farmed for awhile back. Makes a good weapon too. I might take a break from fishing after I reach one twenty-five and read the book to gain expert fishing and dip into the Wailing caverns for some greens and blues.

Last night I came across two rare spawns. A rare Yeti in Alterac Mountains and an elite hydra in the lake outside the wailing caverns. Both dropped a green item. The hydra dropped a two-handed sword that deals frost damage. I need to see of my hunter can use it and if it will be useful otherwise it is AH bound. I put up some goblin rocket fuel recipes on the AH they didn’t sell the first time but after a ten percent reduction in buy out they took off fast. I need to do a blue pearl run now that I have the deepdive helmet it will be a snap and I can prolly take out the elite guarding some of the spawns too.

I have been hitting SM a lot and now that I can hold my own there I kinda like it. I haven’t been going so often that its getting old and I try to find runs going to the different wings so it’s not always the same run. I would like to hit the grave yard again though but there never seems to be any one going there. It’s always the cathedral or the armory or the library. Hell it wouldn’t take too long to do the yard if there is a decent group running.

I took an idea form my wife recently. I started to advertise my lock picking skills for use by other players. Two more levels and I will be able to open any type of box in the game. In just a few minutes I can earn over five gold and people will come to me for service. I don’t expect tips but I do appreciate them. Especially when the tipper tips out one to two gold for a single box. I will never make as much as she will at this part since she does it naked (female night elf). I with my stunted gnome body don’t get that kind of love.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Spending money to make money.

I took Mindkiller on a trip to a recipe vender last night and luck was with me as there were 4 high skill level recipes. I grabbed those and stuck around for a respawn. I got one more recipe before logging off for dinner. I came back a few hours later and there was a full respawn so I picked up three more recipes. With very little work I will make over 25g while only spending 4g, damn I’m good. I didn’t have anything pressing to do so I just posted a few of the recipes.

I got lucky when someone in my guild decided to do an SM run. I went with and found I was the only character over thirty-eight. I ended up tanking most of the time with my rogue. Too bad the hunters kept pulling before I had sapped anyone. They made it so our healers had to work way too hard to keep us alive. For some reason our leaders bear kept dying. I mean a lot. I don’t remember coat dying as much when he was thirty-eight or thirty-nine. Huh. I like to use my bear for tanking a lot so him surviving is important. Guess I’m a minority where it comes to pet management. I can manage Coats aggro just fine with using the buttons correctly. We only were able to do the armory. I had to get to bed. I will try again for a group there or RFD maybe. My wife says there is a decent blade there for rogues. Anyway I will have a lot more time tonight for playing as the laundry is all done and I have no plans for the evening, except to make dinner for me and the kids.

Before I logged I checked and saw that someone had already bid on one of the recipes. I was smart this time and marked it up five hundred times its worth. I also put a few of the recipes in the bank for later when these all sell. I think it was a really good time investment since I wasn’t playing then anyway. Might as well stay there and be in a position to farm again before getting back to the game.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Longtime play, notime blog

I have achieved the magic 40th level I’m now mounted on a cheesy mechanical bird. I chose blue as it was the one color I hadn’t seen much of and it was the least gay of the choices. So with mind killer at 40 I went out to……..start another alt. Yeah I know pathetic. However since I can’t plat my dwarf hunter as often as I want I made another one. Thos guy is on my “wife’s” account.

I made a Dwarf Hunter with mining and blacksmithing. His name is Longarm. I can’t believe no one had this yet. My next choice would have been Bigiron. I chose blacksmithing cuz it was the only trade between the two of us not covered and I will be able to make spurs and most importantly eventually I can make some kick ass weapons. I made this char for the sole purpose of running with my wife’s alt and her friend’s alt. Only problem is I can level a hunter in half the time of the other classes. I know hunters pretty damn good I know what they are capable of taking down and how high a level gap I can use. Factor in that I prefer bears above all other pets, I have a tank on call 24/7. I had to power level a bit to catch up with them. I got from one to ten in under 3 hours of constant play. I got to fourteen without even noticing it. I had to lay off it till the can catch up to me! I have had a lot of success so far with this hunter, easy to say since I can make stuff for him to use on Mindkiller. I’m gonna try a different approach to the talent points with him. I’m gonna lay off the pet upgrades and key him for battle. Perhaps I will delve into the survival tree. I have spent a little time on Longarm just mining. My wife is jealous of the huge amount of ore I always seem to have. She keeps asking me to write down a how to for AH use and maybe I will someday. I killed the first two blacksmithing quests in about an hour of mining and a little cash at the AH. I also cleared the quests up into Loch Modan. I’m thinking I won’t stick around in the dwarven area for the next few levels. I’m gonna head to Westfall and start on the Defias quest lines there.

I logged onto Mindkiller to try out my new ride and see if I could clear a few quests that have been sitting in my log for awhile. I went north to Arathi to get a look at the Ogre Mage that holds a tiara I need for a quest. He was a level thirty-nine mage. Did I mention he was elite? Turns out elite mages are just as squishy as the normal ones. I took him down with our trouble. I think it helped that some one had come through and killed off a whole lot of ogres in the area so I didn’t have to contend with adds at all. Just me and the mage and I kicked his ass. Quest done.

With my new found asskickishness I decided to try for the Trelanes quest completion. I had to kill elite ogre shamans in Stormgarde till one dropped an azure agate. I rode on down to the keep and stealth into the area with the ogres. They were so jammed together it took me a few minutes to find a lone shaman. I found two that were far enough away from the patrols that I could kill them with out aggroing the heavy hitters. I killed one, two, three, and on the forth kill the agate drops. Yippee. I go on to get the next quest in the chain and head back to the tower in the ogre area. I stealth in (have I said how much I love stealth) and go after the chests. Now I have read up on this quest and I know it’s possible to do it with out ever fighting an ogre so I try it out myself.

I went to place the agate on the pedestal but the ogres were too close so I skipped that part. I had read that the best way, at least for some one who can’t stealth is to go for the second and third chest first and go out the top and come back for the first. Well I decided to go kinda that route. I went in after the second box first. I had no idea what was going to happen. I knew mobs would spawn but I didn’t know where and how many or how fast they would find me. Well the spawns are three to four mobs that spawn outside aggro range and they are real……real….slow getting to you. If I timed it right I could unstealth, wait, and then open the box with auto loot. This gives the stealth cool down enough time to reset. On the second and third boxes I was able to stealth and hug-a-wall-walk out of the area. The ogres would just sit there and stare at the now empty box. I should have gotten a picture of that. I repeated this on the third box with no problem. Though as I started down the stairs I misstep and fell down three storeys. Far enough that it knocked me out of stealth….right in front of an ogre. I could have taken him down but an add came from behind and beat me down. After a corpse run I rezed near the first box and stealthed till I was back at full health. I had to time the loot just right as there were three patrols nearby. I saw my chance and took it. Stealthing got me out of there with out a scratch. Quest done.

Since I was having so much luck that night I decided to hit badlands and kill the named trogg there in the south. I also had to kill twelve of his buddies. It turned out to be easier then I could have dreamed. I completed that quest with a little bit of careful pulling and ambushes. I killed the main trogg half way through killing his friends when he aggrod me. I didn’t realize it was him till I noticed his level. He still went down like a bitch. A quick run to turn in those quests and I decided to try for the Deviate cooking recipe again.

I traveled to the Barrens and spent two hours killing anything that moved. No drop at all, not even a tease. I went back there this morning to try some more and I think I will stay there till I get it. I will not pay thirty gold for a dropped recipe that’s supposed to be an uncommon that drops frequently. GRRR. On a lighter side I made five gold off of a thirty-six silver recipe I spent two hours vender farming. I’m thinking about heading back there to do it again I can make ten to fifteen gold off of three recipes. So I might be headed back there since I’m in the neighborhood anyway.