Monday, May 22, 2006

A very blah weekend.

I DID NOT get to play my hunter at all this weekend. Due to the fact that my wife totally monopolized my account so she could run Black fathom depths with her guild. That’s getting real annoying too. Seems it’s ok for her to spend 4 hours running an instance but as soon as I try to due any time lengthy process I get the riot act read to me. So I played my rogue all weekend.

I decide to level my rogue up so I could get the poison quest. I took me all of 1 hour to get to 20. All I did was grind on Defias in Westfall. I got a mess of line cloth, made some real good money in the AH with these too. So I go and start the quest woohoo.

When my wife found out that I was doing this quest she wanted to come along……she's a level 27 rogue….and she doesn’t have poisons….meh.

I agree to wait for her to show up but first she wants to try for a Defias mask. I tell her it drops from all the Defias mobs in the area….we killed like 40 of them between us and not one mask. So she decides to go to Stormwind to upgrade her tailoring and leaves me to wait for her in Westfall. I got mad and said something stupid which pissed her off. She then threatened to not help ME complete the quest….like I needed any help. The quest is for level 20s and is supposed to be able to be completed by same. Sure the elite guarding the chest will give you some trouble but hey one death is worth poisons IMHO. So I leave our party and go solo, which is my normal mode anyway.

I travel to the tower and meet up with the rogue there to start the next chain and proceed to the tower. I managed to pick the Malformed Defias’s pocket on the first try WOOHOO, and then I run away. Made it out alive. I then went back and stealthed into the tower to find…..everyone is dead….? I run up the stairs dreading coming across a bad mofo that will eat me and get to the top to find… a level 26+ pally wailing on the elite guy there. So I help out….a little then go get my chest and get poisoned. Crap. I knew about this and had a plan for it. I had some anti-venom in the bank to use when I got back. I had forgotten to bring it with. So I go to leave after thanking the pally for clearing the tower, inadvertently, for me when he thanks me for helping him by removing the poison/curse. Awesome now I don’t have to do that obnoxious cure quest.
I did it any way. Hey it’s all in town and has ok exp and faction so done and done.

So now I can make poisons. Very cool. Yet only 2 for now. So I make a few of each and go to try them out. I decided to go to Loch Modan to take out some quests there. I am shooting for exalted with Ironforge so I can get me a ram for my gnome. Just the idea looks good to me. A little gnome on this tall honkin ram. I know I have a long way to go but hey it will happen eventually. I don’t want to be on those stupid metal things for too long. I’m thinking I can use my other characters to get me the nessesary items for the rep quests but I will see how that goes later still real early to be worrying about the mount issue with this char. I picked the chain for Defense of lands and blew through that in like an hour all the way up to Grawmug or what ever his name is. I actually killed him 3 times before I even had the quest to do it. There was a fast repawning silver vein in the cave I was playing with so since I was there I killed him between spawns. I finished out most of the quests available there all except the dam quest where you have to get a mo gorosh crystal. I don’t know how I’m gonna get one of those yet. All level 18-22~ elites guarding the area not cool at all. I also sighted a unique in the area. A level 21 elite Tauren and his 2 elite lackeys. I tried to take him and died messily and quickly. I might try for him with my hunter if I’m ever able to play him again. So I built up some rep with iron forge here toward my goal. I need to find more Ironforge related quests and focus on those.
I took my rogue up to Aralhi Highland to see the First aid book seller there. I got the Expert book as well as the 2 Manuals and I can now say my rogue has a healthy supply of Silk and heavy silk bandages to use for his very own. HEE HEE. I then decided to hit up Southshore and check it out since I was in the neighborhood. Got the flight path and a few recipes for my other characters. Then on a whim I decided to shoot for Chillwind Point flight path. ICKYPOO. That area is a deathtrap for low levels. I died a few times trying for it ,and getting lost as well, but I made it and have the fight path to get back there when I’m growed up enough .

I came back to civilization for a spell for leveling and headed to Darkshore to screw around with a few quests there. I picked up the Washed ashore chain and hit the first 2. Before going after Murkdeep. As I traveled down the coast I kept coming across the other dead sea creatures so I picked them up as well. When I got to Murkdeep’s camp he wasn’t there so I continued south and picked up more sea creature remains. I got all the way to Zorham Strand before turning back and picked up another sea creature remains. All totaled I had 6 sea creature parts in my packs.
Ick smells like tuna around here.

On the way back north Murkdeep rezzed in his camp. A full camp by the way. I pulled carefully all the minions around him. It wasn’t too tough I was level 22 and I think they were at a max of 18 but I was still careful. 1 on 5 will still get me killed quick. I get to Murk and he spawns some little critters that harass me while I wail on Murk himself. He goes down with out too much trouble then I turn to the rest of the minions and wipe the whole camp. I whistle as I walk away. I turn in all the quests and make a whopping… 30 silver… total. Meh it got my rep up…a little. Now I need to focus on leveling and making some money.

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