Friday, April 27, 2007

Ravenkiller slogging along and something else.......

It has been slow going for Ravenkiller. The lack of a partner has slowed me considerably. The wife rolled a paladin on Velen but has little time to play. Some of that is my fault some not. I did of course help in causing us to have 3 kids now. For some reason they flock to her for every day stuff like food and drink or snacks and attention. She blames me for them coming to her….is it my fault she is home all day? No it is not. Is it my fault they go to her out of habit, having done this all day while I was NOT there? No.

I have however neglected to say a few things to her over the last few weeks. So in good blogshere tradition (is it even right to call it that yet?) I will bear all right here right now. Er or when ever I can post this after some heavy editing.

Dearest Snowstormer/Suprhero,

I do appreciate every thing you do. This includes all the little things like giving me 2 handsome sons and a beautiful daughter that will keep me up nights when she hits puberty and there after. I thank you for the support you give me when I have had a bad or trying day at work. I thank you for making sure I have clean cloths to wear for that job. I thank you for feeding me at my desk when I just don’t want to leave the group (rare but it happens). I thank you for bringing me luch to work when I just don’t wanna leave or forget to bring anything. I thank you for all the wacky meal ideas that seemed to work. I thank you for being able to make a cake with out messing it up (Like a friend of yours that can’t bake her way out of a paper bag). I thank you for toiling over the sink trying to make all the dishes go away and be clean. I thank you for understanding my frustration at not being able to help you that first week back form the hospital after hurting my stupid self. I am still very irritated that you wouldn’t let some one else take me to the hospital. But I do understand why. I thank you for trying to bring order to our chaotic house. It did really go down hill the weeks leading up to the surgery. My fault I got lazy. I promise to do better. Perhaps I have been depressed, or just under a bit of stress I hadn’t noticed. Perhaps the slow time at work gave me too much time to sit and do nothing. Maybe now that it will pick up will help me stay motivated when I get home and be able to help more.

I’m sorry you had to give me a day of the silent treatment to get your point across. However I point out that I am a man and subtle hints won’t work…it’s a racial trait. In fact un-subtle hints have a good chance of failure too…go figure.

I do appreciate all you have done in spite of your still recovering body. I do appreciate the work you have put into making our house presentable. I do appreciate that our children are happy and healthy (disgustingly healthy can’t we skip a few meals so they aren’t so…bouncy?).


I do appreciate you.
I do love you.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Belfs Ravendawn and Mindkiller: MIA. Meet Ravenkiller.

For starters I have been neglecting Gnome Mindkiller in favor of my Belf Mindkiller and my Belf Mage Ravendawn. This is mainly because of the time it would take for instance runs or to complete quests on Gnome Mindkiller. (Form here on Gnome Mindkiller =GMind and Belf Mindkiller = BMind. Both are Rogues.) I could log onto BMind and knock out 5-6 quests in 1 hour, I liked that also I was playing a different way BMind was to be all combat. I then started Ravendawn a Belf Mage.

I soon grew to love this one more and played him exclusively in my limited WoW time with only a few dives back to GMind. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure I will get back to GMind soon. It is just there is a long uphill end game until I can play with friends again. With all the attunements and rep grinds I just am not ready for that play style. I like the starting areas for the Belfs, not as much as I like the Draeni. I think they got the sweet end of the deal there. Hell the quest to learn Furbolg is the most entertaining chain I have seen yet. I managed to get BMind and Ravendawn up to level 25 and 24 respectively before I hit the big wall of PVP servers. Yeah these guys are on Burning Legion. Gankfest begins at 20-21. I will refer you to my rant earlier in the program.

The GM and all the cronies (cuz that’s how Gitr rolls) got together on the forums and brain stormed a move. Gitr, Me and Snow (My wife and yeah she plays) decided to scope out Kargath since it was Gitr’s home server. He would be able to support us with some higher farming of mats and gold. Well Kargath is at full population according to Blizzard. While there have not been any Queing issues since they raised the active population caps on all realms, they do experience lag spikes and disconnects every so often. So after I leveled a Draeni Mage to 10, Gitr decides Kargath isn’t gonna work…..great so I reluctantly say good by to what was shaping up to being my fastest run to 20. Meh.

So after much soul searching and debate, my other home from home, Buttered Monkeys, will be moving to Velen Server to start fresh and new. It is a young server with a very small population, as such the AH is ripe for exploitation by a savvy businessman such as my self. I plan to use all the nice little tricks I learned from mature servers to slowly build market share. We will be able to play both factions, which will be a neat change. I was never much into horde but I like the Belfs for some reason. Prolly their starting area that does it for me. I made a mage once again since I really want to get me a high level one of these. I like the challenge of staying alive while dealing tons of damage. Having to manage Mana and health helps me pace battles better. Also having a lot of crowd control s fun. I had just got to the point on Ravendawn that I could AOE grind somewhat. Wanta get there soon.

The new Character:

Blood Elf Mage
Level 8
No proffs yet as I need to explore the avenues for profit on this server.

Since all Buttered Monkeys will be starting from scratch it will take some time before we have enough cash to start the Guild. I may just grab to gathering proffs for some 100% profit deal. I’ll prolly end up making a Draeni here as well if only to se how the AH is on the other side. Cross faction trade scheme here I come. That’s all for now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Death has come once again.

This post breaks from the norm for me. It is in refrence to the killings at VA Tech this week.I saw a post at my favorite place. Gitr has joined with a few others in a blogsphere vigil by not having any posts on the 30th of this month. I think its is admirable of them. I however, don't see the point. Maybe that makes me a insensitive prick, so be it. Having nation wide moments of silence only helps keep this a cultural phenomenon. A bad one yes, but still a phenomenon. (prolly spelt that wrong. Oh well, it's broke.)

I write this not to lessen the pain of all the death an injury that has happened this week. I do not write this to lessen the impact of these deaths or cheapen the loss. This all poured forth from my mind when I saw the call for silence in the blogsphere. I do this for my piece of mind.

Students died because one of their own decided it was time. This sucks some serious donkey balls. I know for the next 5 years we will hear about this incident over and over again as if we can find a good reason why it happened and stop it from happening again. Not gonna happen. More likely we will hear about it sooner when this happens again. This “growing trend” of kids killing kids is not going to stop. It will cycle up to epic proportions. Why? Because we let it as a society. We allow media to hype up these incidents to such grandiose heights that more and more kids/teenagers/ college students are looking to this as a way to express themselves.

Killing your fellow students is the new way to voice your rage/ sadness at being outcast or alone or maybe that guy just stepped on your damn foot. Big fucking deal, grow up a little maybe you can then do the honorable thing an blow your own brains out and save us all a lot of bulllshit. This is the crap that made me give up TV. Too much focus on the deaths of others. Oh how I long for a time where we don’t give a damn if some kids had a troubled youth. So did the rest of us. People not like you? Find those that do and hang out. Otherwise take yourself out of the gene pool and do us parents a favor.

The publicity surrounding shootings at schools send as bad a message as the killings themselves. Those kids seeing this splashed all over the media look at this and see how much of an audience they could have. It’s all about attention. Yeah they have pain and hurt. So damn what. Go punch a wall, break a few fingers. Might make you think a little about the pain you might cause others with some random or even worse, planned, act of violence. Unless these kids had a specific beef against their targets it all comes down to them saying “Hey look what I can do”. Kids looking for attention copying what they see that gets the most attention. I am not blaming this on the TV. TV is not alone it this here perpetuation of death. Internet, text magazines, radio, books, what ever the medium of transferring information. It all contributes to this behavior where thoughts and acts of violence lead to getting your picture plastered all over the place. The 15 minute fame crap has ballooned into lifetime fame, but only if you kill more then the last guy/guys.

People die every day yet we don’t see every one of those names or stories flashed in front of our eyes. We don’t see the outrage and pain their loved ones go through. No connections to other incidents are made or inferred. Once students at some school go down it's all over. No new news until this crisis has passed. Guess what. It won’t pass, ever. This shit will keep happening as long as there is a market for it. I wonder if there will be a market for “Remember VA Tech “shirts. Prolly coming soon. They will be sold by shirts emblazed with “Remember Columbine” or “Columbine: Redux” crap.

We have troops overseas dieing, and yet unless it is some amount over 5 in one sitting we don’t hear about it till they give us the numbers for the week. This is crap. Even if you don’t believe we should be fighting anywhere but our own back yard (I hear those Canadians are shady) those guys deserve as much of our sympathy and pain at their loss. Yeah they chose the danger whilst the students were reasonable sure they were safe. Why were they sure? It has happened before and will happen again. (Real iffy prediction I know but I play it safe with the negative.) Perhaps we wait for it to happen so we can look at it and thank our respective deity figure that it was not us or our loved ones. It hasn’t happened to every one yet. Prolly never will but it will come close to it before it gets fixed. Fixing it will be the hard part. I have a few ideas but since the perps are dead it won’t be very effective. Something involving hot pokers and…..never mind.

What I’m saying is that maybe its time to give all the kids guns so they can defend themselves when one of their class mates goes bonkers and pulls a nine. Standard issue firearms for all students. Make them pick um up at the gates. Have the schools surrounded by bullet proof walls and ceilings so when the shooting starts they won’t take out grandma walking by. Yeah we will lose a lot of kids but after awhile we will weed out the negative tendencies. We might come out with a few super soldiers and crack shot cops. Maybe the thought of going to school and having a lunchtime shoot out will change the attitudes of those not quite willing to die just yet. Perhaps then they actually go to school for the purpose it was intended: Learning and social interaction. Then again it might make it possible for students to take out that next jack ass with some issues before he takes to many with him to the grave. Might be a good deterrent to idiotic behavior.

For those that actually read that entire last paragraph without hitting the little X. I am not serious about giving kids guns…..maybe Kevlar vests. Yeah the vest would be better. Toughen them up a bit cuz ther heavy and stoof. Hell full body armor even.

I think it is shitty that kids had to die and yes there are issues that need to be addressed here like how did people not get to leaving after the first shooting. Not sure about yall but I would call it a day if some one shot up a campus dorm. Information like that would have been disseminated faster then the first shot echo died. Time to check out the mall in the next county.

My condolences to those most affected by this loss. I’m talking the parents of those who died. Yeah the students will be scared for life. How many of those students won’t put this out of their mind in a few years. We are a self-centered race; we deal with grief in similar ways. The ego of the young won’t let them dwell too long on these deaths. Course with the hype that will continue they will milk it as long as they can. That’s what we do. We take the pain we suffer and try to turn it into an advantage. “Woe is me I saw a friend die so I can’t have given my all to that test paper.” Though how many of those friends of those killed would really keep in touch after they had gone their separate ways after graduation.

Shitty deal. Kids died. The perps died. No punishment possible. Empty feeling.
Now we get to sit back and wait for one of those who were affected by this incident to snap and start another cycle.

Monday, April 16, 2007

PVP Rant of DOOM

I had a quick discussion with my GM of Buttered Monkeys on Burning Legion. We spoke of the frustrations I and my wife were having trying to level on a PVP server. We spoke of the possibility of transfers or re-rolling our chars on a PVE server. 25 bucks per would be a definite hindrance to transfers. New baby, new car too damn many bills. If WE did do a transfer it would prolly only be one char per and the other would get axed and all the proceeds given to the xfer'd. I would easily be in my 30s if I didn’t have to stop and let the gankers get bored before questing once again. I just don’t have the patients to be killed by chars that are so much higher then me that there really is no point in fighting back. It not like they get credit for the killings. No honor = No honor kills. So it comes down to how much you want to harass the opposite faction. I would love the PVP if it was limited to +/- 5 levels, any more then that and it becomes one-sided unless you catch some one at 25% life. It then would only work if they were not too much higher then that +5 levels. With all the resisting, dodging and parrying that the higher level would get it still would prolly be suicide.
Gitr suggested moving to Kalimdor as I and Snow chose to quest in Hillsbrad. I have never been a fan of Kalimdor. Too damn many brown areas, and come on Desolace is a waste of space. The only worth while zones I like on Kalimdor are Feralas and Un'Goro with the top zone being Winterspring. I don’t have any night elves. At least none I have played past 10 and prolly not even that high. I don’t get any kind of warm 'n fuzzy from the areas they have to quest in. This pretty much covers all of Kalimdor. So being forced by idiot level 60-70 alliance players that enjoy camping Tarren Mill for no reason (since they sure as hell don’t get honor for it) to have to transfer continents just sos I can level up enough to defend my self takes much of the fun out of the game.

I can expect many a derisive comments on being a care bear, but it stands to reason if I didn’t want to PVP I would not have tried it out on a PVP server. The over kill ratio I and any low levels have to deal with smacks of laziness not only from the programmers but also the players that get a kick out of one shotting level 20’s as they get off the bat in TM. Yeah I like to level in peace, I do also like the thrill of seeing a red labeled enemy approaching. However if I see a skull where their level should be I think to myself: “What are they getting out of this? A chance to tell their friends they got a 1550 arcane shot crit on a 23 mage?” That’s like me proclaiming in /gchat that I just got a 2500 ambush crit on a rat in Shattered Halls. This I actually did as a joke. Very few cared but it was a funny blurb. No new prestige was bestowed upon me for it. It was just something done off hand. This is what it seems be a re-occurring theme on PVP servers. “Get high enough so you can camp the lowest level PVP flagged area of the opposite faction so you can get back what was taken from you”. If I stick around on a PVP server long enough I can see me repeating this behavior and terrorizing the lobbies on the Alliance side. Well maybe for an hour or two, then it would get boring as a waste of time.

Again I hear people say this is how it is on PVP’s but I think it is a smokescreen put there by blizzard to control the idiots. Let them have there way on PVP’s so they don’t realize that they have a flawed PVP system. Blizzard knows they need restrictions on PVP. Why else would there be brackets in the PVP Battle Grounds. If level was not such an important thing then why don’t level 11s and 70s play in the same BG. “Oh but they do,’ you say,” It’s called the world of Azeroth across both continents and in the Outlands”

Bullshit. True PVP would have balance. I’m not talking a ‘rock, paper, scissors’’ approach. I’m talking a dynamic system where you can not attack a player that is so far below your level that battle would be decidedly one sided. They have made a measly attempt with the honor gained being only applicable with players being near each others level. (Not sure what the actual spread is as I haven’t PVP regularly since pre BC.) I still see level 60+ shepherding lower levels in PVP even though they can’t get dick for honor and I wonder if they even get the kill if it was a high level doing the killing. Even so they wouldn’t get near as many points per kill, if any, than if they manned up and took on some like level characters. I got real excited yesterday when I spotted a level 24 rogue of the opposite faction. I was quite willing to die for trying him out PVP. He decided to run and not even try me. I was the same level! Perhaps the prospect of a possible loss out weighs the certainty of a win if he was more then 10 levels higher.

What I want is PVP with like levels +/- 5 levels to make it interesting. I’m not talking a new BG or the old ones with the +/- 10 difference in levels. It is still a bit much since pros like to linger at the high end for maximum Honor gain and viability in those BGS. Maybe even a penalty for high levels ganking levels low enough to be a ridiculously one sided fight. I’m not talking Dishonorable Kills and point reduction. I’m talking a de-buff that shows how pathetic these people are. Something like:

Aura of the Ganker (Name subject to change)
Duration 1 hour
Causes all damage effects, spells and attacks to be 10% reduced for duration of aura.
Affects all party members whether or not they took part in the killing. (Leaving the group of a Ganker will remove the de-buff from all but the Ganker unless you were grouped with said Ganker for the kill and were within 50 yards of kill.
A yellow streak will appear on the back of the Ganker and those grouped with the Ganker for the Duration of the De-buff.
Multiple killings of Honorless lowbies will result in a brighter and bigger Yellow streak and will increase the de-buff by 10% for every kill after the first one for the duration of the de-buff. (Was 5% but I decided, in for a penny in for a pound.)
Cumulative for the duration of the de-buff.
Percentage of reduction based upon pre-de-buff stats. De-buff will go above 100% reduction. (So after 10 kills reduction is -100%. It can go higher. By the time you reach this level of cowardice you will only be a yellow streak rollin around the country side. )
*I reserve the right to edit this as I come up with a better de-buff scenario.
**I’ll prolly get zinged for the double hyphen.

This may not be that big a deterrent. I’m sure some would shoot for a de-buff where they can’t do enough damage to kill a rat. I’m just saying why not have something like the de-buff you get for leaving a BG early.

This has been a rant brought to you by the Idiot Gankers of Burning Legion camping Tarren Mill the entire week I had off to level my Belf Mage.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My New boy!!!

Michael James born by C-Section, April 4, 2007 at 5:59pm PST. Weighing in at 7lbs.. 12 oz. and measuring 20 1/2 inches. Mom and baby are in excellent condition and are enjoying some rest. Hehe I have a new squishy to play with. My son and daughter are going to flipp when they meet him.

He comes with a few Abilities.

Racial Bonus:

Invunerable to Harm:
Instant Cast
1Year duration
1 Charge
Casues all cryings, wettings, dirty diapers, and collateral peeing on pops to have 0% aggro to parents. For the first 3 months a 25% aggro reduction(cumulative and will go below negative) is in place for every act stated above. (Ie. Everything is cute for the first 3 months) This aggro reduction helps in survival as the child grows.

Quick Wizz:
Instant Cast(Initial. Gains in level will increase cast times and legth of spell duration.)
30 sec cooldown (Unless there is a cold breeze then all bets are off.)
Gains on pick-up the skill to hit multiple targets with wiz before any other attacks. (No damage reduction possible. Always hits.)

Stat Bonuses:

+5 STA
-10 INT (Gains +5 every level regardless of itemization.)
-20 AGL (6 Month cooldown before becoming +20)
+10 SPR (Gains +5 every week for 6 months goes off the charts)
+30K ARMOR (Cuz theys gotto get through me first!)