Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Traveling the world in search of...

I finally got my full dsl back I'm now running at the optimum speed so now more disconnects from lack of signal, at least not at my end. I have been running around in all my chars the last week trying to level certain professions. So here it is.

I played a bit on my main hunter got him to 36 last night. WOOT! I have been sending mats to my other chars for the leveling of profession. Ore and stone to Mindkiller and all my leather to Manbeast. I have managed to level Mindkiller’s engineering to 210 so now he can make mithril slugs for my hunter. Just this morning Mindkiller made a Mithril Blunderbuss that I sent over to Jolygreen. He will be able to use it right away, but I still have to wait a level till he can use the slugs. Oh well.

I picked up a bunch of quests for Stanglethorn Vale and Rachet that I will be working on later. If I can survive long in the vale that is. I might just drop the vale quests and go back to Thousand Needles for a bit. The flats south of there are real good for leather and exp. I have broken the 50 gold barrier and am marching toward 100 gold…..slowly. I will get there; I want a mount at 40. None of this “Wait a few more levels.”, crap. I can always focus on mining some mats for bronze or hit up the mithril in Needles and Desolace. I will need the mithril anyway for the ammo. I will soon max out my leather worker again. So I will prolly have to level him to 35 or something to be able to pick up a specialty leather trade. I really need to work on my mage and get here alchemy up to the level I will need to make some arcanite. I have neglected her for a long time. Prolly after I have a mount on my hunter I will send her some gold just for a respec to help in grinding. I will be able to afford it after since I will be able to move around faster then.

I have been able to see a great deal more of the world just recently. I have dipped into Feralas. I have pwnd the wildlife in Shimmering Flats. I have hunted elementals in 1000 Needles. I have even dipped deep into the Stranglethorn Vale, though I died there because I couldn’t get a crit on a damn raptor. I’m real close to going back to Desolace for some serious asskicking on the locals. Though I will most likely go back to the Flats and grind there since they are skinnable and they give good vender trash. Specially the bug things that are there. The dried husks I got of them (3) netted me a nice chunk of change and I don’t particularly like them very much. So killing a lot of them AND making money will be a good time killer as well as a good exp boost so I can get to the all important level 37. Hello mithril slugs.

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