Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slow crawl to level 35. Part 2

I had a pretty good group for Stockades. So I had no problem agreeing to help some lower levels clear some quests in Redridge.

We all flew to Lakeshire…well I didn’t. My hearth point is there still. I’m thinking I will change it soon to IF. We get there and the plan first is to beat up on Thallzun. The elite headman outside the orc keep. We get there and fight our way to his hole but we lose the druid and one other when they aggrod the mobs at the keep’s door. They run back and we start taking out the guards around Thall or what ever his name is. It went perfect 1warrior, 1 mage, 2 rouges, and a druid. We took hi and his buddies down fast.

Oh before this we went to the tower north of the keep to complete the Azora quest there for some one. He predicted it would take us 5 minutes or so to get to the top. It took less the 45 secs to clear the entire tower. That included the guards outside and down the hill a bit. I joked about how long it took and everyone got a kick. We were between 24 lowest to me at 33 so it was cake.

After the keep kill we went to the other tower that is east of the keep to complete a quest for the mage. The warrior left to pursue other interests so we tackled it with just 4. As we get to the tower the mage says it will take a few minutes to get to the top. It took 30 secs. The tower had all its mobs; we just mowed through them so fast that we got to the top in no time. We get to the top and we kill the Bad mage at the top who then spawns a stitches looking freak for us to kill. We kill it and no deaths. Yay for our side. We exit the tower and begin to traverse the distance to the orc camp in the hills above Lakshire to kill champions. On the way through the camps outside the tower we meet a low level mage who asks for escort to the tower we just cleared. After some discussion we decide to help. We kilt every thing in there again in record time. The little mage gets the quest he needed and we head over to kill us some champions. The little mage joins us as he has the quest as well.

We slaughtered our way into the orc cave in search of more champions as we killed the only two outside. In no time we killed enough to satisfy 3 quests full. I call to my party’s attention that there is another quest available here where we can escort a man out and get some ok rewards. So we all form around the corporal and haul his ass outta the fire. We get to the cave entrance and see the camp outside has fully respawned while we were in the cave. Luckily the corporal has to rest. That gave us time to maul the camp to prevent any harm to com to out charge. We got him back with no trouble. We even helped another low level who got ambushed by an orc mob outside of town. We called it good so others could travel and turn in some stockade quests.

I decided to try to get in on a Scarlet Monastery group before I went to bed. My wife was setting up a run with our guild and even though I’m still too low to really help much she got me a slot. I ran up from Southshore with her to Trisfall Glades. I got kilt halfway through by a level skull and had to walk from the Monastery graveyard to where I died just to walk back to join them in Scarlet. Not a good start.

Since we were late additions to a raid in progress we got to hear them kill a few Named elites while we ran to them. We ended up going to the library. This was good for me since I didn’t have a Scarlet Key. I forgot a few times that now I’m the low level here and aggrod a few mobs to me. I was able to hold my own with a druid healing. I did get the idea that keeping me alive was not the group’s idea of a good time. I almost left a few times because it just wasn’t worth it to me to be there and not be able to contribute. I we get to the Dean and kill him. I got my key and a few k exp and that was it. Whoopee. Maybe if I had more time there with a character above 37 it would be worth it to go. Till I reach 36-37ish I’m staying outta the monastery with my rogue. The stockades or BFD or even RFK might be better for me then this place right now. Tonight I’m prolly gonna be playing my hunter as my wife has got another alt she wants to start on. It’s on the same account as Mindkiller. So I might get to burn off some of the rested exp he has and hit SM with him to get the helm in there.

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