Thursday, September 28, 2006

Level 58 and damn is my quest log full!!!

I have made it to level fifty-eight since the last post. I managed to plow though the last 2 levels and have only four bars to go to fifty-eight. I then didn’t get back on for a few days and ended up with six bars of rested exp to play with.

I got lucky when I logged back in on the latter part of fifty-seven. There was a BRD run staring up for an attempt at JailBreak!. I figured it would be good exp so I tagged along. Half way through clearing the prison area I dinged fifty-eight. I was surprised as I stopped watching the bar as soon as we started the run. Now only two levels separate me from the magic level sixty!

I have a damn near full quest log and I am hoping to get them mostly knocked out this weekend. I really want to kill the Mara Princess for the nice bow quest reward. I think that just the quests I have will get me close to fifty-nine if not all the way to it. I have decided to start the long process of upgrading my shadowcraft pieces to the darkmantle set. I got the fist quest already. We will see how this goes. I still need to do the last rogue quest though the reward will only be exp and money as the rewards are crap compared to the stuff I already have.

I will most likely be spending a lot of time in AV this weekend as it rumored to be the double weekend this time around. I hope so since I have decided to go for Knight as well as my goal to exalted with stormpike. I will be balancing those 2 goals with the need to farm some cash as I spent a large chunk of money for an arcane crystal and a little plan for the Arcanite Dragonling. I got the both of them for around seventy gold off of the AH. Good thing too as the crystals skyrocketed in price the day after I bought mine. It was the first time I have seen the plan go for that little. They usually went for over ninety to one hundred twenty-five.

I also had a guildie transmute the arcane crystal and a thorium into my first arcanite bar. Whoohoo only seven more crystals and I can make the damn thing.

I have been seriously considering switching my professions. Like dropping one and picking up skinning just for the huge cash flow I can get. Engineering isn’t a real money maker, the slow turnover, even on quest items makes it no be cost effective to me. Though I would have to give up all the cool explosives…..which I really don't use much anyway.
I keep thinking about the amount of money I put into making this engineer and I cringe at loosing all that time and in game money investment.
I may one day tire of it then I can make the big bucks.
Perhaps I just need to level my second hunter so I can play him and use him for skinning. Oh well I shall see. I just had a crazy idea, Start a warlock. Yeah, besides a paladin it is the only class I haven’t played really extensively. I have seen a well played warlock kick some serious ass. I may have to check that out this weekend too…. If I remember that is. Gonna be a busy weekend but I shall prevail. I hope.

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