Monday, October 23, 2006

Level 60 on Mindkiller.

I have been sixty for almost a month now. It didn’t take me too long to level those last two levels. Funny thing it they were supposed to be the hardest levels to finish. I actually got from fifty-eight to sixty in less time then it took to get to fifty-eight from fifty. I hit the Eastern Plaguelands for the last six bars of fifty-nine and in less then forty-five minutes I dinged sixty.

I hit AV for a few days for rank and rep with Stormpike. I managed to achieve rank five and hit revered with SP. Now some serious up hill time for exalted + 999 rep for the rank six insignia. I was going to save up for the lobotomizer, but now it looks like it wouldn’t be as good as some decent greens coming with the BC exp. I will still try for exalted and knight rank just for the joy of being there. I may also start the grind for Argent Dawn rep so if my guild ever decides to hit up Naxx I will be able to go.

I have been in on a single Molten Core run and it was ok. I’m not sure I was doing anything in particular while I was there. I seemed to only be a leech on the healers and not producing too much on the damage side. I also have been to Upper Blackrock Spire and I find that much more fun. I can see my affect on the mobs clearly and know I’m contributing to the group. I hit up a ZG run last night too and got to take a shot at the snake and bat bosses. I was called upon to be a key player in the bat boss as it was the rogues’ job to stop her from healing herself. I think that battle would have gone smoother with one more healer and one more rogue, but hey, we one-shotted the snake and two-shotted the bat. I had to bow out as it was late in the day and time for bed for me. I still haven’t seen AQ yet maybe next time my guild runs it I’ll be able to attend.

I have been loving the gold I now get from completing quests. Since I don’t get exp any more I have been raking it the gold. I have more money then I’ve had since I bought my mount at forty. I still haven’t decided whether or not I will spring for my epic mount or just slum it till I accumulate so much money it wont matter to drop eight hundred gold for the swift Chicken mount. Hell I may just go for the AV ram mount as that is a little more attractive to me and won’t have that annoying mechanical sound all the time.

I have had an idea. Drop engineering for enchanting and farm the lower instances with Mindkiller the Deadly Gnome Rogue for shards and stuff. I know I can take on anything below Scarlet monastery and I can easily solo all four wings of SM for blues. I have an enchanter priest but she will prolly never get out of her twenties as it is so tedious to solo her, however I have a nice little gnome warlock that’s up-and-coming.

I am digging this little guy, he dies a lot but that’s only frustrating when I am almost done with the quest I’m on. I have gotten him to level seventeen and am still getting the hang of managing his aggro. That will come in time. I have him skinning and herbalism since both my skinner and my herbalist are on the other account and inaccessible most of the time to me. I may change him to an enchanter. It depends on the profitability of herbs/leather/shards. I will have to research the difference to maximize the money I can make. I am trying to find the right mix so I can have a total money maker that is geared for profit so to fund other things on the other characters. The more I think about it being an enchanter for the DE skill and farming then higher herbs will prolly net the most cash. It will have to be a combination of Enchanter/Herbalist or Enchanter/Skinner. I know the shards and stuff will always sell and with the jewel crafting needing some dusts from DEing it will be scalable in the BC. Leather might be more of a slow build money maker while herbs and shards are just flying out the AH. I won’t be able to rely on money from quests, although the amount of money we are to get from quests in the BC seemed to be increased quite a bit. I found a nice place to grind for some decent loot. I made sixty gold off of the items I found there and can make more if I just put in the time. We shall see how that goes.

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