Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mobile Dwarf Hunter Explorer Extraordinaire

I have DONE IT.

I have purchased my first mount.

Whew, now I can relax and make money for no reason other then upgrade equipment. Like this is any different from before. I started out with 58 gold on my hunter. I did a few turns through the Stockades just killing the hall guards and the unique spawns. I made like 4 gold just from that. So I was up to 62g. I then decided to see how my rogue was doing. I had placed like 20 stacks of Crafted Solid Shot on the AH for 45s each, that’s was 20-25s cheaper then the other guys stuff. It didn’t cost even 1 copper to place them on the AH so I was looking at large profit since I farmed the mats through regular questing. It turns out they are much in demand. I sold the whole lot. I made 8g 8os off of the aggregate sale. SO I decided that making bullets can be very profitable. I created and placed another 20 stacks and in 4 hours half of them had sold. I then transferred a good 5 gold to my hunter, I don’t want to impoverish my rogue, and then logged onto my hunter. I made and sold a few heavy silk bandages to bring in a few more gold. I get so much silk it’s more profitable to convert them to bandages for quick cash then placing them in the AH.

Now I have 70 gold and some copper. Time for some quick cash. I hit Stockades real quick and made 1g 50s left then sold some heavy silk bandages and got the 72 gold I needed for the mount. I chose the White Ram for the looks, brown or grey just don’t do it for me.

I took my new mount for a spin around Ironforge for a bit till it was time for bed.

I’m diggin the mount already.

I logged back on yesterday to find that 8 of the 20 ammo packs I put up came back so I will refrain from making more till those sell. I’m thinking I might have a better chance of selling them on the weekends. I’ll try that out Friday and see how that goes. I transferred some more cash to my hunter just cuz I can and he needed it bad.

I went and logged onto my mage and re-spent all her talent points. I’m going with ice/arcane spec for easier leveling. I’ll hit fire if I think it's needed, but prolly not. I really need to level her and her alchemy. Soon I will be able to mine thorium and I will want to hit up the arcanite transmute for some really decent cash. I already have one recipe for transmutation that I can’t even use yet. Maybe this weekend I will focus on her. I need to get her some decent armor first though.

My hunter; Last night I broke the 230 mining barrier. What does that mean? Truesilver. Yeah baby gonna be hitting up some trusilver till 250 then I hit the thorium. It will be difficult but I am gonna try to get into those high level areas just for some quick mining if I die oh well. It will be worth the profits I will make from the ores and gemstones and stone pieces. I have also made it to level 41, mostly by mistake. I was grinding for cash; however, I also had rested exp so I got my mount like an hour before I leveled. I did reach my goal of a mount AT 40 so I’m happy. With the increased mobility I will be able to make money faster, and can spread the wealth to the others. I still need to get the next level skills for Coat. I looked them up and I will be traveling to Dustwallow Marsh for Claw5 after I get Bite5 here in Arathi Highlands. Then I will go to Swamp of Sorrows to get Bite6 and Claw6. I could go straight to the swamp but I’m not sure yet if Coat has enough training points for the higher skills yet. Any how I need to go to the western continent for a few quests so it won’t be a waste of time. It’s past time for me to do the artesian first aid quest in Theramore. I had to save up some silk and mage weave for it. After I do all this I’m thinking about hitting the Scarlet Monastery. I here it might be fun and with the upgraded attacks for Coat and some mageweave bandages I might have a good time there. I’ also thinking about changing my melee weapons to maces seeing as they seem to be cheaper and hit harder than the swords. Plus I can find maces that are actually close to or even with my level. So I’m in for some long journeys and training.


That’s what makes this game so fun to play. So many things to do and chose from.

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