Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can't wait till summer is over.

I didn’t get to play my hunter. Oh well I still need to get to 35 and further with Mindkiller.

I log on and get my bearings. I’m struggling to find a decent place to grind level a little. I at least want to be mid 34 before I go back to STV for the rest of the journey to 40. I’m limited on what I can right now but I might have found a decent place to get some good exp.

I got on last night and was planning to just screw around a bit. Maybe take on a little Kursen peeps for the quest there. On the way there I decide to hit the stockade alone. I just went in for the chests. I cleared the two rooms with chests and left. As I was leaving the instance I saw a LFM for stockades so I msg him and got in a group. To top it off just as I came out of the stocks someone turned in a Nefarian quest and buffed the town with dragon slayer. OH YEAH. 5% increased crit and +140 attack power. Right on, though it took the other members almost 15 minutes to get set for the run. We entered and proceeded to kick ass. We had to be careful since we couldn’t get a healer. We wiped twice on account of the lowest of us kept drawing aggro. I had finally gotten the unsent letter quest earlier so I was able to complete it here or at least continue it. We cleared it and no big loot to tell about.

Earlier I got into a group for Deadmines with some obviously adolescent players. They hardly knew how to play their characters let alone the game and group dynamics. Our leader kept acting like he was an expert on the Deadmines telling people what to do. That’s what leaders are for right? Yet everything he told those other players was false and got people killed. If I hadn’t needed to get VC’s head I would have left but I figured if I could get them there they would be fodder while I wail on VC, loot and roll out. No I didn’t do that but I was close. So close. We wiped a few times since none of those idiots knew their aggro range and how to manage it. Lets all blast our most powerful spells 3 feet from the captain as he walks by. GRRR. All the time we are getting reamed the leader is yelling for us to get on top of the wheel to break aggro. I did that once in Deadmines, they found a way to get us. Having six parrots maul you is not fun. We wiped two times at the captain since he decided to bring his friends and two others to beat on us. We kill him and the priest decides to loot the body, while he was supposed to be healing, and chooses need for the Emberstone Staff the captain drops. He doesn’t even ask the druid if he wants to roll for it. The druid was a Heal spec and would have used it too. So one of us dies because assmunch wanted a staff. Topped of with the moron wasn’t even healing us correctly to begin with. I know about mana conservation. Yet it’s not an issue unless YOU USE YOUR MANA. All the way through when some one died, and this happened a few time to the others, he would have a full bar of mana and was not even trying to cast a heal. We finish this run by killing VC and his body guards. All through the fight our leader keeps a running dialog of what he wants us to do, where to position ourselves, and who to attack. Dude I’m frickin level33 rogue here I can handle VC and two of his minions easy. I did in fact tank VC and one rogue, the other was sapped until I decided to take her down too before the others appeared. We managed to kill all five of them but not before we lost our mage. Fucking beautiful heal priest, and druid too. Good thing the mage didn’t need the quest. We roll on the blue shirt VC drops. I wait till every one rolls greed before rolling greed. If the ass had rolled need I was going to give him a 50% chance of losing it. I won’t use the shirt so I sell it. Yeah I won it woohoo. SOLD. I played till almost midnight and got within a fifth of leveling. I added a bit more this morning by grinding on Dark runners in Duskwood. Get some decent exp there and some ok loot. I will be heading back there today to finish up level 33 and get a good start on 34. If I can find a questing group in STV I will head there to hit up those quests. Pushed past 30 gold yesterday and I’m steadily amassing wealth that will leave so soon after I hit 40. I think tonight I shall log onto my warrior and see if I can upgrade Mindkiller’s armor a bit. Might have to farm for materials with my hunter. There’s time there is always time.

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