Thursday, May 18, 2006

Farming it is.

Took out my Gnome Rogue last night to do a little farming. Seeing as my wife wanted to run her 24+ NelfRogue to Mulgore….don‘t ask me why.
I had decided to get some first aid leveling prep work done so I went to Westfall and farmed linen. A good place for me was the Defias camp right near Sentinel Hill. It’s got some level 10-13 Defias there and if you die your only on the other side of the hill. Got to 142 linen in like 1 ½ hour before I called it a night. I’ll be back there tonight to get a full 150 then go farm gnolls for wool unless I can find a better farm mob some where else. Maybe I will just farm the wool with my hunter then send it over. Prolly be easier.

I just made a new ammo pouch for my hunter that now holds 14x200 rounds. Very nice. I also commissioned an engineer to make my some crafted solid shot so I have a 13% faster fire rate and .5 more dps per shot. VERY COOL. I had my warrior make 3 of the first Blue item gloves and tacked on a heavy armor kit for each one. I sent one to my hunter and rogue, and then sent the 3rd to my wife’s rogue. I haven’t been able to really test them out as I was sitting in Stormwind waiting for some auctions to expire. Seems the silk is flooded in the AH so it won’t be as profitable as I had hoped. But I’m just 10 pts away from mithril and mageweave, and then I will brave Desolace for some mining. I don’t know if it was a fluke but I got a single mageweave off of a troll mage near the Thunder Axe Fortress so I might farm there for a bit soon too.

I need to head over to Ashenvale to learn Bite and Claw 4 even though Coat seems to be wailing on anything we meet. Still he could use the boost to damage. I have received 5 invites to guilds since I hit level 30. I guess this is a magic number or something. If you reach this high a level it must mean you are serious about playing or something. I was kinda flattered, but not really, the only guild I might have been interested I have since forgotten the name of the recruiter and the guild. He actually struck up a conversation with me before the invite I turned him down because I was playing an alt. He might have invited me because the alt was a priest. Oh well maybe soon I will find something to try out. Kinda like to have a regular run on something with a group. Soloing is nice for quests and farming but it makes the instance running boring to me. I have dipped into Deadmines a few times to farm wool but it just isn’t fun without a group there. Man I can’t wait till my wife levels her druid up to a decent level so we can run in a group together. Not much to tell I was only on for a couple hours. Maybe tonight will be better. We will see.

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