Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Money Making Meglomaniac Mindkiller.

Had a busy weekend. I fished my way up to two twenty-five this weekend and managed to complete the artesian fishing quest in about an hour and a half. Most of which was travel time. I had an escort to Feralas just in case of trouble. I remembered this being so much rougher last time I was here. I got the fishes I needed relatively fast. The longest attempt was the fish from the Desolace shore; it took almost thirty casts before the needed fish dropped. Too bad I couldn’t gain levels during this quest. I would have easily advanced to two thirty just from this quest. I have amassed a whopping one hundred thirty deviate fishes in my attempt to make big cash. I won’t stop until I have filled by back pack with sixteen stacks of the fishes. Cooking will take forever but hey I got time and thanks to some good drops and lucky spawns I have over fifty gold now to play with. This even after an AH raid to upgrade my equipment. I plan to place stacks of twenty on the AH for four gold and fifty silver per. The lowest price I have seen is been consistently five gold per stack of twenty. I managed to sell what ever I put up for the lowered price pretty quickly. I have also made back all the money I spent on the recipe and have turned a profit. Every time I place another stack I’m getting almost one hundred percent profit. All I’m spending is time and four and a half silver on the spices per stack. That will mean a little over one gold to cook and post all those stacks. Damn fine turn for cash there.

I am now halfway through level forty-four. I went back to STV and picked up a few quests that I had left for later. I knocked out the zanzil quest with some difficulty and also hit the money lender’s quest chain. Through these quests and a little grinding on some gorillas I got to forty-four.

Along the way to my fishing spots for the quest I picked up four quests in Swamp of Sorrows. They didn’t take too long and gave decent exp. So now I’m at the half way point to forty-five and once I get there I can train up my lock picking so I won’t have to turn away people with lockboxes over my skill level. Soon I can make even more money with picking. I need to get back down to Gadgetzan area and pick some more pirate pockets for some sturdy junk boxes. I wisely stocked piled a few (six) for the level up to forty four to train up my skill quickly. I will need a few more for when I reach forty-five. All this will be after I have achieved greatness in the providing of Savory Deviate Delights to the masses and reaped the great piles of dough they will bestow upon me. MWUAHAHAHAHA!!

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