Thursday, September 28, 2006

Level 58 and damn is my quest log full!!!

I have made it to level fifty-eight since the last post. I managed to plow though the last 2 levels and have only four bars to go to fifty-eight. I then didn’t get back on for a few days and ended up with six bars of rested exp to play with.

I got lucky when I logged back in on the latter part of fifty-seven. There was a BRD run staring up for an attempt at JailBreak!. I figured it would be good exp so I tagged along. Half way through clearing the prison area I dinged fifty-eight. I was surprised as I stopped watching the bar as soon as we started the run. Now only two levels separate me from the magic level sixty!

I have a damn near full quest log and I am hoping to get them mostly knocked out this weekend. I really want to kill the Mara Princess for the nice bow quest reward. I think that just the quests I have will get me close to fifty-nine if not all the way to it. I have decided to start the long process of upgrading my shadowcraft pieces to the darkmantle set. I got the fist quest already. We will see how this goes. I still need to do the last rogue quest though the reward will only be exp and money as the rewards are crap compared to the stuff I already have.

I will most likely be spending a lot of time in AV this weekend as it rumored to be the double weekend this time around. I hope so since I have decided to go for Knight as well as my goal to exalted with stormpike. I will be balancing those 2 goals with the need to farm some cash as I spent a large chunk of money for an arcane crystal and a little plan for the Arcanite Dragonling. I got the both of them for around seventy gold off of the AH. Good thing too as the crystals skyrocketed in price the day after I bought mine. It was the first time I have seen the plan go for that little. They usually went for over ninety to one hundred twenty-five.

I also had a guildie transmute the arcane crystal and a thorium into my first arcanite bar. Whoohoo only seven more crystals and I can make the damn thing.

I have been seriously considering switching my professions. Like dropping one and picking up skinning just for the huge cash flow I can get. Engineering isn’t a real money maker, the slow turnover, even on quest items makes it no be cost effective to me. Though I would have to give up all the cool explosives…..which I really don't use much anyway.
I keep thinking about the amount of money I put into making this engineer and I cringe at loosing all that time and in game money investment.
I may one day tire of it then I can make the big bucks.
Perhaps I just need to level my second hunter so I can play him and use him for skinning. Oh well I shall see. I just had a crazy idea, Start a warlock. Yeah, besides a paladin it is the only class I haven’t played really extensively. I have seen a well played warlock kick some serious ass. I may have to check that out this weekend too…. If I remember that is. Gonna be a busy weekend but I shall prevail. I hope.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Time passes and life gains wisdom.

It been awhile since I have updated this blog. Mostly because I have been so busy with work and actually playing. I am on the downhill (almost) crawl to level sixty. I have made my way to level fifty-four since I last wrote up something here. Updating on the events last posted:
Edit: I took to long to finish this post so now I am one bar (rested) away from 56.

I managed to get the full 320 deviate fishes and made a nice chunk of change on them. Took almost 30 minutes to cook all the fishes too. I made about eighty gold on that insanity. It was worth it though. Near the end stacks I got into a price war with a regular fisher if the fishes. I got the price down to two and a half gold per stack of twenty. Heh. I kinda screamed through levels forty-five to fifty mostly hitting as many quests as I could mixed with a few ZF runs. One night we hit ZF seven times in a row so a guildy could get his complete Sul’thras sword set. (Prolly wrong name). Anyway it’s the two piece sword set that can be joined into a single blade of Killing Stuff Badd. He was stoked and the rest of the group were glad to be of help. I still run with the guy. Only problem happened when he accidently joined them before he was level fifty. So he had to wait until then to use the Uber sword. I have really expanded my areas of questing. I’ve been to Un’goro, Azshara, Searing Gorge, Felwood, and Winterspring. I even have been able to dip into the Blasted Lands and Burning Steps. I find I like Felwood the most next to Azshara just for the runecloth drops and the felcloth possibilities. My new favorite home for the next few levels will probably be Searing gorge. Good grinding spots and easy access to BRD, LBRS, UBRS. When I came here I was level fifty-three and only a few bars shy of have a level. After knocking out eight quests in a single night I leveled to fifty-four. Now I’m sitting pretty on two pieces of Shadowcraft. Soon I will be organizing a run into BRD for a few quests there as well as a recipe for the repair bot and the ability to smelt dark iron. I can’t wait for the weekend to come.

I have been tying out the BGs at the high levels and I have found a new home in the Alterac Valley Battle Ground. The few times I played last weekend has allowed me to become a corporal finally. I think if I just play a few AVs I can make sergeant and keep it till the expansion comes out. And the longest battle there so far was only forty-five minutes. I don’t even care about dieing anymore. I a just interested mostly in the reputation gain with stormpike. I wanna get exalted to I can start saving for the Lobotomizer dagger. That is my new obsession since I managed to pick up th3e epic dagger Gut Ripper for my main hand weapon. I likely this dagger, this thing his hard and fast and has a COH that doubles the damage on top of the poisons I use. Makes for some huge crits. I’m getting better at taking down casters. I actually took down a level sixty mage in AV solo. Sure I was below half life but being able to stop their spells is a nice way to get the jump on them. I have been getting some decent honor points it the BG but like I said I’m more into the rep for the long haul. I am really not looking forward to the Timbermaw and Thorium rep grinds. I’ll see if a really need those some day. Kinda thinking I wont. I don’t think they have recipes I need for my rogue. I just need really one more recipe for him to be complete…no wait two: The field repair bot and the Arcanite Dragonling. Yeah those will be all I need with the rogue. I have all skill except fishing maxed or above three hundred now (fishing 282/300 eng 310/315). Fishing just requires time and engineering I can wait on till I can afford it. I really want to be able to have the last engineering point be the one I will get from making the Dragonling. Silly I know but I gots me goals to achieve. I need to start finding enough arcane crystals to make eight arcanite bars. I may just buy them and ask a guildy to make the bars on commission, for the next sixteen to twenty days. I don’t know the cool down on arcanite so it might take longer for them. I will prolly level to fifty-six tonight without much work. There are a few more skills to buy. Whoohoo!

I really need to start some research into a level sixty rogue build. I know I could be doing what I do better. So I will be seeking guidance from the web and fellow guildies I might even try to ask a high level rogue from one of the leet guilds around on my server.