Friday, May 19, 2006

Got some skills I doo.

I went for a little adventure last night. I decided on a whim to go visit the Barrens and harass the locals. I killed some centaur looking creatures and got a key. So I searched the entire Barrens till I found a chest to use it on….Nothing special there. I took a dip into wailing caverns on a lark and I hope to go back later with a group. I could prolly run it solo but that would take hours since I would have to be very careful. I fished a bit in the Oasis just outside and caught some deviate fish. Can’t wait till I can get a recipe for the fish delight. I took a spin through Desolace again and found a few places that will be good for mining mithril later. I’m prolly not going to seriously quest this area till I'm over or near 35. It is just too much of a hassle. I aggro too easy and there is too many mobs close together for me to effectively defend myself and Coat. So Desloace is on hold for me for awhile. I ran up to Stonetalon to hop a flight to Astranar for dumping of stuff now that I think about it I could have gone to Nijel’s Point, but it worked out great as there were 2 creatures around Astranar that I need to tame.

So I get to Astranar and dump off and mail a bunch of stuff. I made some decent cash in the Barrens, something like 2 gold just from trash too. I then went looking for a Ghostpaw Alpha since they have Bite4. I found them way south of Astranar. I died on my first attempt some how….don’t know don’t ask. So I went back and tried again. This time I popped the racial stoneskin before the attempt and was at the extreme rang for tame. I got him. I took the walk to Darkshore for training till I got the skill and I ended up learning Furious Howl 2 before I finally learned Bite 4.
Great so I abandon that pet and make the flight back to Astranar to get me an Elder Astranar Bear . This guy went down faster then the wolf and with less pain. I know now that it was the high attack speed of the wolf that killed me. So I get the bear and proceed to beat up on his former friend bears in the area. 2 hits later learned Claw4 Yahoo. So I hang out for a few with the bear killing bears and grab some big bear meat, need a recipe for these too now , before heading back to Astranar and Coat. I abandon the elder bear and retrieve Coat and teach him his new ranks.

After this it was pretty late so I hearthed back to Darkshire. I’m gonna farm more silk and iron till I reach 175 mining then I will head back to Stonetalon for some mithril mining. After a few levels I might finally go and complete the Sven quest line and this weekend I’m going to try to get into a group for Deadmines so I can’t complete those quests. I know it’s a ways off but I’m already thinking on how to save the money for my mount. I already have the 10%discoutn covered so I might try for rank 3 in BG to get another 10 eh we will see.

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