Friday, August 11, 2006

Game progression 0, Money progression 0. Level 43 though.

I made it to level forty-three on Mindkiller last night. I took awhile as I was more interested in making money then leveling. I have a few decent ways to make money now.

Ore seems to do well and has increased in prices over the last few weeks. Iron bars are ridiculously priced while mithril bars and ore seem to have a steady price range. Iron keeps bouncing from a single gold per stack of twenty to as much as four and a half gold for the same. So I have been busily seeking out any and all iron and mithril nodes. I sold a few of the mithril stacks I had been stock piling. I wasn’t using enough of them to keep so many in the bank. I made some decent gold off of them as well as the solid stones there too. I have made several attempts to farm a particular recipe in the Barrens for some time. Last night I had had enough and since I accumulated enough gold I just bought the recipe out right. For a whopping twenty-five gold the recipe for Savory Deviate Delight is now part of my cooking skills. I will be attempting to make back all that gold over the weekend. If I can fish enough of the deviates I can flood the market with low cost fish for a buying frenzy. I’ve already made three gold toward recouping the loss. I also got my fishing up to one hundred ten so I can use the Big Iron fishing Pole I farmed for awhile back. Makes a good weapon too. I might take a break from fishing after I reach one twenty-five and read the book to gain expert fishing and dip into the Wailing caverns for some greens and blues.

Last night I came across two rare spawns. A rare Yeti in Alterac Mountains and an elite hydra in the lake outside the wailing caverns. Both dropped a green item. The hydra dropped a two-handed sword that deals frost damage. I need to see of my hunter can use it and if it will be useful otherwise it is AH bound. I put up some goblin rocket fuel recipes on the AH they didn’t sell the first time but after a ten percent reduction in buy out they took off fast. I need to do a blue pearl run now that I have the deepdive helmet it will be a snap and I can prolly take out the elite guarding some of the spawns too.

I have been hitting SM a lot and now that I can hold my own there I kinda like it. I haven’t been going so often that its getting old and I try to find runs going to the different wings so it’s not always the same run. I would like to hit the grave yard again though but there never seems to be any one going there. It’s always the cathedral or the armory or the library. Hell it wouldn’t take too long to do the yard if there is a decent group running.

I took an idea form my wife recently. I started to advertise my lock picking skills for use by other players. Two more levels and I will be able to open any type of box in the game. In just a few minutes I can earn over five gold and people will come to me for service. I don’t expect tips but I do appreciate them. Especially when the tipper tips out one to two gold for a single box. I will never make as much as she will at this part since she does it naked (female night elf). I with my stunted gnome body don’t get that kind of love.

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