Friday, July 21, 2006

Sold! Weekend goes to Mindkiller.

This site should prolly change names, but maybe not.

I am still on Mindkiller, Jolygreen my hunter is prolly really hating me right now. I feel like such a traitor. All the time and energy to get Joly up to 40 and get his mount and I don’t play him……for a month. Oh well I shall burn in Warcraft hell some day.

To be honest I haven’t really had the chance to play him. The wife is real big into her rogue and using her to raid SM and ULD. SO I amuse myself with Mindkiller. I know when I want to I will be able to jump back into Jolygreen and be able to maul stuff easy.
Though Coat is gonna be real hungry when I get back there. He might even eat Jolygreen.

I seemed to have accelerated a bit in the leveling of Mindkiller. I have over a dozen quests to finish and most are orange still. The rest are yellow but elite. I am going to try and get my wife’s help with those quests as she has passed over the magic 40 and on her way to a mount.
I have been hanging out in Arathi a lot mostly for the mining there but I have picked up a few quests that I haven’t done before which is very nice. I got Mind half way through level 37 in a few hours just from a few quests and a little grinding. The grinding was mainly clearing ore nodes of guards or things that were too close. I have advanced mining to level 230 and will be murdering any truesilver nodes I see. Mithril still gives skills but has turned green for me. I will still be mining iron as well since it sells real well and if I get a request I can turn it into steel. I am making real good money in the AH, enough that it covers al my voracious spending. Seriously if I stop spending money on other characters I could make 100g in a week just from drops and mining. I need to knuckle down and stop throwing my money away. I can’t rely on blue drops to get me some big chunks of change. I will most likely start selling the Solid stones I get and only keep enough to make my dynamite and recharge my mortar. I have also started prospecting for hard to reach recipes form venders with limited supplies. These recipes seem to sell the best as people are lazy or don’t wann find out where they are located. I can also make a little money selling GRF form Savoy as Mind wont need too much of that for skill ups now. I might be able to swing 300 in gob engineering with just dense blasting powder and dense dynamite. We will see. I am gonna try for 40 this weekend. Good luck to me.

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