Monday, May 15, 2006

Burning the midnight oil. A LOT!

Pay attention class, we have a lot to cover.

It has been a few days since my last update. I have been working on my hunters mining as well as leveling my warrior/leather worker. I also started a new character on my wife’s account. She has a rogue on my account that has obligations with her guild. We will be trading off accountstill she can level her new druid.

Dwarf, Hunter. Mining, Skinning

Dinged 30 over the weekend as well as got the new skills I wanted. I looked to upgrading mining and skinning but will have to wait for some cash. I’m gonna need 9 gold to buy both the skinning and mining artisan levels. Oh well it shouldn’t take to long I'm thinking I will farm ogres for some silk then AH them they seem to sell pretty good all the time. So does most cloths for that matter. I’m also thinking of taking a trip to the Orc starting area to farm crokilsks for an alchemy recipe for my mage. Seems it only drops with any amount of decency in that area, or for that matter any area with orcs. Sucks but it wont take too long to burn through a thousand or so crocs to get what I need and I’m real patient about these sorta things. I can always annoy the low levels in the area for fun. So I will be making a long trip to Durotor later this week, I’m so glad I made the trip across the barrens with him to get all the way to Ratchet which in turn got me to Booty Bay. Now I just have to fly to the bay then to ratchet on a boat and swim to Durotor Will be fun to see a new area and not have to watch my back. Maybe I can sneak on boat for Undercity too. Might try for it after I get the drop. Prolly will be awhile but that’s how it goes some times.

Human, Warrior. Leatherworking, Skinning

I have taken him to Darkshore so I can run with my wife’s new druid though she plays a whole lot differently then me. I will get quests and stack them and complete as many as I can. Then farm for trash till I’m full. Then go back to turn them in and start the whole thing over again…. She, however, seems to be at the whim of the people who helped her before. She lets the drag her around to areas her character is not ready for and then gets pissed when she dies every 5 minutes then has to run back for 10. Any how I tried to play with her but it might not be possible at least at the low level. Perhaps when we get our different chars up above 20 it will be easier then we can support each other in the same areas instead of me going to her areas (NightElf) and instead staying in my areas (Human, Dwarf) Which I feel are better at getting you to level 20-22. Then I would head over to the western continent and hit the mountains. Yet I shall still try to play with her as much as I can till we can hit dungeons together. By the way my warrior is now level 15 and will soon be 16. I've played him less then she has played her new druid and I am 2-3 levels higher then she is …..Different playing styles.

Well with my wife getting a WOW account of her own to play on her comp I had to create a new char on it so I could play WOW while she plays her level 23~ NightElf rogue with her guild. So I created 2 one I created on a different server since Duskwood was full and had a huge wait time just to long on. SO I made another Dwarf Hunter on Norganon……got him to 14 in little over 5 hours. However this server is dead and lonely there doesn’t seem to be any one around except a few dozen level 54+ characters. Also there is absolutely no general chat of any kind going on…..I can’t believe how much I miss the chatting across general even if it wasn’t to me. Though I had great success in playing the AH on that server. I went with Mining and blacksmithing for fun. Made some decent money but I think I will delete that char soon now that I made this new char I've been playing.

Gnome, Rogue. Mining, Herbalist

Made this bad boy on Duskwood so now I have 4 characters on 2 accounts on the same server. Nice. I’m digging the hard hits this dude dishes out even at low level. I was able to blast through the first few quests so fast I had to hang out and farm for a few levels before moving on to the Karanos area. I then proceeded to own this area with only a few deaths from bad pulls 2 of which were not mine but idiots who can manage aggro. Oh well I leveled him to 14 in some thing like 6 hours game time I think. I will have to check then I will change it here. I can’t wait till 16 when I can start on lock boxes. I know where a few always spawn. I have seen them with my hunter all over the place since he can track treasure. The real cool thing is that since I don’t need the herbs or ore on the other chars its all money for Mindkiller I made him over 1g in one trip to AH at level 10 all by himself. Instead of smelting the ore I sold it raw. Yeah it will take longer to level it but I only did that for the first 60 ore I had, It only tool 2 hours to get that much and I wasn’t even working on it much. After I trained for herbalist I was able to sell the lower herbs for some serious cash so I was able to but my some decent weapons at level 13. I’m gonna go with dual weld sword till I can get a hold of some decent daggers. What I trade for speed I more then make up for with damage. C’mon taking out Icebeard at level 12 solo with no potions. After I completed most of the quest here I found that I’m already close to being honored in Ironforge and Gnome’s eyes…cool. Maybe it will help me save some money. I am really looking forward to the lock picking quests and the poison quests. I will prolly get poisons before my wife does with her rogue. That will chap her ass good. Hehe. I’m taking him to Westfall for levels 15-22 or so then I hit up some other area. I was also thinking about leveling him to 19 then hitting WSG for some kills. I might not have the patients for the waiting in lines for them to start but I shall try. I would like to have at least one character geared toward PVP mainly. This will be mainly for revenge kills and such so I have to find a good build for it.

Gnome, Mage. Alchemy, Herbalist

I haven’t been playing my mage so much. I am not happy with the way she has turned out and I am thinking about a respect already and I will prolly go with frost arcane as a build. I know it’s too soon to start spending that kind of cash but I can afford it. I think it will make her a more viable solo grinder and will make it easier to run instances later on. Since I will have worked with her till that point I will be more familiar with how to play her effectively in raids and such

Now I just have to start the process of moving to a new apartment soon which will cut deeply into my WOW time. I think I will survive.
So I’m making the money and planning a long trip in real life and WOW life.

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