Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Slow crawl to level 35.

Well I have ground my way to level 33 on Mindkiller. I am now a goblin engineer. I have over 20 gold and I’m ready to hit Stranglethorn. Well maybe in a little while.

I made it to 30 as fast as I said I would. I made the journey to Gadgetzan but I could not get the trainer to talk to me. Turns out you need to talk to the trainer in IF to get a quest to go get the training……how fun for me. I hearth back to Redridge and fly to IF for the beginning of my long journey back to Gadgetzan. I get there and do the turn in and get me the good stuff. More explosives yeah baby! I get the recipes for all the ones I know I will use including the goblin mortar. I had to buy some of the mats but it’s worth it. A long range attack that stuns what it hits for 5 seconds. Add to that it’s on a different timer then dynamite and I have a one- two punch for those hard mobs. That is if I don’t wanna ambush them.

I picked up a few new blades for him. A jade serpent blade was custom made by a friend of my wife and I picked up a tigerbane dagger for 1g in the AH. I had to wait till 33 to use the dagger.

I am getting good at timing my attacks with this rogue. The combinations of finishing moves mean I can tailor the moves I use to the difficulty of the mob. Higher level go with expose armor and rupture. Same level rupture and eviscerate. Lower level…..um I usually don’t have time for a combo before they die. I am also getting to like cheap shot and kidney shot. Being 2 combo pts up out of stealth plus time to get a few more on before the target wakes rocks big time. I drudged my way up to 33 doing a few quest here and there. I started the first few quests on the three mastery quest lines in STV. I had to stop because I was dieing every five minutes. I died so many times I had absolutely nothing on when I finally made a run for Darkshire. No weapons too. I headed over to Redridge to knock out a few quests I had neglected there. The champions kill quest and the escort quest for the corporal. Both were easy at 31 and they got me close to 32 before I quit that night.

I logged back on deciding to quest in the Wetlands. One long flight there and I pick up the quest for killing undead sailors. I died here a few times from chain aggro. I managed to get that quest done with no trouble including flying back to SW for the cleansing part of it. I stuck around in Wetlands long enough to level my lock picking up to 160 before I decided to do the orc quest in the area. This went like butter. I killed maybe 60 orcs here just for the banners and cuz they were easy. I went deeper into their valley to go after the main dude even though I didn’t have that quest. (I may go back tonight to take care of the 2 other quests in the orc chain just for fun). I met a rogue on that very quest and was asked to help. We tried once and nearly wiped, the rogue failed to tell me she was suffering rez sickness. So we had to wait for it to run its course. While we waited the camp respawns…all of them. I had cleared the whole camp before the rogue showed up. Now we had to clear it again. We did with only a few hairy spots. So we try for the leader I was going to ambush and he was going to sap. I should have gone with garrote. Next time I will. We killed him after a fierce battle and the rogue went away happy. I didn’t get too much from the run except a mess of silk. It was getting late by this time so I walked back to the harbor to take flight to SW. (For the cleansing of the orb quest). I let the flight happen and the game log me out.

I came back to it the next day after work to turn in the quest not knowing that I was so close to 33. Then DING! Level 33 woohoo baby I’m there time for Tigerbane dagger.
I traveled back to SW for some AH time and got in to a PUG for Stockades. This was a pretty good group in spite of the leader/warrior thinking that because he was a warrior, he deserved all the aggro. Prolly wouldn’t have been too much of an issue except we were facing level 24-26 elites in tight quarters with multiple mobs close together. Every time I tried to pull or sap he would jump the gun and aggro before everyone was set. Our main job became keeping his ass alive for no reason. This isn’t a high level instance where tanking is the key. Just pulling correctly here will do the job just fine and well if handled properly. I guess he didn’t take into account that I was a level 33 rogue who was at the very least familiar with how to play it.

We managed to clear up to drexen's corner and the druid with us aggros a room before we clear the first. Two go down, our mage and the hero. Hero calls for a rez like an ass and gets it leaving the mage to walk back alone. Dickhead. Luckly the mage was level 31 or something so was able to kill the few respawns back to us. (I offered an escort and he declined). We kilt drexen and go after Bazzil. We waste hammy and clear the side rooms with no problems. I was going to pull some defies out of bazzil’s room when the “Hero” decides to pull Bazzil from the middle of the room surrounded by mobs. I had planned on saping him or at least one of the closer mobs to help lessen the asswhooping. So hero aggrod 5 mobs plus Bazzil. We are screwed. With in a few seconds the other rogue goes down followed by the hero. The mage and I blast out as many as we can with the druid healing me as fast as he can. The mage goes down I pop a potion and some dynamite, down to 3 mobs and Bazzil against me. I kill one mob then the other and put a dot on the last add before running for my life. Bazzil was so close to dying. I was pissed. He was down to less then 3% when I ran. The other mob died from the dot. I got away from Bazzil only to die from a respawned patrol. ARRRGG. We all make our way back to the Stockades and hero doesn’t want to finish it and he wouldn’t have except one of the group needed Bazzils head for the quest. So we fight a few respawns and take down Bazzil pretty fast. Done. We leave and hero cuts out. Good riddance. The others in the group had some quests in Redridge so I joined them in clearing them. I talk more on that with the next post and my first Scarlet monastery run with this character.

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