Thursday, August 03, 2006

Spending money to make money.

I took Mindkiller on a trip to a recipe vender last night and luck was with me as there were 4 high skill level recipes. I grabbed those and stuck around for a respawn. I got one more recipe before logging off for dinner. I came back a few hours later and there was a full respawn so I picked up three more recipes. With very little work I will make over 25g while only spending 4g, damn I’m good. I didn’t have anything pressing to do so I just posted a few of the recipes.

I got lucky when someone in my guild decided to do an SM run. I went with and found I was the only character over thirty-eight. I ended up tanking most of the time with my rogue. Too bad the hunters kept pulling before I had sapped anyone. They made it so our healers had to work way too hard to keep us alive. For some reason our leaders bear kept dying. I mean a lot. I don’t remember coat dying as much when he was thirty-eight or thirty-nine. Huh. I like to use my bear for tanking a lot so him surviving is important. Guess I’m a minority where it comes to pet management. I can manage Coats aggro just fine with using the buttons correctly. We only were able to do the armory. I had to get to bed. I will try again for a group there or RFD maybe. My wife says there is a decent blade there for rogues. Anyway I will have a lot more time tonight for playing as the laundry is all done and I have no plans for the evening, except to make dinner for me and the kids.

Before I logged I checked and saw that someone had already bid on one of the recipes. I was smart this time and marked it up five hundred times its worth. I also put a few of the recipes in the bank for later when these all sell. I think it was a really good time investment since I wasn’t playing then anyway. Might as well stay there and be in a position to farm again before getting back to the game.

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