Thursday, May 25, 2006

Back with the hunter.

This week I am moving to a new apartment. What does that mean; rested experience. Best thing in the game baby. I will prolly not have too much down time. I will make sure all my characters are inside inns when I log of for the move. Though I pretty sure my mage and warrior are maxed out on rested by now and my rogue has been resting since Sunday. It will be interesting to go back to my mage just for the leveling purposes.

So I got to play my hunter this week cuz my wife needed to level her druid. I managed to hit Deadmines finally. It was with her guild…and no I didn’t sign up. They needed some big guns to make it easier on the low levels and I also really wanted to clear out those quests. Plus it’s a fun instance. We ended up having 3 hunters and 2 druids. One of the druids was my wife running a restore spec while the other druid was running restore/melee. The 3 hunters were all of us near or better then level 30 so it was a cake walk. We were pulling2-4 mobs at a time and wasting them. We owned all the bosses in no time. We only had one death and that was because she was a level 16. We had a little trouble with smite just because of his stun but no one took serious damage there either. We cleared the ship completely before taking on the captain and VC.

The captain went down hard and fast. Followed by VC. We took him down so fast we still had all four bodyguards alive at the end. We took them down to and high tailed it out.

Then some one called for a reset…….we all agree. We ran Deadmines again this time it went faster as the other 2 hunter's leveled last time so we were doing a bit more damage. We took down Smite, Captain, and VC in quick succession then left a ruin behind us. The group broke up after the last run as it was late and time for sleeping and stuff. That was a great time though.

Last night I had the opportunity to run The Stockades with a PUG. All were below level 25 except for my level 32 hunter. We had a full group with us but no true tank so Coat had to act as one for the run(side note: I had somehow turned of growl before the run so Coat couldn’t maintain aggro. I couldn’t and didn’t figure it out until the run was over) Despite my SNAFU we managed to clear all the way in and to the end of the left hand passage before we had our first wipe. The Priest was a 21 and kept aggroing the mobs though doorways if she got to close. We rezzed and made our way back through the respawns the took the right passage toward Bazil. We wiped at the ogre. Our mage wasn’t maintaining sheep on one of the 2 mobs that come with the ogre so we were wiped again. We rezzed then ran back to the room right before Bazil and 2 of our group decide it time to go so the rest left too….. I only had Bazil left on my quest log after this run and I decided to try and solo him. I did not know he has 4 adds, so I die slowly and messily. I will get his ass soon though.

I then decided to finish the Morbent Fel quest chain and go to Wetlands to get the ingots. Took my all of 30 minutes to get them all then to Stormwind and Duskwood again. I got the charm and I go to see this Morbent Fel for to kick his booty. I fight through a few mobs to get to him and begin on him. Before I can tag him some asshole comes up and steals the kill. I cleared the way and this dipshit tags my mob. I had even used the charm so he was weakened by then as well as my pet tanking the adds. He took full advantage of it and got himself a kill I then had to sit and wait for the respawn. I tried to take him my self but failed as I didn’t use the charm right away and lost precious time trying to cast it. I died and then had to go to work so I shall be attempting it again tonight after some packing. Maybe. I might have to play my rogue for a bit. I’m getting the feeling that my wife wishes to play her rogue a little. She dies a lot with her new druid and needs to get revenge on something soon.

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