Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Much to discuss there is. Hhhmm?

It has been awhile since I updated this journal. That seems to be what this has turned into. It is a way for me to remember that life and times of the characters I play as well as a good fall back to help me pick back up the threads of the adventure for each individual. So it screams obvious that I rarely play my hunter any more or for that matter my mage. I think unless I have some one to run with them I will not likely get them any higher in level. I get too much of a kick out of my Rogue. He seems to rock at anything I attempt. I have all sort of cool thingies to do to control an enemy. Course the other classes do too but as I haven’t played them near as much as this guy I would have to relearn all the skill related to each character. That might be why it is so hard to go back to these characters that I enjoyed playing so much. The relearning of skill usage and tactics related to soloing. I have been real successful in soloing with my hunter and rogue. I have seen real good mages solo to 60 and be massive grinders, but I can seem to get that hang. I always end up dying horribly trying to take on mobs that I could easily handle on the other characters. Though they all had much more armor and life and could get out of trouble much easier. Well enough of the self pity. Time for update.

I have been 60 for at leas 2 months now. I have raided ZG, AQ20 (once), Molten Core, UBRS, and LBRS. I will say that ZG is the most fun of all the places I have been so far. The feel of the place is like a caged animal waiting to be unleashed onto unsuspecting victims. Even the layout tells of danger around every corner. Yet you never really feel like the next trash mob is gonna wipe the party unless you go in with less then 12 people or so. The fact that each boss can be skipped if wanted or done in what ever order preferred makes for a nice relaxing dungeon crawl without the gloomy walls and dark corners. This is not to say it is not challenging. All the bosses require strategy and correct placement of people with the necessary spells and skills. Still going in after the first time still has a nice fun aspect to it and as long as the sloppiness is kept minimal a decent party can come away with some nice rep and items for a few hours spent. I will always try to be in on the ZG runs just for the fun of this place.

AQ20 is just plain mean. They did a good job of making this instance a battle that can only be won with practice and knowledge. The one time I went we made it to the second area just after Kurinaxx. We never made it past 3 waves of baddies. I think the guild went back once or twice but we haven’t returned since. We seem to be focusing on MC, ONY and ZG, which is fine at least we have focus and aren’t trying to bite off too much.

MC has got a nice “In Peril” feel to it that I will assume goes away once enough people have their resists and armor level up. All the mobs seem to have a huge aggro radius and have no shame in running your ass down to smack it flat. I went and made sure that for the second MC run I was in I had completed a certain quest chain as far as possible so I could get even further and will be ready when we can make it to Majordomo and Rags. In MC we have managed to take down all bosses up to and including Gar. Not bad for a guild just beginning to field 40+ lvl 60 players. We have been running with some members of another guild and their experience is freely passed onto us. We in turn make sure they have as much a chance at loot as we do. I.e. dkp is earned by guildies but not spent on guild sanctioned runs with the visiting guidies. This means we will earn dkp but still get to roll on items for our classes or universal loot. Essentially giving us twice the chances for loot. All mat items are split and extras are rolled for by one member of each guild. Most time the visiting guildie will pass on the extras. They seem a great group of people and I do enjoy running with them.

We also have been hitting up Onyxia and have been handed our asses it seems. I do not know how far we have progressed in the battle with her as I have not attended any of the raids. I finished my attunement to Ony last week but due to real life responsibilities I had to skip this week’s attempt. Maybe next week.

We seem to be focusing on MC, ONY and ZG, which is fine at least we have focus and aren’t trying to bite off too much.

I have been hitting AV pretty hard these past few weeks in an effort to get exalted with Stormpike and a knight rank. This last weekend was the last AV weekend and it pushed me well into knight as well as got me to exalted +999 with Stormpike. SO I went and bought me some nice epics before they become out of reach. I got me the Lobotomiser and a Don Julio’s Band as well as the Stormpike Battle mount which I can’t use yet until I train Epic riding. Also for being that high on the rep I got the Insignia Rank 6 which is very nice. With all that I am up to four epics. I’m not a loot whore but all of these I earned my self with out the help of guildies and pugs. Solo baby. I would have welcomed all the help I could get but I really didn’t need it for these particular gems. So I am looking forward to the next patch knowing that I have all the pretties I want until BC get loaded up on my puter. Any fat lewts I received till then will be icing on the cake for me. After BC drops I will be hittin the Outland and plowing through those nice reward quests and killing the shit outta the new dungeons.

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