Wednesday, July 26, 2006

40, you elusive number!

Well it looks like I’m gonna have to do some serious leveling. I didn’t play too much this weekend. What I did was fish a little and try to farm for Savory Deviate Delight recipe. I got my fishing up to 60 but no recipe.

I hit Wailing caverns in hopes of getting the drop, no luck there either. I did manage to clear the entire cave by myself. I got a boat load of greens and a few BOP blues. Too bad they were BOP as I sent the whole lot to my enchanter for mats. Selling all that stuff at the AH would have cost more then they were worth.

I haven’t reached 40 yet, hell tonight I may make it to 39. I really need to get up there so I can get more skills and better armor. I’m getting mauled by same level mobs. I will see if I can hit the lower quests in my log tonight as well.

I made up all the money I have been spending and reached the magic 90 gold. I went a little over that before I spent a bit to recover armor healing pots and poison mats. If I work at it just a little I can have 110-120g by the time I reach 40. Maybe more, who knows? With the way iron has been selling this weekend I will be able to make some really decent cash just from a few hours of mining. Arathi FTW! This is where I have gotten the most iron in a single run as well as the common mithril nodes. So after hitting up some exp and quests I shall head north and mine some iron for the masses. Hmmm, I just remembered all the quests I did in shimmering flats. Just a whole bunch of kill quests. Maybe I’ll head there after STV quests for some quick exp there. I can’t believe I forgot that place.

I logged onto my wife horde character to check prices on the horde AH. It seems prices are noticeably cheaper for a lot of things. Prices are between 20-80% cheaper on the horde AH.

If only I had the will to level a horde character just for the purpose of farming the AH for stuff to buy and sell on the alliance AH. If I made a hunter on horde I could be at farming status in a month. With mining and skinning and just using those to make seed money I could prolly pull it off. The only tricky part would be the transfer on the neutral ah, though with two PCs I would be able to pull it off. This may be a project for when and if WOW becomes too boring.

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