Thursday, May 25, 2006

Back with the hunter.

This week I am moving to a new apartment. What does that mean; rested experience. Best thing in the game baby. I will prolly not have too much down time. I will make sure all my characters are inside inns when I log of for the move. Though I pretty sure my mage and warrior are maxed out on rested by now and my rogue has been resting since Sunday. It will be interesting to go back to my mage just for the leveling purposes.

So I got to play my hunter this week cuz my wife needed to level her druid. I managed to hit Deadmines finally. It was with her guild…and no I didn’t sign up. They needed some big guns to make it easier on the low levels and I also really wanted to clear out those quests. Plus it’s a fun instance. We ended up having 3 hunters and 2 druids. One of the druids was my wife running a restore spec while the other druid was running restore/melee. The 3 hunters were all of us near or better then level 30 so it was a cake walk. We were pulling2-4 mobs at a time and wasting them. We owned all the bosses in no time. We only had one death and that was because she was a level 16. We had a little trouble with smite just because of his stun but no one took serious damage there either. We cleared the ship completely before taking on the captain and VC.

The captain went down hard and fast. Followed by VC. We took him down so fast we still had all four bodyguards alive at the end. We took them down to and high tailed it out.

Then some one called for a reset…….we all agree. We ran Deadmines again this time it went faster as the other 2 hunter's leveled last time so we were doing a bit more damage. We took down Smite, Captain, and VC in quick succession then left a ruin behind us. The group broke up after the last run as it was late and time for sleeping and stuff. That was a great time though.

Last night I had the opportunity to run The Stockades with a PUG. All were below level 25 except for my level 32 hunter. We had a full group with us but no true tank so Coat had to act as one for the run(side note: I had somehow turned of growl before the run so Coat couldn’t maintain aggro. I couldn’t and didn’t figure it out until the run was over) Despite my SNAFU we managed to clear all the way in and to the end of the left hand passage before we had our first wipe. The Priest was a 21 and kept aggroing the mobs though doorways if she got to close. We rezzed and made our way back through the respawns the took the right passage toward Bazil. We wiped at the ogre. Our mage wasn’t maintaining sheep on one of the 2 mobs that come with the ogre so we were wiped again. We rezzed then ran back to the room right before Bazil and 2 of our group decide it time to go so the rest left too….. I only had Bazil left on my quest log after this run and I decided to try and solo him. I did not know he has 4 adds, so I die slowly and messily. I will get his ass soon though.

I then decided to finish the Morbent Fel quest chain and go to Wetlands to get the ingots. Took my all of 30 minutes to get them all then to Stormwind and Duskwood again. I got the charm and I go to see this Morbent Fel for to kick his booty. I fight through a few mobs to get to him and begin on him. Before I can tag him some asshole comes up and steals the kill. I cleared the way and this dipshit tags my mob. I had even used the charm so he was weakened by then as well as my pet tanking the adds. He took full advantage of it and got himself a kill I then had to sit and wait for the respawn. I tried to take him my self but failed as I didn’t use the charm right away and lost precious time trying to cast it. I died and then had to go to work so I shall be attempting it again tonight after some packing. Maybe. I might have to play my rogue for a bit. I’m getting the feeling that my wife wishes to play her rogue a little. She dies a lot with her new druid and needs to get revenge on something soon.

Monday, May 22, 2006

A very blah weekend.

I DID NOT get to play my hunter at all this weekend. Due to the fact that my wife totally monopolized my account so she could run Black fathom depths with her guild. That’s getting real annoying too. Seems it’s ok for her to spend 4 hours running an instance but as soon as I try to due any time lengthy process I get the riot act read to me. So I played my rogue all weekend.

I decide to level my rogue up so I could get the poison quest. I took me all of 1 hour to get to 20. All I did was grind on Defias in Westfall. I got a mess of line cloth, made some real good money in the AH with these too. So I go and start the quest woohoo.

When my wife found out that I was doing this quest she wanted to come along……she's a level 27 rogue….and she doesn’t have poisons….meh.

I agree to wait for her to show up but first she wants to try for a Defias mask. I tell her it drops from all the Defias mobs in the area….we killed like 40 of them between us and not one mask. So she decides to go to Stormwind to upgrade her tailoring and leaves me to wait for her in Westfall. I got mad and said something stupid which pissed her off. She then threatened to not help ME complete the quest….like I needed any help. The quest is for level 20s and is supposed to be able to be completed by same. Sure the elite guarding the chest will give you some trouble but hey one death is worth poisons IMHO. So I leave our party and go solo, which is my normal mode anyway.

I travel to the tower and meet up with the rogue there to start the next chain and proceed to the tower. I managed to pick the Malformed Defias’s pocket on the first try WOOHOO, and then I run away. Made it out alive. I then went back and stealthed into the tower to find…..everyone is dead….? I run up the stairs dreading coming across a bad mofo that will eat me and get to the top to find… a level 26+ pally wailing on the elite guy there. So I help out….a little then go get my chest and get poisoned. Crap. I knew about this and had a plan for it. I had some anti-venom in the bank to use when I got back. I had forgotten to bring it with. So I go to leave after thanking the pally for clearing the tower, inadvertently, for me when he thanks me for helping him by removing the poison/curse. Awesome now I don’t have to do that obnoxious cure quest.
I did it any way. Hey it’s all in town and has ok exp and faction so done and done.

So now I can make poisons. Very cool. Yet only 2 for now. So I make a few of each and go to try them out. I decided to go to Loch Modan to take out some quests there. I am shooting for exalted with Ironforge so I can get me a ram for my gnome. Just the idea looks good to me. A little gnome on this tall honkin ram. I know I have a long way to go but hey it will happen eventually. I don’t want to be on those stupid metal things for too long. I’m thinking I can use my other characters to get me the nessesary items for the rep quests but I will see how that goes later still real early to be worrying about the mount issue with this char. I picked the chain for Defense of lands and blew through that in like an hour all the way up to Grawmug or what ever his name is. I actually killed him 3 times before I even had the quest to do it. There was a fast repawning silver vein in the cave I was playing with so since I was there I killed him between spawns. I finished out most of the quests available there all except the dam quest where you have to get a mo gorosh crystal. I don’t know how I’m gonna get one of those yet. All level 18-22~ elites guarding the area not cool at all. I also sighted a unique in the area. A level 21 elite Tauren and his 2 elite lackeys. I tried to take him and died messily and quickly. I might try for him with my hunter if I’m ever able to play him again. So I built up some rep with iron forge here toward my goal. I need to find more Ironforge related quests and focus on those.
I took my rogue up to Aralhi Highland to see the First aid book seller there. I got the Expert book as well as the 2 Manuals and I can now say my rogue has a healthy supply of Silk and heavy silk bandages to use for his very own. HEE HEE. I then decided to hit up Southshore and check it out since I was in the neighborhood. Got the flight path and a few recipes for my other characters. Then on a whim I decided to shoot for Chillwind Point flight path. ICKYPOO. That area is a deathtrap for low levels. I died a few times trying for it ,and getting lost as well, but I made it and have the fight path to get back there when I’m growed up enough .

I came back to civilization for a spell for leveling and headed to Darkshore to screw around with a few quests there. I picked up the Washed ashore chain and hit the first 2. Before going after Murkdeep. As I traveled down the coast I kept coming across the other dead sea creatures so I picked them up as well. When I got to Murkdeep’s camp he wasn’t there so I continued south and picked up more sea creature remains. I got all the way to Zorham Strand before turning back and picked up another sea creature remains. All totaled I had 6 sea creature parts in my packs.
Ick smells like tuna around here.

On the way back north Murkdeep rezzed in his camp. A full camp by the way. I pulled carefully all the minions around him. It wasn’t too tough I was level 22 and I think they were at a max of 18 but I was still careful. 1 on 5 will still get me killed quick. I get to Murk and he spawns some little critters that harass me while I wail on Murk himself. He goes down with out too much trouble then I turn to the rest of the minions and wipe the whole camp. I whistle as I walk away. I turn in all the quests and make a whopping… 30 silver… total. Meh it got my rep up…a little. Now I need to focus on leveling and making some money.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Got some skills I doo.

I went for a little adventure last night. I decided on a whim to go visit the Barrens and harass the locals. I killed some centaur looking creatures and got a key. So I searched the entire Barrens till I found a chest to use it on….Nothing special there. I took a dip into wailing caverns on a lark and I hope to go back later with a group. I could prolly run it solo but that would take hours since I would have to be very careful. I fished a bit in the Oasis just outside and caught some deviate fish. Can’t wait till I can get a recipe for the fish delight. I took a spin through Desolace again and found a few places that will be good for mining mithril later. I’m prolly not going to seriously quest this area till I'm over or near 35. It is just too much of a hassle. I aggro too easy and there is too many mobs close together for me to effectively defend myself and Coat. So Desloace is on hold for me for awhile. I ran up to Stonetalon to hop a flight to Astranar for dumping of stuff now that I think about it I could have gone to Nijel’s Point, but it worked out great as there were 2 creatures around Astranar that I need to tame.

So I get to Astranar and dump off and mail a bunch of stuff. I made some decent cash in the Barrens, something like 2 gold just from trash too. I then went looking for a Ghostpaw Alpha since they have Bite4. I found them way south of Astranar. I died on my first attempt some how….don’t know don’t ask. So I went back and tried again. This time I popped the racial stoneskin before the attempt and was at the extreme rang for tame. I got him. I took the walk to Darkshore for training till I got the skill and I ended up learning Furious Howl 2 before I finally learned Bite 4.
Great so I abandon that pet and make the flight back to Astranar to get me an Elder Astranar Bear . This guy went down faster then the wolf and with less pain. I know now that it was the high attack speed of the wolf that killed me. So I get the bear and proceed to beat up on his former friend bears in the area. 2 hits later learned Claw4 Yahoo. So I hang out for a few with the bear killing bears and grab some big bear meat, need a recipe for these too now , before heading back to Astranar and Coat. I abandon the elder bear and retrieve Coat and teach him his new ranks.

After this it was pretty late so I hearthed back to Darkshire. I’m gonna farm more silk and iron till I reach 175 mining then I will head back to Stonetalon for some mithril mining. After a few levels I might finally go and complete the Sven quest line and this weekend I’m going to try to get into a group for Deadmines so I can’t complete those quests. I know it’s a ways off but I’m already thinking on how to save the money for my mount. I already have the 10%discoutn covered so I might try for rank 3 in BG to get another 10 eh we will see.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Farming it is.

Took out my Gnome Rogue last night to do a little farming. Seeing as my wife wanted to run her 24+ NelfRogue to Mulgore….don‘t ask me why.
I had decided to get some first aid leveling prep work done so I went to Westfall and farmed linen. A good place for me was the Defias camp right near Sentinel Hill. It’s got some level 10-13 Defias there and if you die your only on the other side of the hill. Got to 142 linen in like 1 ½ hour before I called it a night. I’ll be back there tonight to get a full 150 then go farm gnolls for wool unless I can find a better farm mob some where else. Maybe I will just farm the wool with my hunter then send it over. Prolly be easier.

I just made a new ammo pouch for my hunter that now holds 14x200 rounds. Very nice. I also commissioned an engineer to make my some crafted solid shot so I have a 13% faster fire rate and .5 more dps per shot. VERY COOL. I had my warrior make 3 of the first Blue item gloves and tacked on a heavy armor kit for each one. I sent one to my hunter and rogue, and then sent the 3rd to my wife’s rogue. I haven’t been able to really test them out as I was sitting in Stormwind waiting for some auctions to expire. Seems the silk is flooded in the AH so it won’t be as profitable as I had hoped. But I’m just 10 pts away from mithril and mageweave, and then I will brave Desolace for some mining. I don’t know if it was a fluke but I got a single mageweave off of a troll mage near the Thunder Axe Fortress so I might farm there for a bit soon too.

I need to head over to Ashenvale to learn Bite and Claw 4 even though Coat seems to be wailing on anything we meet. Still he could use the boost to damage. I have received 5 invites to guilds since I hit level 30. I guess this is a magic number or something. If you reach this high a level it must mean you are serious about playing or something. I was kinda flattered, but not really, the only guild I might have been interested I have since forgotten the name of the recruiter and the guild. He actually struck up a conversation with me before the invite I turned him down because I was playing an alt. He might have invited me because the alt was a priest. Oh well maybe soon I will find something to try out. Kinda like to have a regular run on something with a group. Soloing is nice for quests and farming but it makes the instance running boring to me. I have dipped into Deadmines a few times to farm wool but it just isn’t fun without a group there. Man I can’t wait till my wife levels her druid up to a decent level so we can run in a group together. Not much to tell I was only on for a couple hours. Maybe tonight will be better. We will see.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Let the good times roll.

I ended up not going to the barrens or Durutor on account of my wife usurping my account the last few days. She finally allowed ME to play MY account last night. So I dusted off my hunter and was perusing the AH and I found the recipe I have been looking for. NICE. Got it cheap and sent it off to my mage for use. I then realized I needed to get some money together for some new skills. I also needed to level up my mining. So I traveled back to Duskwood and did some grinding on ogres for silk while watching for iron deposits. I got a mess of silk and was able to level my mining to 165. 10 more points and hello Mithril. Yeah. I hate that smelting goes grey so soon . Now he only thing that will give me points is mining gold and iron and smelting gold. I have yet to see a gold deposit. But I will prolly just hang out in Duskwood for the 10 more points while getting good exp and drops. I came away with full bags of decent loot and actually got 2 trusilver bars from chests there. Very cool. The made me some nice cash in the AH.

Speaking of the AH; I posted about 14g in auctions last night before bed and I am hoping they pan out when I get outta work. I checked this morning a few had already sold and some silver I had posted came back, I had put it on a short auction by mistake. So I have to repost that. I’m sure it will sell eventually. So I will be sitting pretty in the cash area till I go and buy the rest of my skills I couldn’t pick up the last time I was in Stormwind. Just mostly stuff for my pet and a few upgrades for me.

Had a blast farming the ogres for exp and silk. I can take them down in threes if I need to. Though in fact I did have a scary moment when facing the named ogre there. I went after him thinking he might drop some decent stuff, repeatedly, but he didn’t blow up my skirt whit his drops. Anyhow I was fighting him with my pet tanking when 2 ogres rezzed near the fight and aggro’d so now a 2 on 1 is a 2 on 3 and we weren’t fresh. I left Coat to tackle the named one, I think his name is Zakk thul or something, while I took on the 2 adds. I had just run out of ammo….oops. Yeah I know a hunter without ammo is dead well that’s what I though too. So there I was….dramatic eh?......getting pounded on by ogres. Luckily one was a mage type so I wasn’t getting mauled. I took them out with about half life left and turned to help out Coat. Just then the ogre gets a crit and nocks down Coat. So now I have no tank and he has more the half of his life left, well at least his wasn’t an elite or I would be worm food. We go toe to toe for awhile exchanging blows till we are both ready to die. I’m down to like 11hps and he isn’t’ much better off but I know he will get the next attack so I prepare for death and the long run back.

He attacks….. I dodge.
I attack…critical hit for 112.
Zakk dies….woot.
I eat rice cake and take a break.

I headed back to Darkshire after that to rearm repair and sell some trash. I was there long enough to make 1g in money drops alone plus what I got for all the trash I made like 3g on that run Piddly I know compared with later areas but it was a big deal to me. I sent of some items for disenchant and use to my other characters though my warrior won’t be able to use what he got for awhile but it will be nice even when he can. He has an almost complete set of armor for when he reaches level 20 and will probably be twinked out every step of the way from my hunter and I’m ok with that.

I also decided to start upping first aid so I farmed Westfall for linen since I have loads of wool and silk. They might come in handy later so might as well get it up to a useable level since no w I can farm linen, wool and silk easily. I also ducked into Desloace to get a feel for it and I’m thinking I will wait a few levels before venturing in there alone. I handled it ok but I think t would be easier at level 33-34 so I shall grind and try for a DM/VC and maybe Stockades till I’m ready.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Burning the midnight oil. A LOT!

Pay attention class, we have a lot to cover.

It has been a few days since my last update. I have been working on my hunters mining as well as leveling my warrior/leather worker. I also started a new character on my wife’s account. She has a rogue on my account that has obligations with her guild. We will be trading off accountstill she can level her new druid.

Dwarf, Hunter. Mining, Skinning

Dinged 30 over the weekend as well as got the new skills I wanted. I looked to upgrading mining and skinning but will have to wait for some cash. I’m gonna need 9 gold to buy both the skinning and mining artisan levels. Oh well it shouldn’t take to long I'm thinking I will farm ogres for some silk then AH them they seem to sell pretty good all the time. So does most cloths for that matter. I’m also thinking of taking a trip to the Orc starting area to farm crokilsks for an alchemy recipe for my mage. Seems it only drops with any amount of decency in that area, or for that matter any area with orcs. Sucks but it wont take too long to burn through a thousand or so crocs to get what I need and I’m real patient about these sorta things. I can always annoy the low levels in the area for fun. So I will be making a long trip to Durotor later this week, I’m so glad I made the trip across the barrens with him to get all the way to Ratchet which in turn got me to Booty Bay. Now I just have to fly to the bay then to ratchet on a boat and swim to Durotor Will be fun to see a new area and not have to watch my back. Maybe I can sneak on boat for Undercity too. Might try for it after I get the drop. Prolly will be awhile but that’s how it goes some times.

Human, Warrior. Leatherworking, Skinning

I have taken him to Darkshore so I can run with my wife’s new druid though she plays a whole lot differently then me. I will get quests and stack them and complete as many as I can. Then farm for trash till I’m full. Then go back to turn them in and start the whole thing over again…. She, however, seems to be at the whim of the people who helped her before. She lets the drag her around to areas her character is not ready for and then gets pissed when she dies every 5 minutes then has to run back for 10. Any how I tried to play with her but it might not be possible at least at the low level. Perhaps when we get our different chars up above 20 it will be easier then we can support each other in the same areas instead of me going to her areas (NightElf) and instead staying in my areas (Human, Dwarf) Which I feel are better at getting you to level 20-22. Then I would head over to the western continent and hit the mountains. Yet I shall still try to play with her as much as I can till we can hit dungeons together. By the way my warrior is now level 15 and will soon be 16. I've played him less then she has played her new druid and I am 2-3 levels higher then she is …..Different playing styles.

Well with my wife getting a WOW account of her own to play on her comp I had to create a new char on it so I could play WOW while she plays her level 23~ NightElf rogue with her guild. So I created 2 one I created on a different server since Duskwood was full and had a huge wait time just to long on. SO I made another Dwarf Hunter on Norganon……got him to 14 in little over 5 hours. However this server is dead and lonely there doesn’t seem to be any one around except a few dozen level 54+ characters. Also there is absolutely no general chat of any kind going on…..I can’t believe how much I miss the chatting across general even if it wasn’t to me. Though I had great success in playing the AH on that server. I went with Mining and blacksmithing for fun. Made some decent money but I think I will delete that char soon now that I made this new char I've been playing.

Gnome, Rogue. Mining, Herbalist

Made this bad boy on Duskwood so now I have 4 characters on 2 accounts on the same server. Nice. I’m digging the hard hits this dude dishes out even at low level. I was able to blast through the first few quests so fast I had to hang out and farm for a few levels before moving on to the Karanos area. I then proceeded to own this area with only a few deaths from bad pulls 2 of which were not mine but idiots who can manage aggro. Oh well I leveled him to 14 in some thing like 6 hours game time I think. I will have to check then I will change it here. I can’t wait till 16 when I can start on lock boxes. I know where a few always spawn. I have seen them with my hunter all over the place since he can track treasure. The real cool thing is that since I don’t need the herbs or ore on the other chars its all money for Mindkiller I made him over 1g in one trip to AH at level 10 all by himself. Instead of smelting the ore I sold it raw. Yeah it will take longer to level it but I only did that for the first 60 ore I had, It only tool 2 hours to get that much and I wasn’t even working on it much. After I trained for herbalist I was able to sell the lower herbs for some serious cash so I was able to but my some decent weapons at level 13. I’m gonna go with dual weld sword till I can get a hold of some decent daggers. What I trade for speed I more then make up for with damage. C’mon taking out Icebeard at level 12 solo with no potions. After I completed most of the quest here I found that I’m already close to being honored in Ironforge and Gnome’s eyes…cool. Maybe it will help me save some money. I am really looking forward to the lock picking quests and the poison quests. I will prolly get poisons before my wife does with her rogue. That will chap her ass good. Hehe. I’m taking him to Westfall for levels 15-22 or so then I hit up some other area. I was also thinking about leveling him to 19 then hitting WSG for some kills. I might not have the patients for the waiting in lines for them to start but I shall try. I would like to have at least one character geared toward PVP mainly. This will be mainly for revenge kills and such so I have to find a good build for it.

Gnome, Mage. Alchemy, Herbalist

I haven’t been playing my mage so much. I am not happy with the way she has turned out and I am thinking about a respect already and I will prolly go with frost arcane as a build. I know it’s too soon to start spending that kind of cash but I can afford it. I think it will make her a more viable solo grinder and will make it easier to run instances later on. Since I will have worked with her till that point I will be more familiar with how to play her effectively in raids and such

Now I just have to start the process of moving to a new apartment soon which will cut deeply into my WOW time. I think I will survive.
So I’m making the money and planning a long trip in real life and WOW life.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Liking this game more and more.

Coming along REAL nice here.

I have been playing my hunter almost non-stop with a few trips to towns to sell trash, reload and mail items to my support alts. I spent a long time in Stonetalon Mountain before I decided to go back to the Eastern continent and grind Duskwood. I got from 20 ½ to 24 ½ in the mountains before I decided to head east.

I took a detour to Westfall for a few quests then headed into Duskwood. I own this area. There isn’t much I can’t handle here at only lvl 24. I dinged 25 in about 30 minutes. I picked up as many quests as I could in the area and went out hunting all the mean nasties in the area. Note to self: Get track undead. I really should have got this one long ago. Shrug, I didn’t think I would need it this soon and frankly I didn’t think, period. So the first thing I do tonight is go to Stormwind and get me some skill upgrades for me and Coat.

As I was saying I burned through like 6 quests in 2 hours easy got my hunter close to 28 before I logged. I also managed to get mining over 130 so I'm sitting pretty with the iron in the area. I’m gonna check today what the prices are for iron ore and bars. I have been making a killing on bronze and copper ore in the AH. Just a few silver ore made me over 1g. Nuts! Well I can’t use it and it won’t give me skill ups any more so I have no problem taking money for it. My skinning is up enough that I’m getting into heavy leather territory, though I shall have to take my Leatherworking warrior to darnassus soon to become an expert. Then I will have to lvl him to be able to do the artesian quests depending on my choice for ending specialty. Prolly gonna go elemental but I haven’t made up my mind.

Pretty soon I will have to stable Coat to go find the mobs with his upgraded attacks on them. I’m not looking forward to this but it will be just 2 different mobs until I get the attacks. O well the trials and tribulations of a hunter and his pet care. Once I get the skills straight I will most likely go back to Westfall to run the mines. I am really looking forward to that with my uber hunter. I just get a kick outta taking down mobs that are 3-5 lvls higher then me with little or no damage to me (if I’m careful). The mines will be a snap if I can get into a decent group that doesn’t hate hunters. Just means I will have to keep Coat on a tight leash, which I do anyway.

Oh by the way Coat is my pet, in case you don’t get that by now. He was a lvl 9 Ice claw bear when I found him. Now he is a lvl 27 MobKillerOfDeath, who answers to me. Heh. I was thinking in the beginning to get me some unique creature to ride with me but he grew on me fast so I decided to keep him. I might later get me a cat of some type or perhaps a wolf type but it will be for specific purposes like kill quests with a lot of mobs to down. Having the extra power might make things go faster in those times. Though most likely I will stick with Coat and not change him or take the time to replace him.

So tonight is all about the skilling and the lvling to 28 for the next batch of skills and maybe I can shop for a new gun. I’ve got about 15 gold spread over 3 chars now. I am loving the ease of making money in the mining industry. Leatherworking is starting to pay nice to as well as out fitting my hunter in some nice duds. Soon I will get me a new ammo pouch and a new 10 slot bag prolly around the same time too. Yeah baby.

That’s all for now. Maybe I should start advertising the blog so I can get some readers who comment on my babble.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Making some exp.

Just a bit of fun. I decided to take my mage back to Wetlands for some herb picking. Big mistake. I should have stayed in Darkshore.. Oh well it won’t take to much time to get back there. Maybe I can get her to Stonetalon mountains to kill stags. They seem to drop a few items worth some decent cash. I managed to get a few more grave moss but since the stack I had didn’t sell I'm gonna wait to get a full stack before I put it back on the AH. I also got a few life roots which will come in handy when I get my greater healing potion recipe. That will help out a lot in battles. I switched over to my hunter to complete a few quests in Redridge Mountains. Seems he is high enough now, and I have a big new gun, to kill the mobs there pretty easily. I finished 3 kill quests there then hung out until I dinged 22…very cool didn’t even realize it was close till after the quests. I died a few times because of stupid players that seem to want to agro entire camps with out support or CC. I just don’t get it. Going in blazing, getting killed isn’t going to get the job done. Sure you are lvl 21 but going up against 3 19 lvl mobs will get you dead fast. By the time u kill one you are half life then you start the second. Maybe you heal but it gets eaten by the third guy who finishes the job after you kill the second guy. DEAD. Stupid. Yeah death is just time lost and a little money to repair but it’s just so damn stupid when you could have taken your time killed the one at a time and are ready to take on the next camp. Anyway enough ranting. Got my hunters mining up to 100 now so its prolly time to get some quests in wetlands and look into some mining there. This place is also a good area for skinning. The raptors are easy kills for a hunter/ pet combo and then can be skinned, let alone the crocs. If I need some cash I can take down some orcs or those walking hyena looking things. I maybe I will hit up some firefin fishing off the coast. Really need some leather to get my warrior up to making some decent leather for my hunter. That’s all for now.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Couple of hours work.

Some interesting happenings. I took Savoy on a journey to Darnassus last night. I needed to learn to be an expert alchemist. So I cleared up some business with my warrior and hunter then settled in for the long haul.

I had to travel all the way from Westfall to Loch Modan on griffon then walk from there to Menethil Harbor. I picked up the quest to kill 6 orc scouts and 8 orc brutes and proceeded into the hills above the loch. I met up with a human mage on the same quest so we teamed up for the kills. We got to the orc camp an started the killin. We were doing well, pulling and killin at a good clip without too much damage to us. Then this idiot dwarf and his even more idiotic gnome friend decide to aggro the entire camp then kite them out of the valley.....right into us. Brain dead idiots.... If they had partied up we could have taken out the camp in like 5 minutes. Instead we all had to walk back from the loch graveyard. MORONS. They of course died too...first as a matter of fact. Yet they tried to do the same tactic when they came back. Luckily we had gotten most of the quest done by then so we finished it up and began the long trek to Menethil. The road was pretty clear no crocs or oozes to speak of. I did leave the path to take down an ooze guarding a patch of kingsblood....not gonna pass this one up, no sir. Got to Menethil after picking up the delivery quest along the way turned in both quests and decided to linger in the Wetlands for a bit. I wanted that ooze covered bag. 10 slots are nice. So I hauled back to the middle of the area and went north. Killed like 10 oozes before the bag dropped. I did find some nice grave moss. SO I picked about 9 pcs of the stuff. I prolly won’t use it for awhile but it might sell real well so what ever. I return to the harbor turn in quest and get the griffon point. Time for the long boat ride to Auberdine.
Get to Auberdine and hit the hippogriff point and get on another boat to the world tree. Griffon point again and take the portal to Darnassus. Now at this time I'm Maxed out at 150 in alchemy and 148/150 in herbalism so I'm doing pretty well. I just can’t make any potions till I get the next lvl. What do you know, I have just enough money to buy me an expert status as an alchemist, but not herbalism...yet won’t be too long though if my grave moss sell today. I also need money to buy the formula for the greater healing potion that’s another 50s Oh well I can go farm in Ashenvale for a little while till I get all the potion formulas here. I already know from my wife what to kill for some good money making trash. Shouldn’t be too hard. I have been sending all my leathers form all my chars to my warrior. It started to pay off good this morning. It won’t belong before he will be able to make some decent leather for my hunter to wear. Leatherworking is over 100 now and I can make nice armor but can also make medium armor kits for +16 to armor for legs, hands, chest, and feet!! Yeah my hunter is going to be decked out soon. I’m planning on taking my hunter back to the wetlands to harvest leather from the velosaraptor looking things there as well as the crocs. I got him a new weapon from the AH...I know I know “Don’t buy at low levels” but I can afford it with the money he is making in metals and leathers so sue me. It will be a good place for him to lvl a bit too. Soon
I’m gonna have to take out my warrior and lvl him too. He’s gotto have the full amount of rest exp coming to him by now. He hasn’t left Stormwind in like 2 1/2 weeks. Oh well there always this weekend if I can convince my wife to give me Saturday instead of Sunday for MY-ALL-DAY-PLAY. We will see.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some news from the front.

I have been bouncing around with all of my characters the past few days.

I'm sorta using them all to support each other in different ways. Like my mage has alchemy so se gets all the herbs and fish an stuff for potions, while my warrior gets all the leather so he can make armor an stuff. My hunter is just a money maker but still my favorite right now. Mining and skinning are really starting to pay off. I just have to split all the leather he gets with the warrior and sell the rest at the AH.
Bronze bars seem to go for a good amount and I don’t really have to work to hard for the mats. I have been real lucky on mine spawns so it won’t be long before I can start to mine iron in dusk wood. It will probably happen about the time I can effectively battle the beings in that area, which isn’t far away now and I've only just dinged 22. Good place for leather too as well as plenty of spiders to get venom sacs from for the all important anti-venom potions that my wife char will need soon.

More on Savoy.
My mage is coming along real nice, although I have been neglecting her a bit in favor of my hunter. I did finally go and learn a few spells I had been putting off like blink... This is cool I have not had a chance to use it in game for emergencies but I know it will come in handy.

I took her into Deadmines once again this time with a warlock, a rogue and a paladin. Yup 4 man team....again. We couldn’t find a priest so it was the pally’s job to heal. Good thing too since he was only lvl16 and could barley hit anything. The warlock and rogue were levels 26 and 27 respectively. So it wasn’t too hard since we also used strategy to deal with the run. The rogue did most of the pulling while the lock and my mage did crowd control as needed, me sheeping him fearing. We made it past the mechwarrior wannabe, wasted him easy btw, and made good time down to the ship.

We discussed strategy on the first mate with sheeping being a good way to go. The rogue pulled the mate by sapping one of the stealthed adds which I then sheeped. So now we had just 2 to fight. The rogue tanked the mate and the rest of us gangbanged the 2nd body guard. Took it down fast then started on the mate. I kept resheeping the other bodyguard, so it wasn’t a factor in the fight at all really. The mate stunned us 2 times before we took him down. On his last hit he smote my mage....grrr. It was a real cheap shot but was my fault. I didn’t watch my dps and drew aggro at the last second. But I rezed back at the beginning and was summoned to the team at the gangplank.

We boarded and decided to go for the cook. Easiest kill of the run right there. We took him down with out any problems. I got a cookies tenderizer on a greed roll. No one wanted it or needed it so it will fetch something as vender trash. We went back to the front of the ship and started the long haul to the top...but it wasn’t that long this time. Was a real good team even the pally kept up on the healing real well. No one died on the run except me and the pally and we each only died 1 time.

We got to the top and used the same strategy on the captain, sheep/sap and drew the captain down the ramp a bit before killing him. Then we took down his bodyguards down one at a time....cake. We paused to catch our breath. The rogue or the warlock said they had never beaten VC, can’t remember which said it, so we went into this battle TENCE. We decided to risk the adds that would spawn at half life and sheeped and feared the fist 2 bodyguards. Then I took down one of them before bringing my fire power down on VC.

I must have irritated him because he left the rogue who was tanking him and came after me. They managed to pull him off just as he called for the other 2 guards. That’s 3 guards and VC now. So I resheeped the last original guard and tore into VC again. The warlock was fearing the other 2 guards while the pally was healing like mad. The rogue maintained aggro through out the rest of the fight.

Then it was time to lay down the hammer.

I loaded up some arcane bolts followed by fireball r3 and then fire blast.......DEAD. VC went down but we weren’t done yet, we still had 3 guards to go so we ganged up on them one at a time and took them down. YES!! Got my VC head and so did 2 others who needed it. We sat a few minutes to soak in what we had done....yeah we kilt him. It was my first DM run finished and it was fun. We made a run for the exit sheeping and fearing all the adds and made it to the exit portal.

We then marched back to Sentinel Hill like heroes. Many compliments went back and forth. I tell you we all deserved it. Yeah it’s a low instance but it still was a fun time. Good teamwork and communication was the key. We discussed and planned just enough to know what the others were doing. So we were cohesive in the task at hand and came away with the big W. Yeah now I just can’t wait to take my hunter through there.

I’m gonna maul stuff with him.