Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some news from the front.

I have been bouncing around with all of my characters the past few days.

I'm sorta using them all to support each other in different ways. Like my mage has alchemy so se gets all the herbs and fish an stuff for potions, while my warrior gets all the leather so he can make armor an stuff. My hunter is just a money maker but still my favorite right now. Mining and skinning are really starting to pay off. I just have to split all the leather he gets with the warrior and sell the rest at the AH.
Bronze bars seem to go for a good amount and I don’t really have to work to hard for the mats. I have been real lucky on mine spawns so it won’t be long before I can start to mine iron in dusk wood. It will probably happen about the time I can effectively battle the beings in that area, which isn’t far away now and I've only just dinged 22. Good place for leather too as well as plenty of spiders to get venom sacs from for the all important anti-venom potions that my wife char will need soon.

More on Savoy.
My mage is coming along real nice, although I have been neglecting her a bit in favor of my hunter. I did finally go and learn a few spells I had been putting off like blink... This is cool I have not had a chance to use it in game for emergencies but I know it will come in handy.

I took her into Deadmines once again this time with a warlock, a rogue and a paladin. Yup 4 man team....again. We couldn’t find a priest so it was the pally’s job to heal. Good thing too since he was only lvl16 and could barley hit anything. The warlock and rogue were levels 26 and 27 respectively. So it wasn’t too hard since we also used strategy to deal with the run. The rogue did most of the pulling while the lock and my mage did crowd control as needed, me sheeping him fearing. We made it past the mechwarrior wannabe, wasted him easy btw, and made good time down to the ship.

We discussed strategy on the first mate with sheeping being a good way to go. The rogue pulled the mate by sapping one of the stealthed adds which I then sheeped. So now we had just 2 to fight. The rogue tanked the mate and the rest of us gangbanged the 2nd body guard. Took it down fast then started on the mate. I kept resheeping the other bodyguard, so it wasn’t a factor in the fight at all really. The mate stunned us 2 times before we took him down. On his last hit he smote my mage....grrr. It was a real cheap shot but was my fault. I didn’t watch my dps and drew aggro at the last second. But I rezed back at the beginning and was summoned to the team at the gangplank.

We boarded and decided to go for the cook. Easiest kill of the run right there. We took him down with out any problems. I got a cookies tenderizer on a greed roll. No one wanted it or needed it so it will fetch something as vender trash. We went back to the front of the ship and started the long haul to the top...but it wasn’t that long this time. Was a real good team even the pally kept up on the healing real well. No one died on the run except me and the pally and we each only died 1 time.

We got to the top and used the same strategy on the captain, sheep/sap and drew the captain down the ramp a bit before killing him. Then we took down his bodyguards down one at a time....cake. We paused to catch our breath. The rogue or the warlock said they had never beaten VC, can’t remember which said it, so we went into this battle TENCE. We decided to risk the adds that would spawn at half life and sheeped and feared the fist 2 bodyguards. Then I took down one of them before bringing my fire power down on VC.

I must have irritated him because he left the rogue who was tanking him and came after me. They managed to pull him off just as he called for the other 2 guards. That’s 3 guards and VC now. So I resheeped the last original guard and tore into VC again. The warlock was fearing the other 2 guards while the pally was healing like mad. The rogue maintained aggro through out the rest of the fight.

Then it was time to lay down the hammer.

I loaded up some arcane bolts followed by fireball r3 and then fire blast.......DEAD. VC went down but we weren’t done yet, we still had 3 guards to go so we ganged up on them one at a time and took them down. YES!! Got my VC head and so did 2 others who needed it. We sat a few minutes to soak in what we had done....yeah we kilt him. It was my first DM run finished and it was fun. We made a run for the exit sheeping and fearing all the adds and made it to the exit portal.

We then marched back to Sentinel Hill like heroes. Many compliments went back and forth. I tell you we all deserved it. Yeah it’s a low instance but it still was a fun time. Good teamwork and communication was the key. We discussed and planned just enough to know what the others were doing. So we were cohesive in the task at hand and came away with the big W. Yeah now I just can’t wait to take my hunter through there.

I’m gonna maul stuff with him.

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