Friday, May 05, 2006

Making some exp.

Just a bit of fun. I decided to take my mage back to Wetlands for some herb picking. Big mistake. I should have stayed in Darkshore.. Oh well it won’t take to much time to get back there. Maybe I can get her to Stonetalon mountains to kill stags. They seem to drop a few items worth some decent cash. I managed to get a few more grave moss but since the stack I had didn’t sell I'm gonna wait to get a full stack before I put it back on the AH. I also got a few life roots which will come in handy when I get my greater healing potion recipe. That will help out a lot in battles. I switched over to my hunter to complete a few quests in Redridge Mountains. Seems he is high enough now, and I have a big new gun, to kill the mobs there pretty easily. I finished 3 kill quests there then hung out until I dinged 22…very cool didn’t even realize it was close till after the quests. I died a few times because of stupid players that seem to want to agro entire camps with out support or CC. I just don’t get it. Going in blazing, getting killed isn’t going to get the job done. Sure you are lvl 21 but going up against 3 19 lvl mobs will get you dead fast. By the time u kill one you are half life then you start the second. Maybe you heal but it gets eaten by the third guy who finishes the job after you kill the second guy. DEAD. Stupid. Yeah death is just time lost and a little money to repair but it’s just so damn stupid when you could have taken your time killed the one at a time and are ready to take on the next camp. Anyway enough ranting. Got my hunters mining up to 100 now so its prolly time to get some quests in wetlands and look into some mining there. This place is also a good area for skinning. The raptors are easy kills for a hunter/ pet combo and then can be skinned, let alone the crocs. If I need some cash I can take down some orcs or those walking hyena looking things. I maybe I will hit up some firefin fishing off the coast. Really need some leather to get my warrior up to making some decent leather for my hunter. That’s all for now.

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