Thursday, May 04, 2006

Couple of hours work.

Some interesting happenings. I took Savoy on a journey to Darnassus last night. I needed to learn to be an expert alchemist. So I cleared up some business with my warrior and hunter then settled in for the long haul.

I had to travel all the way from Westfall to Loch Modan on griffon then walk from there to Menethil Harbor. I picked up the quest to kill 6 orc scouts and 8 orc brutes and proceeded into the hills above the loch. I met up with a human mage on the same quest so we teamed up for the kills. We got to the orc camp an started the killin. We were doing well, pulling and killin at a good clip without too much damage to us. Then this idiot dwarf and his even more idiotic gnome friend decide to aggro the entire camp then kite them out of the valley.....right into us. Brain dead idiots.... If they had partied up we could have taken out the camp in like 5 minutes. Instead we all had to walk back from the loch graveyard. MORONS. They of course died too...first as a matter of fact. Yet they tried to do the same tactic when they came back. Luckily we had gotten most of the quest done by then so we finished it up and began the long trek to Menethil. The road was pretty clear no crocs or oozes to speak of. I did leave the path to take down an ooze guarding a patch of kingsblood....not gonna pass this one up, no sir. Got to Menethil after picking up the delivery quest along the way turned in both quests and decided to linger in the Wetlands for a bit. I wanted that ooze covered bag. 10 slots are nice. So I hauled back to the middle of the area and went north. Killed like 10 oozes before the bag dropped. I did find some nice grave moss. SO I picked about 9 pcs of the stuff. I prolly won’t use it for awhile but it might sell real well so what ever. I return to the harbor turn in quest and get the griffon point. Time for the long boat ride to Auberdine.
Get to Auberdine and hit the hippogriff point and get on another boat to the world tree. Griffon point again and take the portal to Darnassus. Now at this time I'm Maxed out at 150 in alchemy and 148/150 in herbalism so I'm doing pretty well. I just can’t make any potions till I get the next lvl. What do you know, I have just enough money to buy me an expert status as an alchemist, but not herbalism...yet won’t be too long though if my grave moss sell today. I also need money to buy the formula for the greater healing potion that’s another 50s Oh well I can go farm in Ashenvale for a little while till I get all the potion formulas here. I already know from my wife what to kill for some good money making trash. Shouldn’t be too hard. I have been sending all my leathers form all my chars to my warrior. It started to pay off good this morning. It won’t belong before he will be able to make some decent leather for my hunter to wear. Leatherworking is over 100 now and I can make nice armor but can also make medium armor kits for +16 to armor for legs, hands, chest, and feet!! Yeah my hunter is going to be decked out soon. I’m planning on taking my hunter back to the wetlands to harvest leather from the velosaraptor looking things there as well as the crocs. I got him a new weapon from the AH...I know I know “Don’t buy at low levels” but I can afford it with the money he is making in metals and leathers so sue me. It will be a good place for him to lvl a bit too. Soon
I’m gonna have to take out my warrior and lvl him too. He’s gotto have the full amount of rest exp coming to him by now. He hasn’t left Stormwind in like 2 1/2 weeks. Oh well there always this weekend if I can convince my wife to give me Saturday instead of Sunday for MY-ALL-DAY-PLAY. We will see.

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