Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Liking this game more and more.

Coming along REAL nice here.

I have been playing my hunter almost non-stop with a few trips to towns to sell trash, reload and mail items to my support alts. I spent a long time in Stonetalon Mountain before I decided to go back to the Eastern continent and grind Duskwood. I got from 20 ½ to 24 ½ in the mountains before I decided to head east.

I took a detour to Westfall for a few quests then headed into Duskwood. I own this area. There isn’t much I can’t handle here at only lvl 24. I dinged 25 in about 30 minutes. I picked up as many quests as I could in the area and went out hunting all the mean nasties in the area. Note to self: Get track undead. I really should have got this one long ago. Shrug, I didn’t think I would need it this soon and frankly I didn’t think, period. So the first thing I do tonight is go to Stormwind and get me some skill upgrades for me and Coat.

As I was saying I burned through like 6 quests in 2 hours easy got my hunter close to 28 before I logged. I also managed to get mining over 130 so I'm sitting pretty with the iron in the area. I’m gonna check today what the prices are for iron ore and bars. I have been making a killing on bronze and copper ore in the AH. Just a few silver ore made me over 1g. Nuts! Well I can’t use it and it won’t give me skill ups any more so I have no problem taking money for it. My skinning is up enough that I’m getting into heavy leather territory, though I shall have to take my Leatherworking warrior to darnassus soon to become an expert. Then I will have to lvl him to be able to do the artesian quests depending on my choice for ending specialty. Prolly gonna go elemental but I haven’t made up my mind.

Pretty soon I will have to stable Coat to go find the mobs with his upgraded attacks on them. I’m not looking forward to this but it will be just 2 different mobs until I get the attacks. O well the trials and tribulations of a hunter and his pet care. Once I get the skills straight I will most likely go back to Westfall to run the mines. I am really looking forward to that with my uber hunter. I just get a kick outta taking down mobs that are 3-5 lvls higher then me with little or no damage to me (if I’m careful). The mines will be a snap if I can get into a decent group that doesn’t hate hunters. Just means I will have to keep Coat on a tight leash, which I do anyway.

Oh by the way Coat is my pet, in case you don’t get that by now. He was a lvl 9 Ice claw bear when I found him. Now he is a lvl 27 MobKillerOfDeath, who answers to me. Heh. I was thinking in the beginning to get me some unique creature to ride with me but he grew on me fast so I decided to keep him. I might later get me a cat of some type or perhaps a wolf type but it will be for specific purposes like kill quests with a lot of mobs to down. Having the extra power might make things go faster in those times. Though most likely I will stick with Coat and not change him or take the time to replace him.

So tonight is all about the skilling and the lvling to 28 for the next batch of skills and maybe I can shop for a new gun. I’ve got about 15 gold spread over 3 chars now. I am loving the ease of making money in the mining industry. Leatherworking is starting to pay nice to as well as out fitting my hunter in some nice duds. Soon I will get me a new ammo pouch and a new 10 slot bag prolly around the same time too. Yeah baby.

That’s all for now. Maybe I should start advertising the blog so I can get some readers who comment on my babble.

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