Monday, January 28, 2008

Ret is dead, soon at least.

I haven’t been enjoying my Ret Pally all that much recently. The sigma of not being a tank or a healer is getting to me. Working on itemization has shown me that to make a ret pally perform will take an inordinate amount of time and effort. I have also been told that some decent gear is to be had from the Season 1 arena gear.

PVP, I cast my spite at thee.

So I have been giving serious consideration to respeccing protection. No healing for me. I like the tank role. On my warrior I so enjoy taking the hits and dishing out the aggro. Only problem now is I have to completely revamp my armor and weapon itemization. I am hoping that some of the stuff that Darstar can make with Blacksmithing will work as a temporary fix till I can get some real gear. I will not be getting rid of any of the gear I have just in case that doesn’t work out. Hell I’ll be able to use most of it to help in grinding if needed. Sure as hell not gonna get rid of my HOD. I still would like to get the hammer of naruu, and it will be a bit before I actually respect, need to have the gear ready to go for the change.

I got Darstar up to 50 this weekend and with it I respecced full prot sos I could spec down to devastate. Oh what an evil skill that is. Sunder armor and damage based on how many sunders are up. SO it increases in damage the more you use it till sunders are stacked 5 times. Very fricking cool. I topped the damage meter in a few ZF runs after I got this thing rollin. Poor enchantment shammy couldn’t figure out what had changed. I had run with him a few time before I had devastate and he kept pulling aggro. Not any more.

More good news from ZF. I had gotten Jang’Thraze to drop off the chief on Friday last week. Now I was stoked. It's decent main hand, it has a nice shield proc that will take maybe 1 hit from an attacker, plus it looks bad ass. (I need to get the thing enchanted.)

Now I have run ZF over 300 times, really I’m not kidding. 4 characters over 42 all went to ZF from 42-50 or so. MANY TIMES RUN’ED THERE IN. So I can pretty much fight through there in my sleep…and have done so…a few times. In the beginning it was just for the exp and a few quests…nothing in there really sparked my fancy, till I saw Sul’Thraze. This was my obsession. Yeah was. I have falling off of it a few times. Usually when the character I was trying for it on leveled past 50. I figured it would be the same on Darstar, until Friday when Jang dropped and every one passed on it.

I have JANG” I wsp to all the people who knew I was questing and had been questing for it. I equipped that bad boy and proceed to kick even more ass cuz NOW imamtankwithJANG. Yeah I was frickin happy. I gladly went on back there a few times with a guildy willing to run to the basilisk boss and try for Sang. We tried 5 times in 2 days and no Sang; I was disappointed but willing to let it go. I had just dinged 50 and knew the second sword would only get used in solo runs, hell even Sul would only me a soloing weapon. This weekend the wife had a bit of downtime between raids and decided to run ZF on her 43 priest and asks me ifin I would be willing to tank a group through ZF. I say sure another shot at Sang, plus I get to play with the wife who is cranking out some mad healz.

She gets a group together and I get summoned to ZF. We set up and dig into ZF and maul through it. We had along an Enhancement shammy (Same one as above, good player) and a mage and a ret pally (giggle, he was wearing a shield and a 1 hand mace, idiot) I had asked him at one point why he was 1 handing it instead of swinging a skull-crushing 2hander…he never responded. The ret pally kept breaking the mages sheep but that wasn’t all that bad as I had no problem keeping aggro. We smash our way to the basilisk boss where we tear through him and his adds. Guess what dropped…SANG FUCKIN THRAZE. I about shit myself. In all the times I have run this place I have seen Jang 3 and Sang 2 times. This was the second Sang. Before I can ask “ohpleasepleaseprettypleasecanineedonthatIhavepentmyentirelifelookingforthatsword!” the wife types in for people to please pass since I have been waiting for it AND have the other half. The mage and shammy have no problem with that and the wife passes also…that leave the Pally. Now I know he was salivating, so I type in

“Dude I’ll pay you 20g to pass on that.”

/slash eyeball

He passes, I got it! Fucking yeah baby. I have been to the mountain and seen the virgins and they serve BEER I fucking got them damn blades!! So yeah I am pleased. I tell the pally straight up thank you and if he sticks around after the sun I can send him the cash. Darstar was a little broke but the bank I have has plenty enough to cover that. The wife decides to not let him wait and was gonna pay him for me, but he refused the trade. I don’t understand it but oh well. I got the blades and they look sick together. I’m gonna have to look real hard at the stats for Sul before I decide to join them. I really like the way they look together and they will be good for keeping sword skill up being a matched pair. I will have to see how my damage is solo with a 2hand using devastate to really see if it would be worth it. Till then I have a nice pair of swords that need enchanting.

Now for the new character I made this weekend. Yeah another. I have a few friends that adopted a mascot for their house. It is a little plastic alligator toy they have named Wally Gator. Now there is a cartoon character named this, but this is not the derivation of this mascot. No, it is from an episode of The A-Team where Murdock adopts a baby alligator and names him Wally Gator. Now according to Murdock “Wally Gator knows about war” and since my friends play a lot of first person shooters about wars they immediately felt a kinship with Wally Gator and thus the house mascot was born.
My wife and I were discussing the cleaning up of our accounts and getting rid of older characters we will never play again, so we freed up a few slots on the account I play on. I was looking for a cool name and “Bigdaddykingthunderstick” would not fit in the name box…I tried…several permutations…unsuccessfully. Sigh. So the wife hit on the idea of making a Wally Gator. It took me all of 2 secs to figure out that Wally had to be a Draeni. Since my other Draeni shammy is now the Guild leader/banker of my private stash, I can no longer play him and keep him easily near the important things, ah/bank. So I picked a male Draeni shammy since I still want to see how these guys play and named him Wallygator. I got him to 12 in little under 6 hours. My banker Draeni only ever made it to 14…over 24hours. Yeah I played Wally a bit this weekend. I’m gonna move him to IF to crank some easy quests there then prolly over to SW for those as well. I’m gonna quests his ass off, when ever I have the time. Pretty soon Darstar will be ready for the plunge into BRD and the goodness therein, and with the guild tooling up for some serious runs at TK and perhaps SSC I might get in on those. I really want to get into ZA, which might come about after a respecc. We shall see.

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Samownall said...

Ret is not dead!!! Gogo warrior/retpally/restoshammy :)
Works wonders!
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