Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Hammer, but nice legs there bud.

Now I left KOW then almost immediately got re-invited back to Honor. Much jokes an ribbing were sent my way for leaving in the first place. Now I still felt I left for valid reasons, yet I’m also willing to change my attitude toward dealing with what the guild has become. This means I will actually sign up for raids that I intend to attend. I don’t think I’ll be getting back into Kara since the times for raiding it are still too early for me. I will however be able to attend the SSC, TK, Gruul, and perhaps ZA raids as they tend to happen later in the day or on the weekends.

I happen to be invited to go on Honor’s first run at TK: Eye The plan was to see if we could clear to Void Reaver and take his ass down. We had some scary moments on the dragon hawks pulls and a few deaths to cleaves on the bigger blood elves, but all in all no more then a 30% death toll on the bad pulls, which only happened 2 times due to unfamiliarity and a sheep breaking without notice. We tightened up the strats as we went and made it to Void I decent time. We wiped once on the pulls immediately around Void due to a lock taking a really bad hit. Again we tightened up the strat and went on to clear the room for a shot at Void. As we were setting up for the fight, some one accidentally aggroed void and the race was on to the door. I was last one in and actually took a hit from Void as a parting shot. I lived.

The dead release and run back and we set up for a try at Void. Strats are discussed and we attack. We did a damn good job. We got him below 45%, can’t remember the exact number but it may have been as low as 29%, before the poundings took their toll and kill off the melee dps. We were using the in/out strat, but it ended up costing us too much dps. We wiped but still learned what to expect. I was dead at around 70%.

We set up for another run, this time the melee will stay in and have 2 dedicated healers. The tank was not taking any really big hits so the healing could be eased up from him. So most melee stay in for the pounding and rely on the heals. I didn’t listen as I figured it be more effective to trade off who runs out and who stays. This time I lasted till 30-34% before a bad bomb got me after a pounding. During the fight we could see the trash was re-spawning near the entrance. We reset and discuss what to refine as the strat. People were summoned form the entrance for a final shot.

It was decided that the dedicated healers stay, but the melee try to in/out if needed. Low health or out of position to the healer dictating movement. As we are setting up for the 3rd run we can hear the trash respawning behind us and getting closer. We knew this was our last shot. We set off for the third try. Every one knows what going to happen now. No surprises any more. We settle in for the long fight and tough it out.


We kicked his ass. We hurried for a pic before lewting the goodies. We kicked his ass. I know we can do it again too. We got the heals, the tanks, the dps. We Cracked his Skull.

Honor has also been working on ZA progression. Lots of nice stuff there to be had. Last night they completed their first complete clear of ZA. Hells yeah. This just after a complete run of gruuls. Yeah we made HKM our bitch. We had one partial wipe setting up on HKM, and one true and a partial wipe on gruul due to some one deciding to res people instead of releasing and runnin. My hammer did not drop, but I’m sure he was just polishing it for next week for me. Its ok, I can wait. We went on and showed gruul that he may slay dragons but he is just a bump on the road in front of the juggernaught that is HONOR.I managed to snag a winning roll for my t4 legs. Oh how nice it will be whenever I get 2 then 4 of the pieces. Very nice bonuses. I’ll run gruuls over and over again. It is a quick fun run.

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