Friday, January 04, 2008

I have seen the Hammer, and it is good.

A few notes, maybe it will grow into something more.

So I quit my old guild almost 3 weeks ago. I will say I did remain solo for those first 2 weeks. I am focusing on getting my new warrior up to 70. More on that in a bit. My wife finally convinced me to join her guild, with the blessing of the GM. Sorta. Seems the GM is worried that if/when I leave that I’ll take the wife. She seems to ignore the fact that my wife has been in her guild for a while now and I have not. Maybe we don’t act like those other drahma hors. If I leave this new guild it will be for my reasons and I will not be dragging my wife away from a guild she seems to be enjoying. Plus she is now an officer officially now, where before she was just the DKP person. Seemed to me she should have been an officer in name and deed the second she took over the crap that is DKP. Anyway. So I rolled Gawdsicon, my 70 ret pally into Kings of War. I haven’t been to any raid with them, but I have earned standby dkp. Yay. Still suffereing from the raid timming and the fact that if KOW is raiding, so is the wife. Having 2 parents raid at the same time and nearbouts the same time as dinner or bedtimes; a little difficult. We may be able to work it out, but I’m in no hurry. I have received a few tells from people from my old guild asking for my return….ok just one person seems to be. He is a friend though so I take it seriously.

Speaking of my old guild. They have worked out a weekly deal with a few other interested guilds to run AQ40 and perhaps Naxx on Saturdays just for giggles. I was invited and accepted a slot on the weekly runs, where ever they may go.
We ran into AQ40 last weekend and it was a blast. Even though we had a decent number of 70’s, we sprinkled it with a few 60-65’s. Hell some o the gear in AQ40 will be decent enough for them. I’m not sure how many we had but it was prolly around 30 or so people kicking in there for a few hours. Most, I think, had a blast. I know I sure did. Seeing a part of the game I had never seen before.

It got me in the mood to check out how far I was from getting attuned to Naxx. Turns out I was revered with AD, so it only cost me the price of 30g and 2 nexus crystals as I had a stack of arcane crystals in the bank. So being attuned I then decided to find Naxx and enter it to check it out. After running around EPL for 45 minutes I went to wowwiki to find the entrance. Yeah, its in the middle of Plaguewood. So I invite the wife to a group, change to raid and enter. Wow, this place if huge. I wondered around the first room and then decided to challenge one of the big green guys. I might have taken down one, if he wasn’t linked to the other three. In 5 hits I’m smooshed. Oh well I can get here now and will be back there some day.

Back to my old guild. Last weekend I was invited on a sorta progression run into ZA. Yeah I’m not in the guild and now I get invited to ZA. So I go and we get to the bear boss with 7 minutes left on the timer. Jesus that fight is loooong. We wiped on the first attempt so now extra loots. We got him on the second try. Nice fight, pretty simple on the strategy as long as you have the heals and tanks. The rest is burning down fast and getting there in enough time to do it before the timer runs out. Afer catchin our breath we tried for the bird boss. That gauntlet is rough lemme tell joo. We attempted 4 times without getting all the way through. They then decided to trade out one of us for a bigger AOE. So who has to go? Me of course. Oh well. I thanked them for the run and switched over to my warrior for the rest of the night.

Yesterday I log in and get a tell from an old guildy asking if I wanna try Gruul with them. I’m like “ Dude, I get more raid invites now then I did when I was IN the guild.” He then asks me if I had thought about returning, I gave him a truthful answer of no. I have not been thinking about it mainly just so I don’t have to think about it. Not quite ready for that line of thought yet.

So since KOW had already smooshed Gruul this week and I was not in on that, I was free to go to Honor’s run. We smashed through the trash to HKM, and sat and chilled while instructions were spoken…..and spoken…..snore….Oh! and spoken. I’m heading out for pizza.

After a lengthy discussion/summation/pandering, we finally make the first attempt. It flopped horribly as the main healer was way out of range of the tank on HKM. We wipe spectacularly. Reset, then again, more words. (I’m all for strategy, but being DPS I just want to be pointed and shot at what ever needs killin) We try again and make better progress. We wipe a second time due once again being placed wrong for heals. The third attempt was going well until the main on HKM took some real nasty hits from the lock after tour hunters lost their healer. It was like a domino affect. The main healer just could not compete with HKM and the lock beating on the tank. The main tank went down just before we took down the third guy. We kept at it just for giggles and manage to get down 3 of the five guys in the room. Not bad really, it gave the rest of the raid what we needed, confidence that we could do it. We reset our selves and waited for the respawns. Buffed and thrashed through the trash to HKM once again. It went flawlessly on the fourth try. Only 3 people died and 2 of those were dps. We got the king down and much joy was had. He dropped the Hammer of Naruu and 2 sets t4 gloves for pallys and rogue. Since I wasn’t guildy I didn’t expect anything, but that hammer looked noice. The only other pally rolls, I wait for others to roll. No one does, then they tell me to roll too. “I’m not guildy”, I says. “Fuck that shit, you’re here and you helped. Roll fucker!”

So I roll to. The other Pally got the win by 15 points. Oh well maybe some other time. I had fun, and wasn’t there for gear any way. I was compelled to roll on the t4 gloves and didn’t get those either, again no big deal. I’ll be going back Monday when they make a run on Gruul hisself. So I have been to AQ40, Naxx(touring the first room) ZA, and HKM.

Shit, can I call my self a raider yet?

Maybe I’ll wait till I get the hammer.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, just wanted to let you know I have added your blog in my list at Basically its a ret pally forum website and hope you will come visit us =D

-Lumino 70 pally, Gurubashi-US

wowup said...

On the occasion of the old guild?v_V

Mindkiller said...

@Wowup: Is that some cryptic message? I no understand, its a bit abstract.