Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me can has posts?

A little updating to be had.

I have been back in my “Old” Guild for 2 weeks, Yeah I went back.

I found that KOW, while seeming a fun loving group of people, are really lewt hungry adolescents with an over-inflated view of their own importance to the world. Yeah, a buncha dick heads. Seriously, I did not go on one raid with them, by choice. I could have asked for a slot and if an item dropped that I could use, I may have had a shot at it if no one wanted/needed. I chose to sit out raids not because of the slim chance at lewt, but because I really didn’t want to be the guy they blamed wipes on. I prolly would have just based on the attitudes they get over the wife’s vent when they do wipe. They seem more interested in placing blame then fixing the problem in an adult manner. So any who, what really got me to leave was a combination of a former guildy’s lobbying and some comment from the GM to my wife (Not to me, OH no. Don’t speak to the person who might be doing something wrong in an adult manner and work to address and fix it.) I will admit I do tend to type what is on my mind; however I play to the feel of the “room” and audience. I don’t go out of my way to be a dick, if I do it’s defiantly intended and a few have felt my succinctly barbed digs. So during a converse in KOW gchat I seemed to piss some people off. How? I don’t know or care really. Some people are too damn sensitive and mistrustful of snappy and intelligent dialog. Yeah it was actual conversation dealing not with lewt or specs, but with our mutual love of movies. The other party in the converse was perhaps my junior by at least a decade, so we traded movie quotes and guessed at them. Now bare in mind this was really late at night and not much was goin on. No raids, pvpin, or setting up for a heroic run. Nothing was being said in gchat. So we filled it. Apparently this is NOT what gchat is for.

So after a highschoolesque note passing session between the wife and the GM, my wife turns to me and says the GM had got complaints about my converse that evening. I was quite frankly disgusted. First that something that affected like all of the 5 people on at that time, was that important that the GM had to get involved, but at the same time I wasn’t given any heads up that maybe I don sofin so rong. So I tell my wife that I’ll leave the guild the next day. As I lay down to sleep I realized that waiting till premium time would be overly dramatic, unintentional, as it would have been based on my schedule. So I cranked my puter back up, logged in and left Kings of War. I won’t miss them, they won’t miss me. They are welcome to their psychosis. The wife gets a little upset since it was she who pestered me to join. I shrug it off as a lesson learned. I have little tolerance for drahmah and high school tom foolery. It should have ended there, but it didn’t.

The wife went out of town this past weekend to have a girl’s night out. I figured it be a great time for some dual-boxing. Her rouge and my warrior and a ZF full of lewtz. So I set our comps up to maximize viewing fields and log onto both accounts, the wife’s character on mine and my warrior on hers since he will be following and wont need much actioning. I see the ghcat but ignore it. Her character gets a few tells and I politely inform them of my true identity. I have done this a few times in the past and have had no drahma from it. I was on for maybe an hour when a comment in gchat grabs my attention and I am compelled to respond. It was a play on words on a question someone asked. No vulgar or offensive remark at all. As soon as it gchat people start saying hi to the wife’s character. I then identify myself and not the wife, but the hubby. 5 seconds later an officer demotes the wife’s character. Now I can understand why, but it was handled in totally the wrong way. I simple message in gchat or wsp saying something like “ For security reasons we will be demoting all “The Wife’s” characters till she returns.” No not good enough for the children apparently. People freak out and I get really pissed. I msg the idiot with my opinion of his mental capacity, in wsp btw since I can no longer type in gchat, yeah they took the character down well beyond any access to officer stuff. In fact I think he did it purposely just to piss me off with out any real worry about the gbank. This guy is a dick head simply put. I knew that before I joined the guild from hearing his dickhead ass on vent. So I call him a few names in wsp and he gives me some shit about how I would have been treated like a guildy ifin I was still in the guild and shit. Fuck him and his fucking guild for fucks sake. Now the funny part is…it took them 20 minutes before they decided to demote the wife’s other characters. In 20 minutes I could, if I really wanted to, have lewted every piece of gold worthy item from their bank. I knew I had access, really I had seen the ranks. I knew I had, through my wife’s characters, access to a raiding guild ‘lewt from a tousand werlds’. Yet I never considered doing the bad things they think I’m capable of doin. First and foremost, these were my wife’s characters and would damage her position in the guild, much more then me just being her husband. Hell I went out of my way to make sure there was no confusion between me and the wife. Second of all, there is nothing, from what I saw over the wife’s shoulder; in that bank that would net me any thing in gold or items that I couldn’t get on my own with minimal effort. Pretty much the same amount of effort it would take to lewt a bank it what it would take for me to duplicate what they had. Maybe not the amounts but defiantly the content. I have been self sufficient from day one. I don’t rely on any one to get me stuff than I know I can get on my own. It is only the high end stuff, raids/heroics that I even would ask for help on. This is how the game works.

Earlier this week after the wife returns from her carousing, she gets informed by the GM/Officers, that in order for her to have restored/keep her officer status, she would have to limit MY access to her account. (Btw the account she plays on is the original account I started playing on. The account I play on was purchased for her, but since her one of only 2 characters over 40 are on that account, she plays on that one. Because of our schedules at the time we started playing, it kinda borked how our 2 accounts were set up. With one playing the one while the other is playing an alt. It’s really confusing any way. Some day I'll clean up the accounts so there’s a definite separation.) So they want her to limit my access to the account and characters, so to them me having characters on that account that I might play(how the fuckers fucking know?) doesn’t, mean shit. Now again if you sat my ass on her character, with officer/gbank privileges, in front of the gbank which is ideally located next to a mail box, I still would rather run my alt through ZF. Nothing, FUCKIN nothing in that bank even come close to being so fucking fanfuckingtastic that I would soil myself with the shit of stealing a fucking electronic bit of fucking data!!

So with a heavy heart I will appease the fucks and delete the characters on that account….huh what am I saying? Actually they can go fuck themselves. There is one character I will be deleting off there but only because he’s obsolete now that my warrior is nearing 50. He was my first character but I don’t ever see myself playing him. I'll sell of all his shit for a bit of cash and get rid of him. I’ll see if I can make another character on my account with the same name. The names special…the character in this case isn’t. I won’t be deleting any of the character and I won’t be limiting my access to the characters that are mine, i.e. I put in the time to level/learn the toon. I will how ever steer clear of the wife character that are in the guild unless perhaps I can make arrangements with the GM to have them demoted ahead of time if I am looking to dual-box when the wife is away. Meh. Not gonna sweat it all that much. I was really pissed at first at the childish behavior, but as I look back on all the conversations I over heard (lets see them limit my listing in/reading that shit) they are really a fucked up bunch of people. Small minds and dwarfed by inflated egos. If the decide to take their angst out on the wife they will confirm my lowest opinion of their integrity. She busts her ass keeping the fucked up dkp system they use updated and accurate, and she doesn’t get shit out of it besides criticism and whining. Assholes, the lot of them. They can fucking die in a fire. They Fucking fail. Game fucking over. (Oh btw they are paranoid about spouse goin off and lewting the bank cuz one did do it after some other piece of ego charged, supposed insults. I won’t say I laughed, I didn’t then, but now? Fucking priceless. Karma is a bitch)

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