Friday, April 27, 2007

Ravenkiller slogging along and something else.......

It has been slow going for Ravenkiller. The lack of a partner has slowed me considerably. The wife rolled a paladin on Velen but has little time to play. Some of that is my fault some not. I did of course help in causing us to have 3 kids now. For some reason they flock to her for every day stuff like food and drink or snacks and attention. She blames me for them coming to her….is it my fault she is home all day? No it is not. Is it my fault they go to her out of habit, having done this all day while I was NOT there? No.

I have however neglected to say a few things to her over the last few weeks. So in good blogshere tradition (is it even right to call it that yet?) I will bear all right here right now. Er or when ever I can post this after some heavy editing.

Dearest Snowstormer/Suprhero,

I do appreciate every thing you do. This includes all the little things like giving me 2 handsome sons and a beautiful daughter that will keep me up nights when she hits puberty and there after. I thank you for the support you give me when I have had a bad or trying day at work. I thank you for making sure I have clean cloths to wear for that job. I thank you for feeding me at my desk when I just don’t want to leave the group (rare but it happens). I thank you for bringing me luch to work when I just don’t wanna leave or forget to bring anything. I thank you for all the wacky meal ideas that seemed to work. I thank you for being able to make a cake with out messing it up (Like a friend of yours that can’t bake her way out of a paper bag). I thank you for toiling over the sink trying to make all the dishes go away and be clean. I thank you for understanding my frustration at not being able to help you that first week back form the hospital after hurting my stupid self. I am still very irritated that you wouldn’t let some one else take me to the hospital. But I do understand why. I thank you for trying to bring order to our chaotic house. It did really go down hill the weeks leading up to the surgery. My fault I got lazy. I promise to do better. Perhaps I have been depressed, or just under a bit of stress I hadn’t noticed. Perhaps the slow time at work gave me too much time to sit and do nothing. Maybe now that it will pick up will help me stay motivated when I get home and be able to help more.

I’m sorry you had to give me a day of the silent treatment to get your point across. However I point out that I am a man and subtle hints won’t work…it’s a racial trait. In fact un-subtle hints have a good chance of failure too…go figure.

I do appreciate all you have done in spite of your still recovering body. I do appreciate the work you have put into making our house presentable. I do appreciate that our children are happy and healthy (disgustingly healthy can’t we skip a few meals so they aren’t so…bouncy?).


I do appreciate you.
I do love you.



Gitr said...


That is beautiful, Mind.

Maybe I should be a marriage counselor. It will be interesting to see which of you is more appreciative of my help. :)

See you around more. :)

The Wife said...

So you put it out there and now I hope that you have all it is going to take to get it done. I appriciate the thanks and the kind words but in order for it to all be worth it there has to be some outside results. I can tell you a thousand times that I appriciate you and all that you do but like you used to tell me, saying that you appriciate me and telling me you will help only matters when you show me.

Thanks for looking at it from my view and taking a minute to realize that I needed to hear it or read it in this case. But please understand that I am still going to be frustrated with our situation until things are a little more equal. I may not have worked anywhere as long as you or made as much money as you but I have put in at least as much in front of the stove (so to speak) as you have behind the desk. You and I both know that the only job I ever loved I lost because of someone else. So I havn't been able to get one like it. I have tried so I will go back to work and help you finacially if you will help me in the homefield.

The Wife