Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Belfs Ravendawn and Mindkiller: MIA. Meet Ravenkiller.

For starters I have been neglecting Gnome Mindkiller in favor of my Belf Mindkiller and my Belf Mage Ravendawn. This is mainly because of the time it would take for instance runs or to complete quests on Gnome Mindkiller. (Form here on Gnome Mindkiller =GMind and Belf Mindkiller = BMind. Both are Rogues.) I could log onto BMind and knock out 5-6 quests in 1 hour, I liked that also I was playing a different way BMind was to be all combat. I then started Ravendawn a Belf Mage.

I soon grew to love this one more and played him exclusively in my limited WoW time with only a few dives back to GMind. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure I will get back to GMind soon. It is just there is a long uphill end game until I can play with friends again. With all the attunements and rep grinds I just am not ready for that play style. I like the starting areas for the Belfs, not as much as I like the Draeni. I think they got the sweet end of the deal there. Hell the quest to learn Furbolg is the most entertaining chain I have seen yet. I managed to get BMind and Ravendawn up to level 25 and 24 respectively before I hit the big wall of PVP servers. Yeah these guys are on Burning Legion. Gankfest begins at 20-21. I will refer you to my rant earlier in the program.

The GM and all the cronies (cuz that’s how Gitr rolls) got together on the forums and brain stormed a move. Gitr, Me and Snow (My wife and yeah she plays) decided to scope out Kargath since it was Gitr’s home server. He would be able to support us with some higher farming of mats and gold. Well Kargath is at full population according to Blizzard. While there have not been any Queing issues since they raised the active population caps on all realms, they do experience lag spikes and disconnects every so often. So after I leveled a Draeni Mage to 10, Gitr decides Kargath isn’t gonna work…..great so I reluctantly say good by to what was shaping up to being my fastest run to 20. Meh.

So after much soul searching and debate, my other home from home, Buttered Monkeys, will be moving to Velen Server to start fresh and new. It is a young server with a very small population, as such the AH is ripe for exploitation by a savvy businessman such as my self. I plan to use all the nice little tricks I learned from mature servers to slowly build market share. We will be able to play both factions, which will be a neat change. I was never much into horde but I like the Belfs for some reason. Prolly their starting area that does it for me. I made a mage once again since I really want to get me a high level one of these. I like the challenge of staying alive while dealing tons of damage. Having to manage Mana and health helps me pace battles better. Also having a lot of crowd control s fun. I had just got to the point on Ravendawn that I could AOE grind somewhat. Wanta get there soon.

The new Character:

Blood Elf Mage
Level 8
No proffs yet as I need to explore the avenues for profit on this server.

Since all Buttered Monkeys will be starting from scratch it will take some time before we have enough cash to start the Guild. I may just grab to gathering proffs for some 100% profit deal. I’ll prolly end up making a Draeni here as well if only to se how the AH is on the other side. Cross faction trade scheme here I come. That’s all for now.

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Gitr said...

Good post. We'll get the guild signed and paid for in no time.