Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Death has come once again.

This post breaks from the norm for me. It is in refrence to the killings at VA Tech this week.I saw a post at my favorite place. Gitr has joined with a few others in a blogsphere vigil by not having any posts on the 30th of this month. I think its is admirable of them. I however, don't see the point. Maybe that makes me a insensitive prick, so be it. Having nation wide moments of silence only helps keep this a cultural phenomenon. A bad one yes, but still a phenomenon. (prolly spelt that wrong. Oh well, it's broke.)

I write this not to lessen the pain of all the death an injury that has happened this week. I do not write this to lessen the impact of these deaths or cheapen the loss. This all poured forth from my mind when I saw the call for silence in the blogsphere. I do this for my piece of mind.

Students died because one of their own decided it was time. This sucks some serious donkey balls. I know for the next 5 years we will hear about this incident over and over again as if we can find a good reason why it happened and stop it from happening again. Not gonna happen. More likely we will hear about it sooner when this happens again. This “growing trend” of kids killing kids is not going to stop. It will cycle up to epic proportions. Why? Because we let it as a society. We allow media to hype up these incidents to such grandiose heights that more and more kids/teenagers/ college students are looking to this as a way to express themselves.

Killing your fellow students is the new way to voice your rage/ sadness at being outcast or alone or maybe that guy just stepped on your damn foot. Big fucking deal, grow up a little maybe you can then do the honorable thing an blow your own brains out and save us all a lot of bulllshit. This is the crap that made me give up TV. Too much focus on the deaths of others. Oh how I long for a time where we don’t give a damn if some kids had a troubled youth. So did the rest of us. People not like you? Find those that do and hang out. Otherwise take yourself out of the gene pool and do us parents a favor.

The publicity surrounding shootings at schools send as bad a message as the killings themselves. Those kids seeing this splashed all over the media look at this and see how much of an audience they could have. It’s all about attention. Yeah they have pain and hurt. So damn what. Go punch a wall, break a few fingers. Might make you think a little about the pain you might cause others with some random or even worse, planned, act of violence. Unless these kids had a specific beef against their targets it all comes down to them saying “Hey look what I can do”. Kids looking for attention copying what they see that gets the most attention. I am not blaming this on the TV. TV is not alone it this here perpetuation of death. Internet, text magazines, radio, books, what ever the medium of transferring information. It all contributes to this behavior where thoughts and acts of violence lead to getting your picture plastered all over the place. The 15 minute fame crap has ballooned into lifetime fame, but only if you kill more then the last guy/guys.

People die every day yet we don’t see every one of those names or stories flashed in front of our eyes. We don’t see the outrage and pain their loved ones go through. No connections to other incidents are made or inferred. Once students at some school go down it's all over. No new news until this crisis has passed. Guess what. It won’t pass, ever. This shit will keep happening as long as there is a market for it. I wonder if there will be a market for “Remember VA Tech “shirts. Prolly coming soon. They will be sold by shirts emblazed with “Remember Columbine” or “Columbine: Redux” crap.

We have troops overseas dieing, and yet unless it is some amount over 5 in one sitting we don’t hear about it till they give us the numbers for the week. This is crap. Even if you don’t believe we should be fighting anywhere but our own back yard (I hear those Canadians are shady) those guys deserve as much of our sympathy and pain at their loss. Yeah they chose the danger whilst the students were reasonable sure they were safe. Why were they sure? It has happened before and will happen again. (Real iffy prediction I know but I play it safe with the negative.) Perhaps we wait for it to happen so we can look at it and thank our respective deity figure that it was not us or our loved ones. It hasn’t happened to every one yet. Prolly never will but it will come close to it before it gets fixed. Fixing it will be the hard part. I have a few ideas but since the perps are dead it won’t be very effective. Something involving hot pokers and…..never mind.

What I’m saying is that maybe its time to give all the kids guns so they can defend themselves when one of their class mates goes bonkers and pulls a nine. Standard issue firearms for all students. Make them pick um up at the gates. Have the schools surrounded by bullet proof walls and ceilings so when the shooting starts they won’t take out grandma walking by. Yeah we will lose a lot of kids but after awhile we will weed out the negative tendencies. We might come out with a few super soldiers and crack shot cops. Maybe the thought of going to school and having a lunchtime shoot out will change the attitudes of those not quite willing to die just yet. Perhaps then they actually go to school for the purpose it was intended: Learning and social interaction. Then again it might make it possible for students to take out that next jack ass with some issues before he takes to many with him to the grave. Might be a good deterrent to idiotic behavior.

For those that actually read that entire last paragraph without hitting the little X. I am not serious about giving kids guns…..maybe Kevlar vests. Yeah the vest would be better. Toughen them up a bit cuz ther heavy and stoof. Hell full body armor even.

I think it is shitty that kids had to die and yes there are issues that need to be addressed here like how did people not get to leaving after the first shooting. Not sure about yall but I would call it a day if some one shot up a campus dorm. Information like that would have been disseminated faster then the first shot echo died. Time to check out the mall in the next county.

My condolences to those most affected by this loss. I’m talking the parents of those who died. Yeah the students will be scared for life. How many of those students won’t put this out of their mind in a few years. We are a self-centered race; we deal with grief in similar ways. The ego of the young won’t let them dwell too long on these deaths. Course with the hype that will continue they will milk it as long as they can. That’s what we do. We take the pain we suffer and try to turn it into an advantage. “Woe is me I saw a friend die so I can’t have given my all to that test paper.” Though how many of those friends of those killed would really keep in touch after they had gone their separate ways after graduation.

Shitty deal. Kids died. The perps died. No punishment possible. Empty feeling.
Now we get to sit back and wait for one of those who were affected by this incident to snap and start another cycle.

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Jesse said...


Guns are legal in Virginia.
Guns are not allowed on campus, even with a license.
Guns on someone other than a crazed madman would have saved lives.

/end Gitr's rant