Friday, March 02, 2007

I feel like gabbin....alot.

It has been over a month since I deemed anything worthy of my time to write in this blog. I think I will try to crank out a few entries as I have had quite a few experiences. I’m gonna list some things I want to write about here so I don’t forget them.

First Ramparts run.
First Blood Furnace run.
First Underbog run
First Slave pens/partial due to RL commitments

Quest for the Epic flyer.
Money makers I’m using (maybe, if they stay consistent)

Questing in out lands:
Hellfire, Zangermarsh, Terrokar Forest, Nagrand.

I started 2 new alts over the last month in order to get all the new content. I sparked up a Draeni Shaman and a Blood Elf Rogue. (The Rogue is on a PVP server so I can play with a Blogger Named Gitr) These 2 chars also are accompanied by my wife’s 2 new chars, a Draeni Warrior and a Blood Elf Mage. We are both part of a new guild on the PVP server. The guild is called Buttered Monkeys. I have never played on a PVP. Should be interesting. We have advanced our characters on the PVP server to almost 18. A few more levels and we will have to leave the safe area and venture out into the world where evil Alliance waits to gank the lowbies.

We also started some Draeni and hoofed them up to 14. I really like the shaman. I will have to practice a lot in order to not pull aggro from other player, AKA my wife’s warrior. I went with a healing build initially so I can help with the leveling. I sit back and heal with the occasional lightning strike. I still can manage to pull aggro if I’m not careful. It will take me some time to get back into a back line combatant role. Once she is able to get and hold aggo better I can start to lay on the damage.

I have reached 67 and am halfway to 68 on Mindkiller. Time spent is lost among the ether, no idea how long it has taken me. I do know that if I had the time to dedicate I could have reached 70 with in 2 weeks easy. Not because I’m that good but because of the abundance of solo able and easily group able quests available in the outlands. I did the majority of my leveling solo. Not by choice but by circumstances. I was late off the mark due to not having the BC. So I was a week behind everyone. With some real life issues I was and still am limited in my play time. I do however enjoy very much the new WoW. Very well done. I have purified the darkness in Hellfire, weeded all the evil from Zangermarsh., cut down my share of baddies in Terrokar Forrest, and hunted the beasts close to extinction in Nagrand. I will say this place is smoking hot with quests and things to see. Can’t wait to see it all.

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