Friday, January 26, 2007

I like chahhhhclate milk.

I have the expansion!!
One of my guildies had offered a solution to our cash flow problem.
At his job he gets free swag from local venders and corporate sponsors as well as stuff from his own company. One of the things he had received was a Gift card for a video game store. It had over one hundred dollars on it. He sent it to me an the wife expressly so we could get ourselves the BC. We happily agreed. Since these things have a time limit on them we wasted no time at all in running to the local store and scamin a few copies. I even grabbed the strategy guide just for giggles and I like those sorts of things. I thank you my friend and I will not turn down an opportunity to help you out in any way in game or out of it.

I have been in the outland for about 6 hours total at this point and am real close to hitting sixty-one. I have made over one hundred gold just from trash, quests and quest rewards that I can’t/won’t use. I see me having no trouble at all getting to afford the flying mount or even the epic flying mount. With my ability to grind out cash all I need now is a working understanding of the best available trash and where it is. This will come in time I’m sure so I will not be rushing it.

I am finding myself overwhelmed by the sheer number of quests in just the first area. Sure a lot are kill quests and chains but a few are more of the stuff I enjoy, like the “go here and pick this up and bring it back”. The bombing runs are the shizznit and I see myself hitting those over and over again for the fun of it. Too bad they don’t give rep or a small amount of coin. Thinking more about it they could have made the bombing run timed and if you can beat your time over and over again you should get a money reward and maybe some lewt. Hell even a hat or goggles that say you are a master bomber or something would be sweet. I like that there are in place guns and defenders of fortifications of all kinds here it really sets the mood of a grand fight for survival.

I also like the feeling of danger everywhere. The “in jeopardy’ vibe I get from the area is palpable. There is at almost no time, even in the “safe” city that you can get away from the feeling of being under attack and in a hostile environment. I do feel it has given a good mix of solo-able content and the more group-necessary content. That there is a real possibility of soloing it all the way to seventy is plain. I sure don’t want to do that but I can if I so decide to do so.

I have already replaced a lot of my armor and let me tell you, a blue chest piece I got from a quest is a ridiculously powerful item. It has double the t2 armor I think. It was also more juicy then the PVP chest epic. Crazy shit. I have yet to see a dagger worthy of replacing my Lobotomizer, but I have seen a few candidates for my off hand Thunderwood poker. I went back to this from the Electrified dagger since the proc wasn’t hitting often enough for it to be worth it. With all the new chunky stats on the new armors I have some crazy armor and stamina now I’m almost to 4k health un-buffed!! Although in the outlands where things hit harder I guess it balances out some. I am sure I will be hitting sixty one tonight and perhaps sixty-two tomorrow. At least I will try for it. I look forward to running the first new instance this weekend if I can as well.

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