Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Epic Flying Mount Fund Update

Woot Money Money Money.

I have reached the nice chunky plateau of 1500g. I make the most of my money by mining/selling ore and primals. Some serious cash here. Primal earths are ok for some small change, but the real money is in Primal air, waters, fires, and manas. Not sure about the shadows, but since I have yet to make a single primal shadow this can wait.
Adamantite and fell iron sell really well. I keep all the eternium I have for making fel steel, it seems to do well too. I also dip into Azeroth for some thorium. It has skyrocketed since the BC; no one is mining it any more. Where it used to be a few gold for a stack of ore is now going for 20+ gold. Crazy shit man.

I got myself a 20 slot mining bag for those extended mining forays. I have yet to make a real effort to crank out some serious mining time. It’s mostly been a few sessions of me going some place and finding a spot on the way for some quick nodes to hit. I was also putting a lot of enchanting mats up with a DE’n alt. That changed when I found out that the mats I was selling are a key component in Imbued Netherweave Bags. I wants me some of these. I know I would be able to make a killing on the bags if I farm most of the mats. Doing this will prolly not last as I can do the mining thing so much easier and gain ridiculous amounts of cash. Plus the often dropped raw gems net me some nice pocket change sometimes. This is just what I’m doin in the spare time I have in between questing. I will post a better take on how to make money.

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