Friday, March 02, 2007

Instance runs FTW!

I will now put down my first runs though the first 4 instances I have run in the outlands.

I didn’t even get to run my first instance till I was 64. Then I finally got a spot in a ramparts run. Let me tell you I love the new format for the dungeons. Blizzard really did a good job with making the instances accessible to all and easily learned. At least the first few ones are. Not to sure about any past the slave pens.

The layout of ramparts is pretty basic. It forms a spiral with the last bosses being at the top and end of the spiral. Basic CC and high dps will see you though to the first boss and his buddies. He goes down pretty easy. You just have to watch out for his adds and not to tank him too close to the mobs farther in. I didn’t have too much difficulty staying alive thanks to some decent healing and a boat load of +sta on my gear. We progressed pretty fast through the ramparts and made it to the last platform in about 45 minutes. I remember asking the higher level who had run this a few times “How close are we to the end?” He states “about 10 minutes.” That’s just crazy yall we did a complete run in like 1 hour. We wiped once on the dragon boss because our tank did not know to get out of the fire. Second time we owned the dragon. The demon boss isn’t even worth mentioning he was so easy. We blasted through so fast we decided to hit the Blood furnace afterwards.

Blood Furnace rocks the hell. It is a beautiful instance with a crap load of detail. I really liked that it was a step up in difficulty and challenge. Just enough for you to screw up a few times but learn with out it being a huge loss of time. We did wipe a few times mostly from mistakes having to do with aggroing to many at once. We also wiped at the Door event when we were unable to take down one rooms add before the next opened up. We got through it the second time and were ready for the Floating eyeball dude. I think we wiped on him from the gas rings he puts out but I can’t remember. We got past him (second attempt?) and preceded down the spiral to the last boss. I realized I kept hearing some guy bitchin about being held captive. I asked the guide what it was I heard and he told me it was Megtheridon: The 25 mad raid in Hellfire Citadel. He was under us yall squirmin to get out and kill the ones holding him. Nice touch there. We make out way down to the boss watching for the stealthed rogues. Hehe these guys were fun to take down . I was high enough that I could spot them before they aggrod the group. All the way down we plow through the mobs till we reach the lower circular chamber. The last boss is surrounded by like 6 or 7 adds that have to be taking down first before battling the boss. Get this…the boss was a squishy. So were his adds. They all went down like a ton of bricks in no time. Boss lasted about as long as one of the adds. TOO MUCH DPS. Not.

Here’s another thing I liked about the new instances. The quick exits. Ramparts had a drop down to the entrance while ht Furnace has a long straight hallway to the entrance that only opens up when the last boss is killed. They made it so you could hit the instance as many times as you want and not have to deal with a huge walk back to the entrance. WTG BLIZZARD!

About a week after I got into the Furnace I was invited to go along with a group to the Underbog. This was a disaster as we did not have priest or a viable tank. We struggled all the way to the first boss Hungerfen. We wiped 4 times on this guy because the tank would not make big enough circles to got out of rang of the exploding mushrooms. When we finally got him down most were ready to call it a night. I just wanted out of there so I rolled out. I will need to go back there eventually jus for some quests and I would like to see it all the way to the end.

Last night I went to the slave pens. I think I will like this one too. Mobs are spaced so you don’t have to be too careful just careful of fear effects and kicks. Unfortunately I had to leave after 30 minutes do to real life drahma. This is a very doable instance and I think will be a lot of fun. I will update this in later posts as I explore these dungeons better

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Gitr said...

My sentiments about instance runs, exactly! The faster, the better. Some of us have people waiting for us to get off the computer. :)