Friday, March 23, 2007

Gitr: A Name Brand?

A question posed by my GM on his blog got me to thinking about names. Instead of responding on his site I figures it would make a good post on mine since I got kinda carried away in the responding.

I had quite a few Unique names when I was playing Diablo 2 and later LOD. I was only able to bring over a few of those names since most violated naming conventions in wow. Example:

89lvl Sorceress named TaintedBeef. Also a lower level called LabiaSlayer.
There were a few other nasty names nothing too contrived. Most had some basis in the character in some way.

The name Manbeast is a name I earned playing Halo and was my first character in WOW.
Lvl20 Human Warrior now.

I also had a Barbarian named Jolygreen.

Jolygreen is a nickname I got in high school because of my height and cool head. I have used this name on several toons in wow, 3 hunters over 3 servers. The highest being my 1st real Main that I stopped playing to level Mindkiller.

I’ve played my Gnome Mindkiller the longest of any character expect my main from Diablo 2.
I played a warewolf Druid name Dinosupreme for a good 2 years before I switched to WOW. Got his booty to 82 before I just started screwing around. Nothing like being able to hit for 25k-35k a hit (Un-hacked on closed server BTW)

Mindkiller has become my new nick, my brand I suppose, since none of my current friends, in game or out, really don’t know me as anything else.

Mindkiller was something I made up for the rogue. It seems to fit the way I play to. I make sure casters can't cast. Killing their minds. Not sure I want to take it into other classes:

Warrior = Lifekiller...Bodykiller....Moneykiller meh
Mage = Manakiller....Bunnykiller....Sheepkiller
Druid = nothin else here.
Shaman = See above.
Hunter = Easykiller....Farkiller(Nice)....AnimalBane(had to throw that one in)
Preist = Buzzkiller....Facekiller
Paladin = Funkiller....Timekiller....
Warlock = Allkiller....BGkiller....
Meh I think most of these can die a quick death and no one would care.

Gitr’s question was about brand names and how perhaps your name could become your brand, your stamp on the internet commuities you freaquent. I guess it boils down to how much importance you place on people being able to identify you. Also the amount of time you wish to be refered by such a moniker. We live in a time where we can and do choose what people call us. Our names have started to go back to the times when our proffesions or appearence WERE are names. This could be a good thing, especially for those of us named things like Theodore or...whatever.

I have chosen to go with Mindkiller for however long I am apart of this community. As for Gitr and his identy crisis, he will prolly always incorporate the ‘r’ into the name of his sig. So I guess ‘r’ would be his brand no matter what it is attached to.


Gitr said...

Amazingly, the new name I was considering does not include the 'r' at the end...thus my gear-grinding about branding.

In the process of writing my post, I realized that I really have built a kind of thing there, like how Scions all have a naming pattern to them. You know instantly from the name that a new car model is a Scion by its name if you are a car person.

Mindkiller said...

My advice would be to go with what you feel...deep down in that blackness we call a soul. If a new name with out the 'r' is what you need to fill the emptyness then roll with it. SO are we gonna get a sneak peek at the new name? Name Candidates?

Anonymous said...

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