Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory.....Epics mmmm.

It seems my updating is getting more and more lax. I will try to do better I promise. (As if any one is actually reading this.)

I took a bit of time to grab as much cash as I could so I could learn to ride the Epik mount I had sitting in storage. It took me about a week and a half to farm up the 450g I needed to get the training. Not to bad I think. After I spent that, money just started flying in much faster then it had when I needed it. Oh well. The money will go toward good things for me any way.

I have made it to Exalted with Darnassus on Mindkiller. I got a jones over the new years weekend and decided top slam out some Elf quests. With the boost to rep being applied I just planted myself at the Nelf starting area and blew through all the quests available to me. I was getting an average of 250 rep points per quest. I started out with 1500 in Honored and blasted my way to 16770 in revered. After that I did a few other quests around felwood which pushed me real close to the mark. After buying 60g worth of runecloth I dinged EXALTED and ran over to pick up my brand new Mistsaber Mount. This was a piece of cake. I hope rep is as easy to get in the BC as it looks to be a major necessity to doing dungeons and gaining rewards.

I wasn’t really interested in doing PVP until I saw a post about how the GM weapons will last awhile in the BC. So I started to collect the required AB tokens about a week ago. This is going to get grueling. I am up to 40/80 AB tokens so halfway to my goal. I’m aiming for a GM sword, dagger and the kick ass X-bow. I do more damage per hit with my bow then with my melee. Sad. I may even shoot for the shoulders and anew helmet depending on how well I can accumulate honor. If it drags on I will cut my losses and go for the weapons. I am not sure what the BC will do to the AV and AB matches. I am hoping they will still be ok population wise but who knows. I just can’t see everyone getting a copy of the BC on or near the opening date. So honor gain might slow down to a crawl. It’s something I keep thinking about. Will this all be worth it if I keep at it long enough? I didn’t get on the PVP wagon when it changed. I was fresh off of the grind to Exalted with SP and gaining Knight rank before the changes. I was burned out on PVP so I missed the huge head start most got before hey nerfed the amount of honor gained per match/kill. Stupid me, now I'm paying for it. I don’t see that I will have much to do till I get me a copy of the BC. PVP will be my focus for awhile again till February. Maybe I’ll get my hands on a copy then.

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