Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mordeh on the rise. Heffasita close behind.

Man what a fickle person I am. Until I can get me a copy of the BC I will be playing very little of my Rogue. I will use him for farming mats and such.

I have bee working on leveling my Warlock Mordeh. He is close to level 27 right now. I am so enjoying it. I got a hold of a macro made for grinding and it is working so well. I have been able to burn down as many as 8 mobs an just a few minutes. I’m talking 8 mobs in like less then 3 minutes fast. I can’t imagine the speed I can achieve if I was to just sit and blast through the quests especially the kill quests. I don’t think I will have too much trouble with elites as well since I can just spam out the curses, have Blue tank until he is dead then chain fear the mob. I did this on a level 26+ elite mob and survived with just one hit to me. I think he will keep me sharp for using the priest since both are squishes and need care taken not to get hit too much.

I have been able to level my priest Heffasita to level 20. It only took a few days of work and a lot of patience. I may even get to like it as a shadow priest. We will see. I also got her enchanting up to the next max of 225 and will need to level her to 35 and do an Uldamun run to get her the next levels/recipes. This will prolly wait a while and can. She only needed to be 225 to DE all the stuff up to level 60 items. If I find I have a lot of drops with Mindkiller after I get into the Outland then I will consider leveling her up to the required level. I will prolly be able to make a double box effort with my rogue as the clearing character while the priest tags along for the ride. It will most likely be cake and if I can get some guildies to help it will be that much faster.

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