Thursday, January 18, 2007

Epics will not be shown today on account of BC.

Once again I have been slow of the mark. As I geared up for a long haul up the honor hill the Burning Crusade Expansion rolls out. On time and without too many hitches. Now the BGs are ghost towns. With barely enough people for a single game, or at off peak no BGs at all. So I am stuck with a huge stack of AB tokens I will most likely never use and a whole mess of game time wasted. Yes wasted as the fun was minimal to nonexistent and the reward nil. I have not gotten one reward since the new change to the PVP system. If it is possible to earn honor in the BC maybe I will be ok. It all depends on when I get me a copy of the exp. I will plow up to level 61 and see if the new bracket has any life in the BGs. I have seen some amazing loot drop for guildies and the quest rewards while not spectacular are level appropriate for when new 58-60s get into the Outlands. So I will most likely be shelving Mindkiller and playing my alts until I get me a copy. I have been meaning to level my enchanter to 20 so she can DE the loot I get with Mindkiller.

Very depressed I have no money to spend on my addiction.

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