Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Simple Plan

I logged onto Ravenkiller monday night for a little while.

I wanted to see what would entail in the chain to get the white lion to appear. I started by teleporting to Oggrimmar. (love the teleport). I then headed down to Razor Hill. I found the orc that sends you into the Barrens and thus started the chain. I could have prolly started it from the Mulgore side since in seems to be a progression mechanic in the game. I took the walk to the border or Durotar and Barrens and talked the orc there who sent me to the NPC in the Crossroads that starts the chain to kill some of every type of mob in the Barrens. I cranked out the first 2 quests, the beaks(I can believe the 3% drop rate) and zebra hoofs(bout 25%drop rate), before loggin for the night. I picked up again this morning and went after the cat claws(these seemed to be 100% drop rate). After I cleared all the cats I went off to get a good look at the white tiger. Notes on the area he spawns in are true, the other prowlers spawn super fast after being killed. I must have killed the same cat 4 times in the time it took me to blow the horn and get a good long look at the Lion. He is B E A U T I F U L. I didn’t kill him….not yet. I may save him for sale or something. Hmmm I wonder if I could do that. Get money to spawn him for alliance hunters just for the purpose taming him. Gonna have to check that out later. Might be able to make some cash.*

*Update: I logged into Ravenkiller to restart the Lion kill quest then decided to check if the Alliance might provide a limited market for the animal. Granted I logged on pretty late so I was not expecting a great response.

I made a grunt character; a human warlock by the name of Vultar. Might even play him eventually. Great name. Any way I ran his ass to Stormwind the have access to the trade channel, created a /macro for the /2 channel only. I’ll add the general chat next time I log in. I actually got a response from a curious new hunter. I’m thinking I will charge 50s for the summon to start.

I may raise it to 1g but defiantly no higher. It’s not out of reach for level 16 players and a steal for anything higher then 20. I can always transfer the money easily later. I have been wanting to try something different for awhile. Now that I have small packets of time to devote to a weird project I’m gonna see if I can get this to work.

A Simple Plan…er sort of.

I will advertise in the alliance areas that I have Echeyakee ready to summon in the barrens.
Perspective hunters contact me.
Money is sent vial in game mail. *
Money confirmed. Meet up in the barrens to summon.
I will provide support until the taming is complete (Ie keep all mobs off of hunter taming.)
If need be I will re-summon until the taming is successful.
*If proof is asked for before the money is transferred, I will arrange meeting to show them the beast. I can always control who tames by the simple fact that attacking the beast will void the taming. I will have plenty of time to abandon the quest before I kill it to not get the quest completed.
If anything it will be a neat way to make money. If I see a bigger market I may devote time to this endeavor for a bit. Plus I can always raise the price if it looks like a higher demand develops.

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