Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Questing for pets.

It turns out there is not a big demand for the white lion. So I give up on that for now. Maybe in a few months there will be a better market for it. As such I abandoned that quest so I don’t have to see it.

I logged on last weekend and helped the wife power level her Pally through a few quests using Ravenkiller for some Mage AOE goodness. We managed to push her to 16 from 13 or so before we decided to crank out a few quests with our hunters. We have made a bit of progress, little due to time available and stuff, but got them to 18 most recently.

We went to the Barrens at 16 for to get us some new pets. She picked up a purple raptor but then had to have a red one. So we hoofed it over into Durotar and she got herself a level 9 red raptor which she named Trogdar. After feeding him we started the quest chain that leads up to summoning Echeyakee. We burned through the quests pretty easily it also had the added benefit of helping the raptor become more loyal. He wasn’t getting any exp though but that would come soon. After I summoned the White lion he……he ate me. My tame failed and I didn’t have the heart to kill him. I tried to tame again but didn’t have the life for a second try. I died and the wife ran so she wouldn’t aggro. I got back 2 seconds after he de-spawned. I was pissed. Lucky we were both on the quest. She summoned her Lion and I started to tame him while she kept the huntresses off of me.

4……3…..2…..1..WOOSH!! He is MINE!! I got him. I didn’t have a name for him then so he was cat for a day or so. We hearthed back to Tranq since neither of us were interested in Barrens questing. I do think we will go straight to Stonetalon when we leave the starting area.

We cranked out prolly 5-6 quests in Ghostlands while our pets leveled loyalty and hers gained actual levels. Her raptor got to 16 just as her, The Lion and I got to 18. No doubt her pet will catch up to us no problem. After some searching around I figured out a decent name for a cat of such blinding White and beauty. I was going to go with a few names that mean power or Fury:

White Fury

The first one was not allowed for stupid reasons and the others are more titles then names.

I did some more digging and got some inspiration from my own name and came up with:

Formerly Echeyakee of the Barrens
White Lion
Level 18 Cat
Growl, Claw, Bite
Natural Armor 3
Greater Stamina 3
Loyalty level 5 (soon to be 6)

This kitty is staying with me for awhile. My hunters tend to bond with their pets for life. I don’t think any of my hunters has ever had more then one pet for anything other then training purposes. I hope to play tonight with the wife’s character. Since her time has gotten more limited I may be able to devote more time to Ravenkiller.
Ravenkiller is starting to se some profit from Dis-enchanting items for the AH. Didn’t do too badly over the past few days. Jolygreen went with Tailoring for the bag making. Lucrative it is. He made 9 silk bags and they all sold made back all the money spent to make them plus a nice little profit. Now I just need to get him to 20 so he can learn the next level of the profession and can get points. Being able to make my own bags always seems to come in handy for the hunters with their limited bag space due to the ammo/quiver pouches taking up a whole slot. Maybe some day I can afford a HUGE quiver for those long grind sessions.

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